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  1. I wish you a happy new year and you proclaim "Is that It"? To which I say "yeah"! This only works if we are on same timezone though, so let me just wish you happy new year now!
  2. Wonder what Stunna feels about you slagging his yacht and Pornstars lifestyle!😎
  3. Great idea but they will not add this anytime soon. All you need to do is look at how they handle any discussion on why autoroll increases in speed when the red train starts beating you down. They pass it off as a normal thing knowing damn well its a shady behaviour to speed it up well the person is losing. You click auto roll for a pace and they alter it on you. So thats that in my opinion.
  4. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes chat can have a lot of people I do not know or are acting a bit hostile and I just wait for people I know. Think its a double edged sword because some people will expect you to tip them or say hi just because they saw you tip. Can be a little disheartening when those same people are ignoring you in chat for hours.
  5. I sometimes set hotkeys and start chatting and miss the fact that I am actually making wagers when I attempt to chat. Sometimes its bad, other times I am happy. The other one is thinking I am making one bet but actually setup autoroll and watch a win and 3 reds to bleed me out.
  6. Which is what I was saying, the end was supposed to be more clear in point. Anyone that has been around long enough knows the story of Stake launch and how PD became the ugly stepchild in the process. The layout is fine and the colours are soothing if you are playing for long enough stretches. The flashy sites will just burn the eyes in the long run.
  7. If you want bigger and more flashy you go play on Stake and you get the stimulation you are looking for. Primedice is for those that are settled in and prefer a nostalgic time when bitcoin was not all about money. The more you add to a site the more hiccups are likely to be caused. Stay the course!
  8. Glad it is a temporary thing as I like to glance at other players and see how things are going for them. It was also hard to track my own progress being that I have a short memory. Really was just checking forum for this issue and glad its being handled. Good luck Hui
  9. Attacking private players that put in large chunks of the action for the site to free up space for lower input players sounds like a bad business strategy. You do not appear to be concerned about the optics of unknown players so I will bypass that aspect unless addressed later. These players put in a ton of action and deserve to get a promo that benefits them. You miss the aspect that rain/tips and contests are all paid for by active big fish. Without them the benefits to new players/broke players washes up as marketing tightens the budget to keep afloat. Is it really worth discriminating against private players that you would most likely rub one or two the wrong way in doing so! I think you need to look at the bigger picture as it does not take much action to get top 100. If you want something for lower activity or amount players you should state that, handicapping the field in this manner is ill advised.
  10. Lot of issues that stem or break from why you do not want to incentivize the forum too much. One being that English is a second language for a lot of folks here and they will either pass or make attempts that will read as spam, in an attempt to take part. It will cause friction and limit the enjoyment of actually fostering a community. Second would be a forum built on tip/rain/contests will bleed out and those that are playing and bringing in the money for Primedice are more leaning towards silent play and not getting to involved. Reason being they are attacked once exposed by multiple accounts that are looking for a hand out. So it feeds into the first point that you would be attracting that same element. It would drive away established people because they would feel like their posts are a waste of time or not being read. Voting also turns into a you scratch my back affair and you start seeing fake friendships because the person wants to have that person in pocket for the next contest. Watch chat and you will see how fake people can be and how sour they are when the rain/tip misses them. Think you really only attract people to the forum through building creditable content.
  11. Pretty much this. The battle plan is always to strip competition of any standing platform and then add ways to spy on the customer. It would be one of those coins that has connections for companies to track users in a fashion that would bring in major profit for Facebook. There is also the aspect where he wants to get back at the twins and cost them some heartache. Libra group fell apart but its not dead, just on the backburner for now. They have their fingers in a lot of pots right now and continue to tentacle out into the webs. Facebook and bitcoin would be a bad connection as well. We would face more restrictions as they attempted to control aspects that government frowns on.
  12. Modbot harassed me into leaving a comment and I am here because it was pesky. Primedice and Trustpilot sames: Huggies Off to review some porn sites now.