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  1. I played a lot in real casino when I'm not a mom yet..it's very different from online casino.i can won most of the time there when I'm not in online casino.. it sucks.i mean it's like online casino is programs to bust and lose more
  2. I remember there's one time I'm frustrated to much coz I busted my 1700 Doge's so I withdraw from my vault all my coins and rolled..I'm mad that I don't give a care if I bust again because after long reds from Doge's still long reds then boom it's green..withdraw eth then I rolled my 0.01 ltc and made it 0.1.. Your one of the lucky gambler I know..always got withdraw even from smallest amount.pass here your lucky amulet hahhahah
  3. At first I don't know about xrp.even most of my friends here talked about it I did not used or play that coins.but someone said to exchange my coins to xrp so I can make a withdraw that's the first time I convinced myself xrp is good coins than doge.plus fast confirmation of withdrawal and deposits to any sites.
  4. When I played dice, at first I really don't have any goals on how much profit I need and dice is very kind cause I'm always winning on randomly payout.but after Continous winning then I will set my mind I want a nice profit,it all messed up..dice never give green.
  5. Pressure is part of everything we doing in life.in case of gambling,it's sucks when I feel pressured because the outcome were worsened.at first it's fine even busted but once the dice continuing rigged,ouch I can't think to stop so the result I withdraw from my vault and in the end busted again.
  6. For me if I have cash out,sureness going straight to my bills and other expenses in the house.it helps a lot to me since my salary is not really too much so I can have extra money to save for my daughter even a little amount.
  7. My dream place is Paris and Canada..I want to go there with my sisters and daughter.travelling all the places there, enjoying the sceneries and their food and if luck I want to live there.
  8. I can relate to your topic since I experienced it..there is the time that I did not sleep just to gamble and almost no time for my baby.i cannot let go my cp or laptop and sit for almost 24 hours a day.my sister said to me that even I earned in gamble I should not prioritize it cause it affects to my health and to my daughter.its better to quit if I can't manage my time and take care of myself.after she said those to me I realized how stupid I am.i almost forgot I have life better than gambling and I can do it without compromising anything.so I started to meditate and go back to my old self again.now I can gamble and have time for my daughter and can sleep well without thinking gambling.
  9. I achieved from the first month of January I think at least every week I can WID at 200k SATs..it's small but it helps a lot in paying my bills.but when February comes then busting sensation comes.it so hard to control not to take out from vault to recover what I'll lose and in the end all my balance become a big ZERO.
  10. Gambling can make you both-rich or poor..it depends on your way towards playing.if you a type of person who gain a little profit then cash out, I think you can save money to become rich..But if your the other way around who gained a profit but still not satisfied and you continuing playing until you bust, that's makes you poor..and according to Benjamin Franklin "If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting."
  11. When I registered there still a faucet and the amount still nice so I started to wager and became lazy that time to finished it..then actually forget about primedice.but when my friend asked me to register I told I already had account and then found out they remove the faucet already for whatever reasons..but still I completed my wager and stayed in pH room but unfortunately,they remove also the rain there.i just hope they bring back the pH rain instead of faucet.
  12. I don't do that..I keep playing to gain profits and the same time wagering..buts most of the time I want profits but sadly not going to my plan.
  13. Hey folks did u experience to feel so much stress, frustrated and depressed while playing gambling..Me, of course I felt it.there are times when playing dice and reds give long streak and still busted in the end,omg I'm so hot blooded and felt depressed and thinking and sometime got envious why others got lucky in gamble..that's make me so much stress that made withdraw all my coins from vault and bust it all.then I realize what's it's affected my real life.i don't have time for my daughter and felt she's staying way from when I'm playing and getting mad.the first thing I do to change things that I felt is meditation..it helps calm my mind and just enjoy the play before and after whether I'm have profit or not.i tried not withdraw my coins from vault even I'm so tempted and sometimes I really can't control,, so I just set up my mind that I'm lucky if hit and if not at least I got to play without regrets.meditation helps me a lot.it bring back my positive mind and I dont feel stress and depressed everytimeI played and busted. How about u guys,,how did u make yourself free from stress and depressed feeling?