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    Sokah reacted to CaptainLorca in Do you think Primedice forum is running out of ideas?   
    A lot of people say a lot of words, without any meaning in the actual comment. That annoys me tbh. It has zero worth to the growth of discussion. I mean.. come on.. the forum is a place to exchange opinions and getting to know each other, not just another cow to milk.
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    Sokah reacted to Cat4Life in Would you like if PD added lottery?   
    would you like to add lottery? 
    like people buy tickets and like 95% goes to pot, (5% to pd as fee) as pd has a lot of people pots could get pretty big, or like none of you would like that?
    its like lottery-jackpot (Where people put in money, and then one of them wins) but with like spots:
    1) 50% of pot 
    2) 30% of pot
    3) 20%  of pot.
    could do it either there is.. like 25 numbers and we pick 5, and then few people  can win those spots // picks up to 10numbers or stops , if 5numbers (1st tier) win .+ if first 5  numbers- a person's lottery numbers =jackpot. (its in dd like that)  1) 5numbers got  2) 4numbers got   3) 3numbers got
    or like people just get a ticket and its  just like ticket:60 and from all tickets picks 1for 1st   1 for 2nd  and 1 for 3rd tier.
    its not like a full game  big game, more like just a minigame, so wouldnt destroy "dice site" thing. 
    or  you could  add like a V.I.P bonus? like.. after rank up,  a lottery ticket, or like  after wagering X. amount of btc, you get a ticket.
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    Sokah reacted to kate3003 in Your withdrawal target   
    hmmm at first my aim is the minimum amount of withdrawal but when i got it in minimum i still strive to earn until it takes more days then thinking again if ill withdraw but 2nd thought maybe nextweek 😂 then boom got busted in the end hahaha
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    Sokah reacted to sheenaz.bay in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    AI technology can be said to be intelligent and may even exceed intelligence in general, but we must remember, that humans created it. So don't rely too much on these AIs, AI is widely used by hackers but of course gambling sites also use it
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    Sokah reacted to Dogderan in chat melhor   
    Oque você oparia para colocar no chat PT, pra que foce mais animado, ou oque você discorda que deveria mudar ali.
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    Sokah got a reaction from Dogderan in chat melhor   
    Eles deveriam tentar adicionar adesivos animados, não acha?
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    Sokah reacted to iulianbutanu in Facebook Should Add Bitcoin, Not Create Libra   
    No, the point is that they want to control everything. This is the reason, nothing more. Damn Zuckerberg, that guy is a maniac.
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    Sokah reacted to JohnTravel in Facebook Should Add Bitcoin, Not Create Libra   
    Through an interview with Noded Bitcoin on the podcast on October 11, US Republican Warren Davidson said facebook should add Bitcoin (BTC) to its portfolio rather than create a new currency like the Libra, in which one of The arguments are about possible filtered transactions or freedom of transaction, meaning Libra creates an antagonistic process with respect to distributed ledgers and decentralized cryptocurrencies, and has intensified its desire to repress space more broadly.
    For more information see:https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-congressman-facebook-should-add-bitcoin-not-create-libra?fbclid=IwAR0BFADyYj2_0LP6Io3A9ptmhcHxGBKWDVf-UQxeMEqjvFG8hjQ7TfsYjqI
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    Sokah reacted to Tanisha2018 in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 35] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    14 Tanisha2018
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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 35] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    Hello primedicers,
    I will try to do this giveaway twice every week (wont reveal which days though) for everyone to participate.
    How to enter:
    Simply pick a number from 1 to 16 and your primedice username and post in this thread in this format: number - username for example
    1 UltraChief
    (Varying from this format will only make it difficult for you to post in time before someone else takes your number. I am very lenient about it but try to follow this format)
    16 users who have followed all the rules will thus get credited with 0.0001 each. You may pick only one number. Once a number has been taken by someone you cannot take that number but choose a different number.
    1. One account per user.
    2. One entry per user. Posting multiple entries will get your blacklisted.
    3. Do not edit your posts. Once entered you have made your decision about the number. Editing your post in any manner for whatever reason will get you disqualified. 
    4. No alts allowed! Being caught using an alt will get you penalized from future giveaways.
    5. Your forum account should be linked to your primedice account.
    6. 10+ forum post count.
    7. Unnecessary posts made here will be removed.
    8. Rewards will be distributed after all 16 numbers have been taken and I complete checking every account.
    9. Accounts muted on Primedice will not be accepted in the raffle.