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    Sokah reacted to Bojana in What are you currently listening to   
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    Sokah reacted to iulianbutanu in Do you think the activity area could allow other user actions?   
    Ye, but it looks like a lovely suggestion. I mean, me cming to the forum, being bored adding a stupid status like: I love Shakira, and all of you comment on my activity post how stupid i am.
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    Sokah reacted to lupandina in Race With Hidden Winners   
    Since when privacy is a crime, which excludes you from anything? And what is purpose of knowing winners usernames at all? Just make them a target for beggars?
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    Sokah reacted to mgod in Update site   
    The update is for v6 to stop hitting high payouts
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    Sokah reacted to iulianbutanu in Race With Hidden Winners   
    And what about the privacy of those users? If they want to stay private where is the point? If I were to be a big gambler I would never want someone to know that I am a high roller. 
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    Sokah reacted to Edward in Kindly Leave an Honest Review for Primedice   
    Trustpilot is currently a fairly big market driver and respected review website. 
    It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest & legitimate reviews for us. If you do wish to help, make sure your review is 2 - 3 sentences long.
    You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Primedice deserves. If you have any negative feedback, that's cool as well. We'll happily take on any constructive criticism. 
    Thanks in advance! 

    P.S. make sure you leave your Trustpilot & Primedice username in this thread after leaving the review ✌️😉
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    Sokah reacted to iulianbutanu in If you win do you tip?   
    I am really having the question as mostly on chat i can't speak about rains (still don't get the reason why not). Do you make rains? Myself at least each time i am having a profit i am doing a rain to 25 users, just with the small ammount that i am allowed (eh i am poor) but i am still doing it. I always like to share what I win.
    What about you?
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    Sokah got a reaction from donreyadano in Is it true that Playing Habits Gambling Is Very Disruptive to Others?   
    If you want to have a healthy relationship with the people around you (particularly family), it is better that you never lend money or start a business with them. It is better to say "no" and let them get mad at you for a while than lose them forever. Money will always be a reason to destroy relationships; To this day I still have people who disappear from my life just to not pay me back, and it wasn't even that much lol
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    Sokah reacted to jamyr in OMG bet. 26.7 btc   
    **permission to post**

    This is one of the saddest bets I've ever seen since I have been introduced to crypto-gambling.

    Most of the time we came to see posts of big wins, and we congratulate the winner.

    Maybe it is also okay to tell this bettor, its a bad day and better luck next time. Sorry about the loss, but you are one hell of a bettor!

    Also if you do not know about the rakeback feature for VIP members, that would be huge even for a rakeback. Good luck!
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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 37] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
    Here are the winners of the 37th raffle! Congrats to all winners:
    1 bitboy26
    2 - Byteking
    3 Kittkatt
    4 ThugStream
    5 Sokah
    6 infi
    8- visions
    9 demarkus89
    10 Blahx
    11 hardbringer87
    12 elyxdelrey
    13 nuuuitsjdragon
    14 ThePug
    15 winnwave
    16 jullifit
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    Sokah reacted to Byteking in What if there's No Chat in Primedice?   
    Recently Eddie said: Honestly people in chat don't contribute much to Primedice earnings.
    So what if he someday decides to remove chat?
    But that will almost Eliminate the primedice community.
    what you think about it?
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    Sokah reacted to MrNice23 in Have you ever consulted a Psychologist about your gambling?   
    haha yeah already did , he just said that it's ok , he think it's not a problem , that's why for me shrinks are mostly scammers better to bust your money in a casino lol
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    Sokah reacted to JohnTravel in Você avalia sua situação financeira antes de jogar?   
    Um ponto muito importante para todo jogador é avaliar sua situação financeira antes de jogar, ter um plano financeiro é uma boa ferramenta que pode lhe ajudar em muitas situações em um jogo! É sobre isso que vou falar neste post! Um plano financeiro!
    ! Uma situação muito ruim é quando você tem um saldo muito negativo, perde uma aposta alta ou várias apostas perdidas em sequências, ou dias seguidos de perdas e torna sua pontuação muito negativa, seu saldo está no vermelho, e você está comprometendo todo seu dinheiro! Você precisa recuperar isso, e você sabe que se perder aumentará sua perda, então, avaliar a situação financeira é um fator crítico no momento. Você avalia sua situação financeira antes de jogar?
    Mesmo se você está perdendo muito tempo, quanto maior sua aposta para recuperar, maiores as chances de você se recuperar atingindo um multiplicador alto, no entanto, o outro lado é sinistro e maligno, é muito ruim se você fizer algo errado, ou seja, se você perder aumentará ainda mais sua situação negativa, aumentando ainda mais a sua derrota e tornando cada vez mais sua situação catastrófica!
    O que você faz? Você está arriscando mais ou tentando subir gradualmente?
    Você realmente avalia sua situação antes de jogar, ou você joga de qualquer maneira e não está preocupado em se perder?
    Entre e jogue e condene tudo se você perder ou esperar algum tempo para tentar se recuperar?
    Esta é talvez uma questão um pouco dura ou psicológica, e às vezes sob pressão, isso pode ser muito louco ou perigoso e causar problemas de todos tipos.
    A maioria dos players não tem um plano financeiro, e as consequências da derrota deixam muitos sequelas, as vezes causam problemas irreversíveis, portanto, um plano de ação financeira é uma ferramenta ideal para evitar grandes perdas. Você precisa definir uma meta de ganho, um investimento que vai fazer caso faça depósito para não comprometer sua situação financeira. Avalie sempre a situação de perda, pois ninguém vence para sempre.
    Já passei por isso inúmeras vezes, ganhei em alguns e perdi em 2 vezes o que me fez dormir e ficar quieto longe de todos. A sorte foi que eu tive a capacidade de recuperar mais tarde, eu não quero mais passar por isso, eu não gosto desse sentimento.
    Este sentimento me fez superar minhas derrotas, com isso eu resolvi meus problemas estabelecendo um percentual pequeno entre 1 a 10% para depósito, e se eu vencer, deixo também esse pequeno percentual para jogar. Avalio meu dia, minha semana e meu mês e com isso vou analisando sempre meu capital financeiro de jogo.
    Comece a pensar como jogador de verdade, e vá criando suas estratégias, e chegará em um momento que terá um caminho para vencer de forma mais segura. Jogar sem um plano financeiro é uma estratégia muito ruim ao meu ver, na minha simples opinião.
    O que você pensa, pode compartilhar sua opinião conosco?
    Felicidades e sucessos, boa sorte!
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    Sokah reacted to Edward in Minimum Withdrawals limits; are you comfortable?   
    I halved both BTC & Doge minimum withdrawals
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    Sokah reacted to JohnTravel in Have you ever consulted a Psychologist about your gambling?   
    Hahahaha, seriously! Man, I'll be frank at this point in my view these people are weak of mind. I love to play, but I know there is a limit and time to everything, and if there is the loss of control or the addiction that makes one consume something or be consumed by it, then it is better to stop and go do something else.
    Going to the "psycho" as I see it will only give a sense of deception, will not save anyone from the problem, but ultimately is the opinion of magazines, studies and a pseudo mental scheme trying to push people to the offices.
    The person has to have an opinion, make a decision, and know how to balance things, otherwise he will appear to be an unbalanced person who has no control over his own actions, because he does not know how to control his emotions in a situation like the game.
    So, as I said, I love the game, I have never been to a psychologist, I don't intend to go, and when I realize that I am too long in the game, or the game is turning my mood bad or making me more than necessary I quit. computer screen and I will do something else. I take one day out of the week to rest my mind on everything, and so I keep my life under control, I think that's my difference, the "totally separate day to be free of the game".
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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in Have you ever consulted a Psychologist about your gambling?   
    If you comparing morphine addiction to gambling then you are correct. Those who are unable to control their drive to gamble leading to problems in their social life and undue expenses should seek professional help.
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    Sokah reacted to Faris in What are you currently listening to   
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    Sokah reacted to jdRAGEn in Color Scheme of Forums/PrimeDice   
    I know this has been mentioned before but sadly, there hasn’t been much attention and responses. 
    Shining a light on this issue and am hoping for improvements in terms of theme customisation (allowing players to choose their colours) or at the very least, a true dark mode. 
    I feel strongly for this as I cannot count the number of times I’m cycling through my tabs only to get blinded by the glaringly holy-white of either the main PD webpage or the forums. 😶
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    Sokah reacted to Dan in A guide to posting meaningful content   
    Disclaimer: I see a lot of people on the forum posting topics which are nothing but a copy-paste from articles/magazines found online, etc. Please, do not do that. We will no longer tolerate peoples laziness. This community was setup as a request from the users to help build relationships and support the sharing of useful information. Since its launch, people have been abusing the privileges given to them by taking advantage of the forum rewards system and simply spamming the forums with any form of information they can find with a google search. We have no issues with you sharing and discussing any form of information here, but you need to be invested into the conversation, and not just reference some random, bit of information, that ultimately you don't care about.  Some of the behaviour of people here, has deterred a lot of productive members away from participating in discussion, and we are now going to take action to help prevent this.
    Instead of demonstrating what you shouldn't do, I am going to be proactive and list examples of how to properly present interesting information and to express your ideas effectively. Please be aware that copy & paste is considered plagiarism, and that will not be tolerated.
    Posting in announcements, events and giveaways
    Generally speaking, during a giveaway event or some kind of official activity, we encourage your participation in a fairly relaxed way. Post contribution can be anything, and as long as you aren't abusing any rules, will be considered as participation, and not deleted. These posts aren't usually granted any bits.
      Posting about news, hobbies and interests
    Do not simply post a link, or reference another article you found online. Sure we acknowledge that you may find something interesting online, but its irrelevant if you don't tell us why its interesting, or why you love it, or why you hate, it. Give an opinion, provide examples of where your opinion would benefit or be detrimental to the people involved. We highly value independent thought, and will reward users handsomely. The reputation granted by all moderators and administrators on here awards the author with bits. Think about how many staff are around, and how much you could make simply by posting 1 single good topic. 
      Posting guides and tutorials
    This is something we would love to see more of. It can't be plagiarised or stolen from other sites. Things like this always stimulate the responses of the community. If you have topics that are well received and users are drawn to participate in their discussion, its guaranteed to attract the attention of the staff here, and if they see value in what you have contributed, are sure to send reputation your way.
      Posting about cryptocurrency, gambling and markets
    This is a very important area of the forum for us, and its the most heavily abused outside of the off topic discussions. We don't want to remove the forum rewards completely, but if we see more abuse in this section, we may be forced to. This section needs better content and your contribution needs to be meaningful. For an example of what to discuss and how to present it, let's focus on gambling for the time being. If you have a strategy, or a great story, then perhaps lets add some context to the whole event that took place. Try to engage the readers, tell them how long you have been trialling this strategy, perhaps the hurdles you overcome to get to the successful final outcome. If you want to discuss other currencies, or even market products, don't simply ask the users for discussion about it, create discussion. Tell us the benefits of the altcoin, tell us the flaws or issues that might arise in its future. Give us a comparison to other similar currencies or products.  
    If we can get a better grasp on what meaningful content is and how to present it, perhaps we can even look at allowing bits earnt on all forums, instead of limiting it.  We wan't this whole forum to be a valuable resource that you can all use to benefit yourselves and each other. If you post something you have no intention on continuing the discussion about once its submitted, then is it really worth posting?
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    Sokah reacted to biggad in 📢 Forum Rules & Guidelines   
    Forum Rules & Guidelines
    Disclaimer: Rules can be supplemented and changed at any time.
    Spam is prohibited - meaningless posts that do not carry semantic value and are not related to the meaning of the topic in which they are posted, will be deleted.
      Before you create a topic, scroll through the sections and see if such a topic has already been created. If you have something to add, then write in it, duplicate topics will be deleted.
      Insulting other forum members is prohibited (for insulting moderators or administrators you risk to get lifelong ban).
      The title of the topic should reflect its essence as clearly as possible.
    If you ask a question in the topic - put a straight answer in the first post - the beginning of the topic, if you add a separate post, it will be combined with your first post. Topics that do not make sense or are just stupid will be deleted.
      Creating topics with an indistinct title, for example: "Help!", "All here", etc. is forbidden.
      The publication of posts consisting of a single link without description (each user has the right to know in advance what he'll see on your link) is prohibited.
      It is forbidden to spread/leak others' personal information.

      Writing messages in uppercase and lowercase letters intermixed ("wItH tHiS iMaGe").
      The publication of links to fraudulent and hacker sites and resources that distribute viruses and other malicious programs is prohibited.

      To raise your topic by adding posts or creating new topics with the same content is prohibited.
      It is also forbidden to call members in your posts to give you credits, click the thank you button; these posts will be deleted by the moderators; if you repeat the same user from similar posts, the post will be deleted, and if it does not help, then heavier sanctions will follow.
      It is forbidden to register more than one account per user, if we find out you're using multi-accounts, all accounts will be banned.
      If the moderator makes a note to you, then you need to take it into account and correct your mistake. If you do not correct the error and try to enter into polemics, trying to tell the moderator that he exceeds his authority (read the rules of the forum), then the moderator corrects the mistake himself in a convenient way.
      It is forbidden to create posts for pointing out to the newly created topic, it will be seen anyways.
      Mere copy-pasting from articles/magazines etc. is not allowed. This is plagiarism and has serious CONSEQUENCES.       16. Write in the appropriate language section! The posts written with a language mismatch between the partition will be deleted.
         17. Do NOT hide referral links behind clear ones. Do not post images of other site logos as your profile or cover photos.

        18. Use your forum signatures for Primedice banners and links, funny gifs or messages. Any form of advertising, clean or referral links in your forum signature will be removed. No advertising of other sites, gambling platforms, exchange offices or similar. 
    19. Cross-posting on Primedice and Stake forums is not allowed. These sites are separate, but under the same management, so without appropriate quotations and paraphrased content, it will fall under the plagiarism offense.
    Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve participants of the forum from responsibility for their violation. Posts that are meaningless or contain insubstantial information will be deleted i.e. Short messages like "class", "interesting", etc.
    See this topic regarding how to post meaningful content:
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    Sokah reacted to MrNice23 in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    Would be so great if some A.I is developed like an enhanced dice bot , which will combine human intelligence and calculation power of bots.  
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    Sokah reacted to Bojana in What are you currently listening to   
    This, constantly, I am addicted to his Irish accent 🙈
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    Sokah reacted to JohnTravel in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    Well I think that AI walking day after day for increase the level of difficult for the gambler. Maybe the game turn in one hard more level for win.
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    Sokah got a reaction from JohnTravel in What do you think about A.I and the future of online gambling?   
    The developing of artificial intelligences has become more useful in the last decade, which makes me think that in the future of online gambling people could create artificial intelligences that could detect patterns for their benefit. What do you think would be the weak points of online casinos and their solutions to avoid losing money to A.I?


    Edit: In the Netflix series, Altered Carbon (2018) we can see and have an idea of how A.I's can interact between them and learn the patterns from each other when gambling, as well as how Poe found the weak points in others A.I's to destroy them with a virus. Of course, this is sci-fi, but it is never far from reality.

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    Sokah reacted to hui in How Primedice Rainbot Choose?   
    As some have mentioned here it is mere speculation. The way rainbot works isn't even known to staff in detail and some of the assumptions I read here are wrong. A good example is spamming chat, which seems to be counterproductive for getting rains from what I saw. Also the algorithm how rainbot decides who to rain seems to be in a state of flux, so ways to cheat it into giving rains that worked yesterday don't necessarily work today. 
    Suffice to say: Try to be a nice and valuable member of the community and you will get rain sooner or later. 
    I close the topic since repeating the same things over and over again leads to nothing and also doesn't make some things more right and everything stays a guessing game. Also: don't some secrets make life a bit more interesting ?