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    Sokah reacted to CaptainLorca in 🏆 [0.0016] Meme me!   
    Bring me your best meme regarding primedice.com, users, staff and stories! Please be respectful towards others here. Only one entry per person. If you got a better one, edit your post. A team of three will judge the best memes and winners will be announced and paid on Sunday 15.12.2019. 10+ forum post count. Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prizes:
    1st place: 0.0004 BTC
    2nd place: 0.0003 BTC
    3rd place: 0.0002 BTC
    4. - 10 place: 0.0001 BTC

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    Sokah reacted to iulianbutanu in Do you think the activity area could allow other user actions?   
    Thanks a lot, but what I mean it was right. It will be a massive spam arround it, off topic: I was drunk while I wrote that
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    Sokah reacted to Bojana in List of countries where PD is forbidden   
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    Sokah reacted to MrNice23 in What is better?   
    Manual is good to place your bets , change sides whenever you want, well as said @Chikou1306  you feel that you have more control, however in my opinion it's better to play both manual and auto, i call that semi-auto, that way you don't get too emotional and fall into degeneration after a long manual run lol
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    Sokah reacted to Mahdirakib in Which thing hold you at PD?   
    PD is the an old crypto casino. And we have the crypto dice game here science it started. It's the only game here. As time passed by a lot of gambling site created with dice and different other games. But still most of people like to play dice here.
    I'm here too. I like the simple & best look of pd dice. I feel comfortable with it and love it. So I'm here and playing always. What keeps you here at primedice?
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    Sokah reacted to MrNice23 in Which thing hold you at PD?   
    Primedice is like my second home, my first online gambling experience and my favourite dice site by far, probably i'm subjective but after trying many other sites i came with the conclusion that PD is offering the best for a gambler.
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    Sokah reacted to CaptainLorca in 🏆 [0.0016] Don‘t read   
    You guys won! Will be paid out in a few
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    Sokah reacted to Marija in Hey, Stranger! ​😉​   
    And the winner is Sokah! 😀

    Stay tuned for some new task!
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    Sokah reacted to Marija in Hey, Stranger! ​😉​   
    And the last of the blury images!  I know you know this guy!

    💢 First person that guess the name of this celebrity will win the prize of 0.0001 BTC!

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    Sokah got a reaction from Marija in Hey, Stranger! ​😉​   
    Bruce Willis
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    Sokah reacted to Marija in Hey, Stranger! ​😉​   
    Well done!  UltraChief won this round! 

    Nice to see someone still follows the topic ! 😀
    Similar requirement - prize is 0.0001 BTC still! 
    💢 First person that guess the name of this celebrity will win the prize!

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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in Hey, Stranger! ​😉​   
    Nicolas cage
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    Sokah reacted to CaptainLorca in 🏆 [0.0016] Don‘t read   
    First 32 People that comment with „goose“ and having the PD account linked.. get 0.00005 BTC.
    Open until tomorrow.
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    Sokah reacted to Carollzinha in Choose A Charity Poll #17   
    WWF ❤️ 
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    Sokah got a reaction from Carollzinha in Choose A Charity Poll #17   
    WWF 🐼
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    Sokah reacted to sheenaz.bay in Biggest moment   
    I remember in January after the new year, I made a 0.01 btc deposit and I made it a 0.5 btc. but I too hope to make it 1 btc. and I lost it all, I am too greedy. and I will not repeat it again
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    Sokah reacted to davincuy in The dice game, do you only play here?   
    maybe its for you, but not for me. i always get busted when i tried to play in another Dice sites. even i usually bust too in PD but i prefer to stay here in PD because only PD dices can gave me alot of profits. no offense  
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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in If you Find an unbeatable Strategy?   
    Lets assume that there is an unbeatable strategy. So using that people should be able to make millions of dollars from casinos only. There would be no need for anybody to work hard and earn some daily bread. Is that correct? No.
    So the fallacy here is that assumption was wrong. There is no method which can give you profits continuously. The casinos would not exist then.
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    Sokah reacted to UltraChief in Mental maturity is needed in gambling   
    What you pointed out is called chasing losses. It is a common mistake for every gambler to try to make the amount they lost by depositing more and playing with it. It may not be a win this time so its important to have a limit on the bankroll that you are playing with and be strict about it.
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    Sokah got a reaction from Bojana in Gambling memes   
    I think I have one that we all can relate to lol

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    Sokah got a reaction from bendits1 in Is your finances disrupted because of gambling?   
    I'm convinced that when you start in the gambling world and get too excited about it that you rather go wild than build a strategy it can be disruptive to your finances. When I see somebody who's starting and asks for help I always recommend them to be aware of what they're doing, and most important, never bet or compromised money that they don't have (Loans or future payments), because a disrupt in your finances will always lead to a disrupted mental health and so on, just like a dominoes chain.
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    Sokah reacted to paecga129 in Gambling while pregnant... is it safe?   
    Thank you for such kind words !!!!    And thank you also very kindly for all of your input you each are giving as I really do appreciate it.   
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    Sokah reacted to grot1112 in Talking to Pets   
    Я все еще небольшой

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    Sokah reacted to Bojana in Talking to Pets   
    Just for fun!

    If you had 1 minute to say everything you want to say to your pet and for the pet to fully understand you, what would it be? Also, what answer would you think you would receive form them?

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    Sokah reacted to CaptainLorca in What are the things you miss about being a child?   
    Not caring man. The world meant nothing. It was about the here and now. That was important. I miss that