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  1. What some people may see as "defeat" I consider it a + in skill. You'll never learn to win if you're not willing to lose, and that's what gambling is based on after all. I don't bet high that much, but I do bet in the wrong side a lot.
  2. I have an account at Stake but never really play there. I have been hooked with PD since the faucet era and I don't think I'm gonna leave anytime soon lol
  3. I think I have one that we all can relate to lol
  4. No, Python is definitely not your best choice to start, but when it comes to programming everybody usually develop their own style and sharp their paths to the point where every symbol you're using ended up being like a personal firm. My advice is to research a little bit more and find the best language that adapts to you, but stay away from C#. Trust me, you don't want the headaches of that one.
  5. I would recommend you go for lower bets and try to take it easy since your baby can feel all of your emotions, I don't think that gambling during pregnancy is risky, but I do think that too many emotions in short periods of time can affect the nerves of your baby in the first months of development after the birth. I think you'll be delivering in the firsts weeks of the new year to come, so the best of luck to you and congratulations on that new gift to come in your life. He'll be bringing a lot of joy to it for sure.
  6. You crack me dead laughing there with the Shakira thing and made a good point. If that were a post/status would definitely hit "HOT" in less than an hour because of all the people reacting to it lol
  7. Been using Coinmarketcap & Binance as references for a while. Binance is about trade, yeah, but I kinda like to see the prices going up and down in real time and do some exchange while doing it.
  8. This right here. 🔝 I think we should respect the decision of each player when It comes to privacy. The "hidden" feature it's there for something after all, if they were able to show their users just think about the number of messages from beggars. And yes, you can deactivate messages from strangers but that will not stop them from spamming your user in the chat, some of them are highrollers hunters that will not stop giving compliments just to have a "Tip". But hey, that's just my opinion, right? haha
  9. Way to go! Trustpilot: Sokah Primedice: Sokah
  10. #TeamTrees. It is not a charity, but a fundraiser, and I would like to propose it for the next poll.
  11. If you want to have a healthy relationship with the people around you (particularly family), it is better that you never lend money or start a business with them. It is better to say "no" and let them get mad at you for a while than lose them forever. Money will always be a reason to destroy relationships; To this day I still have people who disappear from my life just to not pay me back, and it wasn't even that much lol
  12. I like to think about me as a slow gambler, but the truth is that when my gut instinct kicks in, I enter in full YOLO mode. Sometimes you live with regrets for ignoring the gut instinct, so why not go for it? Life has no time to regrets, you better enjoy the pain or step back.