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    Happy sunday guys:) Enjoy the day with you family and stop gambling for a while, go to church! lol
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    I made a transfer that was not credited to pd account. was told to contact you
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    Hi!:) Im ravenyvolle in pd. I am active and friendly:))
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    Hello, my people.

    Hello, my people.
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    Hello World.

    Hello World.
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    So, UltraChief told me to come here often. Seems I will like it here.
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    you're definitely my favorite gambling girl.
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    I think this is an injustice, I talked to him a lot and he never asked me for any coin.
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    Может мне авку поменять, а то ты на мою подружку Сашу похожа?)
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    Exchange 30ksats into 0.03ltc. Thankyou
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    hello all pd community

    hello all pd community
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    Today 4830.03 US dollar, Hope winner Bigger🤗
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    Thanks @UltraChief for the 300k loan. Paid today at 6.5% daily
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    Thanks @UltraChief for the 300k loan. Repaid 405K today
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    I saw an elephant dick at the zoo today... It's like that moment you saw your granny naked when you were only 10 years old. That's horrible btw
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    I need 0.05 ETH for no collateral. I will post topic now.
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    Brooooo <3

    Brooooo <3
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    u following me check ..lol x

    u following me check ..lol x
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    amazing photo) ?

    amazing photo) ?
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    Hi boy kamatis, I've observe that you are being too active in the forum, you might be considered spamming. The mods don't tolerate such actions. Limit your post per hour/day. Just a friendly reminder, my friends @Bojana, @Irena, @bloomy and the rest of the mods are effectively doing their part. Thanks!
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    whoah! so pretty:)?

    whoah! so pretty:)?