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    Favorite song lyrics? 💜✨🎵

    The monument of a memory You tear it down in your head Don't make the mountain your enemy Get out, get up there instead You saw the stars out in front of you Too tempting not to touch But even though it shocked you Something's electric in your blood And people just untie themselves Uncurling lifelines If you could just forgive yourself But still you stumble, feet give way Outside the world seems a violent place But you had to have him, and so you did Some things you let go in order to live While all around you, the buildings sway You sing it out loud, "who made us this way?" I know you're bleeding, but you'll be okay Hold on to your heart, you'll keep it safe Hold on to your heart, don't give it away Florence + the Machine - Various Storms & Saints.
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    What are you currently watching?

    South Park, The Blacklist and Hawaii five-o
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    What are you currently watching?

    Im watching Kurulus osmanli
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    What are you currently watching?

    Better Call Saul lately!
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    Stimubate your senses

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    My first shortfilm

    Hope u like it