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    A proper API Documentation for Primedice (GraphQL Endpoint) I would love to have a proper documentation about the Primedice API. The only "guide" we have is this: https://forum.primedice.com/topic/36185-guide-to-using-the-primedice-api/ Which reads like an an intern was ordered to write it. Proper documentation should include possible Query's, Mutations, and the Scheme of the backend. Authentication examples, since the one right now is sparsely explained. I get that some of that information seems a bit sensitive to make public for a Casino, but given that the endpoint is Public and someone with enough time and knowledge can figure most of these things out by themself, the argument dosen't make sense. Why hasn't that happened yet? (A guess) Could it be that Primedice prefers that people use the on-site autobetting and their website in general (For whatever reasons), and therefore dosen't put any proper documentation or similar out for developers. Another reason could be laziness. Both are despicable