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    [$800] PD Weekly Heroes Wk29

    Primedice: #116,480,120,332 Primedice: #116,480,137,837
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    [$800] PD Weekly Heroes Wk28

    there is no need to say hit 30x two times consecutively within 30 rolls. It fits well when u don't need two consecutive instead two winning bets within 30 rolls on 30x sound fair and square. @AleksandarZ
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    [$800] PD Weekly Heroes Wk28

    Win a bet with a 30x multiplier two times within 30 rolls! Bets have to be in a row (consecutive). These sentences contradictory to one another, when winning bets are consecutive, of course it will be within 2 rolls....so what does that mean of "within 30 rolls"? Does it mean that winning bets have to be within 30 rolls of a brand new seed? Or it is just a typo?