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    Movies to watch list? 🎬🍿

    Wow! I love your list ✨😊 I have watched The Big Lebowski and The Dreamers ✨ The rest of your list awaits my time 👀😊😎✨
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    Movies to watch list? 🎬🍿

    If you want a good laugh the I recommend The Big Lebowski and Death at a Funeral. I also like The Big Fish, The Great Beauty, The Last Emperor, The Dreamers and that's all I can think of at the moment.
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    Favorite song lyrics? 💜✨🎵

    Another great song from king MJ 😎 I wish there were more songs like this one, and from more artist 🤗 Earth needs us to love her again, more and more 😧 Today, an old tree in a garden near mine, was cut down...I was depressed all day from that sight. It was a linden tree...😓😥😔😖