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    hello I'm new here my name is patricia, and I hope to get many friends ... I heard a lot of my friends talking about the forum I hope I have renewing experience ❤️
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    Hello and welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure to read the forum rules and regulations and if you have queries feel free to ask. Look around the forum and make sure to post constructively to avoid getting your posts removed. Good luck on your rolls.
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    Спорить не буду!)) Но кто будет жить с человеком, который постоянно изменяет? Одной изменил,другой ( или другому )), так и жизнь пройдёт!))) Конечно каждый случай индивидуальный, и человек которому изменили может простить! Но и жить зная что тебя может твой близкий обмануть, тоже не каждый сможет! Хотя Эд правильно говорит, отношения сложная вещь и каждый поступает в подобных ситуациях по своему!
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    На самом деле одуматься никогда не поздно. Люди обретают свое счатсье и после 45, да даже после 50 некоторые. Ведь секс на самом деле не самое важное в жизни. Отношения это очень сложная вещь которая строится на чем то большем чем секс. И если после первой измены отношения рушаться, то значит они не были так крепки как казалост может быть...
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    Вот посмотреть и надо было сразу а не писать пост за постом о том что не знаешь и не видел. Ничего же сложного в этом нет. Интересно - проверяешь, не интересно - не смотришь но и обсуждать данный вопрос тогда не имеет смысла.
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    Error Code Mistyped

    Update: Gonna lock this one, since it appears to have been resolved
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    А кто сказал что я говорю про обменник у которого стаж 8 лет? в моем посте я такого как то не увидел. Я написал предположение как могут кинуть клиентов через какой нибудь из обменников на бестчендже. Скамнуться может по сути любой проект, неважно в принципе сколько ему лет.
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    Домашние питомцы.

    Раньше и хомяк был, и пару попугаев было, и кошка, живу на квартире, тараканов вполне хватает сейчас☺️. Перееду в частный сектор, заведу большую собаку, азиата или чау-чау.
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    A guide to posting meaningful content

    Disclaimer: I see a lot of people on the forum posting topics which are nothing but a copy-paste from articles/magazines found online, etc. Please, do not do that. We will no longer tolerate peoples laziness. This community was setup as a request from the users to help build relationships and support the sharing of useful information. Since its launch, people have been abusing the privileges given to them by taking advantage of the forum rewards system and simply spamming the forums with any form of information they can find with a google search. We have no issues with you sharing and discussing any form of information here, but you need to be invested into the conversation, and not just reference some random, bit of information, that ultimately you don't care about. Some of the behaviour of people here, has deterred a lot of productive members away from participating in discussion, and we are now going to take action to help prevent this. Instead of demonstrating what you shouldn't do, I am going to be proactive and list examples of how to properly present interesting information and to express your ideas effectively. Please be aware that copy & paste is considered plagiarism, and that will not be tolerated. Posting in announcements, events and giveaways Generally speaking, during a giveaway event or some kind of official activity, we encourage your participation in a fairly relaxed way. Post contribution can be anything, and as long as you aren't abusing any rules, will be considered as participation, and not deleted. These posts aren't usually granted any bits. Posting about news, hobbies and interests Do not simply post a link, or reference another article you found online. Sure we acknowledge that you may find something interesting online, but its irrelevant if you don't tell us why its interesting, or why you love it, or why you hate, it. Give an opinion, provide examples of where your opinion would benefit or be detrimental to the people involved. We highly value independent thought, and will reward users handsomely. The reputation granted by all moderators and administrators on here awards the author with bits. Think about how many staff are around, and how much you could make simply by posting 1 single good topic. Posting guides and tutorials This is something we would love to see more of. It can't be plagiarised or stolen from other sites. Things like this always stimulate the responses of the community. If you have topics that are well received and users are drawn to participate in their discussion, its guaranteed to attract the attention of the staff here, and if they see value in what you have contributed, are sure to send reputation your way. Posting about cryptocurrency, gambling and markets This is a very important area of the forum for us, and its the most heavily abused outside of the off topic discussions. We don't want to remove the forum rewards completely, but if we see more abuse in this section, we may be forced to. This section needs better content and your contribution needs to be meaningful. For an example of what to discuss and how to present it, let's focus on gambling for the time being. If you have a strategy, or a great story, then perhaps lets add some context to the whole event that took place. Try to engage the readers, tell them how long you have been trialling this strategy, perhaps the hurdles you overcome to get to the successful final outcome. If you want to discuss other currencies, or even market products, don't simply ask the users for discussion about it, create discussion. Tell us the benefits of the altcoin, tell us the flaws or issues that might arise in its future. Give us a comparison to other similar currencies or products. If we can get a better grasp on what meaningful content is and how to present it, perhaps we can even look at allowing bits earnt on all forums, instead of limiting it. We wan't this whole forum to be a valuable resource that you can all use to benefit yourselves and each other. If you post something you have no intention on continuing the discussion about once its submitted, then is it really worth posting?