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    Choose a Charity Poll #15

    Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want to see receive a $1,000 donation! Humanity Road: When disaster strikes, Humanity Road provide resources and communication strategies, connecting people and communities to life-saving solutions. United Way: United Way are in business to improve lives, advancing the common good through the caring power of communities around the world. They specialise in education, income and health. Red Cross: Relieving suffering is at the heart of the Red Cross. Donating, training, and delivering during disastrous times is the key to their morals and values. Khan Academy: The Khan Academy helps children succeed by providing free education. It is a global network, available in 26 languages across the globe. A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum poll! (combined with Stake votes)
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    Introduction :)

    Hello, just stop by to introduce myself. I'm Mara, new support.
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    What's New?

    There is also Stars system like stake.
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    Your withdrawal target

    Hi guys. I think this is one of the most important aspects of your gaming - your withdrawal target. Primedice sets withdrawal limits and they are not too high. I would say anyone is able to reach them and withdraw immediately. But do you do so? Do you try to build larger balances so that you can withdraw more and leave a comfortable balance to play further? That's what I have lately been trying to do but looks like this strategy is a disaster for me. After carefully building a substantial profit and loosing it, you think: damn, I should have withdrawn that. Is that feeling familiar to you? What's your withdrawal strategy?
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    Hello primedicers, I will try to do this giveaway twice every week (wont reveal which days though) for everyone to participate. How to enter: Simply pick a number from 1 to 16 and your primedice username and post in this thread in this format: number - username for example 1 UltraChief (Varying from this format will only make it difficult for you to post in time before someone else takes your number. I am very lenient about it but try to follow this format) 16 users who have followed all the rules will thus get credited with 0.0001 each. You may pick only one number. Once a number has been taken by someone you cannot take that number but choose a different number. Rules: 1. One account per user. 2. One entry per user. Posting multiple entries will get your blacklisted. 3. Do not edit your posts. Once entered you have made your decision about the number. Editing your post in any manner for whatever reason will get you disqualified.  4. No alts allowed! Being caught using an alt will get you penalized from future giveaways. 5. Your forum account should be linked to your primedice account. 6. 10+ forum post count. 7. Unnecessary posts made here will be removed. 8. Rewards will be distributed after all 16 numbers have been taken and I complete checking every account. 9. Accounts muted on Primedice will not be accepted in the raffle.
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    After some time in the dice game I have discovered and learned many new things, in them the 10x standard and how it can be extremely powerful, make you win a lot or lose a lot. Let's say that this multiplier is a deadly weapon, if you know how to use it will get along well, if you use it badly, you will lose a lot! I already managed to make 2 bets of 500k satoshi in which resulted in 5m satoshi each. A bet of 10m ltc in which resulted in a single bet of 1 LTC. But I have noticed other things in other combinations of plays in the 10x payout. Yes, you play in 10x, but in what way? I have noticed that a lot of 10x values are coming in sequence depending on the time and day or the moment of the seed, and of course my luck! Today I could have risked 40k and came up 5 bets in a 10x value. Which would result in 400k, 4m, 0.4 btc and 4 btc. That is, if I had maintained the courage and the sequence would have won in only 4 bets after receiving the first of 10x and trying 4 consecutive the value of 4btc! I already had the chance to win and I can do 17 LTC, 30 ETH, 4BTC, 1M DOGE and 2BCH. So, based on this account of what I've witnessed in my data-gambling life, what you do when a 10x payout range comes in (under 9.90 and over 90.09), you risk another bet in a row, or Do you risk a lot of bets then on this value, and when you win a bet bet everything on the next bet? What do you do? Are you willing to risk to earn a lot? Do you dare? Share your history and experience with us! Enjoy! Cheers!
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    As we know Primedice no longer has the faucet feature! Oh is that too bad or good? This is not good and can be very bad, or good depending on your eyesight. Let's look at our game case. You know there is no faucet, so if you lose all your money that you have to play and there is no faucet, you will get bad because you will not have money to play. This answer and question was very redundant, but to emphasize that, pay attention, take care of your money, because now there is no more faucet! So now that faucet no longer exists if you lose all your money, or you will have to borrow coins from your friends and if you have no friends then the solution will be to make a deposit! If you have no money to make a deposit then your situation will be very bad! If you are poor like me, you have to take some precautions not to lose all your money and get in a bad situation in the game. As there is no more faucet, now the poor who have managed to get into the casino are under pressure not to lose all their coins and thus get into a blackout situation. But things are not that complicated as it looks! Primedice offers the forum to all its users, and pays for posting! That's right, this is the ppp feature that benefits users who engage with the community by sharing stories, news, ideas, and experiences. So here is a chance and opportunity to always get some help not to be depending on others' help or running out of money! On the other hand avoid making crazy bets like betting all at once! If you win great, you made a great move even risky! But if you lose, you will lose everything and you will be in total darkness, as you will have no money to play and if you fall into no deposit money, no friends, then you really have trouble getting back into the game. So considering all that has been said, it is a great precaution to use the forum, make friends to support the development of the game, but do not be dropping coins to your friends, of course, if you are a beggar you may be reporting support and be suspended for a period of play. But what you make if you lose all money, have no friends and no deposit resources? No faucet, no money, no deposit, what you make for play? Enjoy, shared your experiences! Cheers!
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    Hello. Im new to this site . I would love to hear ur craziest moments from the site u ever had, like some 1 satoshi to 1m satoshis i dont know or maybe something that happened in chat or whatever, just tell me something crazy that happened to u in primedice
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    Today browsing the forum and reading the posts and answers I realized that there are some people who believe that bad luck is a good thing!!! So I thought, how good is it if it makes me lose, makes me sad, changes my mood, makes me feel so many things that are unpleasant, especially if it's a big loss !!! This is crazy! Losing is bad! On the other hand there are those who will scream and say, this will teach you how to play, it is training, it is a way of showing your potential to recover, or others will say, professional gamblers lose too, losing is part and all kinds of answers. . I know losing is part of the game, but a successful gambler has more wins than losses, and he knows that bad luck is bad luck, that is, bad luck is called bad luck! I definitely don't believe bad luck is beneficial to me in the game. I don't like to lose, I accept the loss, but I don't want to have bad luck and I don't think it's a good thing, I think it's a disaster! And you, what do you think about it? Do you believe bad luck is a good thing?
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    If someone accidentally tips you 1 Btc? Would you return it if he tells you it was an accident? or you would runaway? or something in between? i am waiting for replies LoL.
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    This month I tested many strategies and one of them was playing in the 99x payout. So, playing on the 99x payout, I did the following, I set a game value for example 100 satoshi, and every 4 bets I lost (400 loss satoshi playing on the 99x payout) I after the 4 bet, I returned to the payout 1.22x and made a single bet of 1820 satoshi to recover every 4 bets I lost. Then, after recovering in the 5-bet case, that is, play 4 bets, lose 4 bets, play a bet on 5 bet to recover the previous 4 bets lost. This is a risky strategy! After the 5th bet mute novamene of the payout 1.22x in the qua I played to recover the previous 4 bets and return to the payout 99x and thus I play in the payout 99x along with the payout 1.22x. This is a method to play without losing anything, try not to lose anything is risky in this way, but if you lead lucky to hit the 99x and not lose, then the profit is great, 0% loss and 100% profit. Some call this a combined payout or strategy with combined payouts that can extend to any type of payout or multiple moves. Do you usually play this way with the 99x payout? How do you play with the 99x payout? Do you define a bet value and repeat it for a number of times? Or do you increase the value of your bet as you spend a certain amount of bets that does not appear in the 99x range? Or do you find the 99x payou too risky and definitely do not play on this payout? What do you do?
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    What's New?

    When I logged back in, I immediately notice some changes: *Faster bets. *Live stats by default is enabled. *Live stats now show exact roll with the decimal. *Fairness tab(verification), now besideLlive Stats switch. *New betting sound, win/loss still the same. *Notification Icon moved to the upper right corner.(no longer beside "Friends" icon) *Bets shown can now be changed. (10, 25, 50) *Community link(forum link) now within the collapsible menu. **Star/Vip system - Thanks to primedragon **Affiliate drop down - Thanks to Ultrachief **Vault transfers now has arrow that you can use to point where from and where to - Thanks to Ultrachief If there is something else you wanted to add, comment below.
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    That does make a lot of sense. But I wouldn't necessarily say that thousands of reds is bad luck, depending on the strat you are playing. That could just be the variance and probability coming into effect.
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    Flashes while dicing

    After the latest update I'm also not noticing it anymore, so far So this topic may be closed I guess
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    What's New?

    I'm glad they finally moved over all these changes that they've already implemented over at Stake. The site looks better overall and functions better too. Just gotta get the chat fixed and all will be well!
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    What's New?

    I personally do not really care about what has changed after this latest update, I just need to still feel comfortable when playing / betting on primedice. because in my opinion comfort when playing / betting is the most important thing ... about anything that has changed or new features added, I leave it entirely to the primedice, because I think they know more about what can make gamblers feel at home with primedice for a long time ...
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    What's New?

    How much is needed to wager to get a star?
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    Мне вот интересно, вам не надоело говорить про этот сайт?) как кран все согласны что отстой, как лотерея - все более чем согласны кажется что отстой и разводилово. Вы эти моменты до скончания веков будете обсуждать тут? Просто как не почитаю все вокруг одного и того же крутится. Может закроем эту ненужную тему все таки?)
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    Смысла нет выкладывать такие прогнозы тем более если из них надо выводить какой то итог)) кто то поймет как правильно сложить все данные и какой вывод сделать из комбинации такой а кто то нет. Потом только читать в свой адрес что прогнозы кривые показал))
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    Bet: 35,158,941,736 placed by err223244 on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,158,941,289 placed by err223244 on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,158,940,686 placed by err223244 on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
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    Bet: 35,156,554,034 placed by CaptainLorca on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,156,554,583 placed by CaptainLorca on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,156,556,931 placed by CaptainLorca on 21/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
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    Bojananananna for u Bet: 35,133,536,130 placed by singpays on 21/08/2019 Wagered 60.80000000 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 608.00000000 Bet: 35,133,535,341 placed by singpays on 21/08/2019 Wagered 30.40000000 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 304.00000000 Bet: 35,133,534,556 placed by singpays on 21/08/2019 Wagered 15.20000000 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 152.00000000
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    Your withdrawal target

    Having a plan and setting a goal for profit is really the only way to win somewhat consistently in my mind. So when you deposit you just play all willy nilly? At what point do you think you have made enough profit to withdraw?
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    I fully understand that the concept of limits must be incorporated in my game but I lack self-discipline. When losing I become impulsive and just can't stop until I lose everything. I tried to use limits but I noticed I just ignore them in my actual game. I guess that's what differentiate a professional gambler from an amateur. I have actually set up a strategy with a limited bet size and have tried it and it worked well. But it's so slow and so boring that I lose patience. I guess I must still learn to be a better player. And the limit aspect of a better gaming is crucial. Thanks for the important topic.
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    This is really crazy. Iranian government does not think for their people. Many people in Iran must be approached and acquainted with crypto. I object to this Iranian government's action
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    Rules for Win - The Gambler Life

    Awesome explanation. But Keeping everything in mind on every bet is totally impossible if u all agree. If we all follow these instruction we all can win more and lose less.
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    I do notice that it seems a lot of the folks are pessimistic as well, but I'm not sure that that alone makes them lose. Just as I am not sure that being optimistic will make us win. I do think most of the players that go in assuming they will lose and that have a negative attitude normally are the ones that come in with no plans, no goal, and therefore do not necessarily know how to win.
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    If i'm in this case , i have no many options , or i don't play or i contribute in forum to get some sats until i'm able to get some money and deposit.
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    I can say, if there is no faucet, no money to deposit, then I will go to the forum to do some posts and get payment and the results from the forum can I make capital to play. if the forum is also not available, then I will expect from rain, if rain is also not available, then I will stop gambling for a while, focus on work, if I get a salary, then part of my salary will be used for deposits
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    I think everything boils down to greediness. It is really painful that we are all created with that greediness behavior and we don't really know how to control it. It is so painful. But what can we do, we can only learn and move on very fast. I feel we can't concentrate because we are greedy. I feel when we get tired, we become greedy and not want to go the long way but the short way. It is so so painful. Wish we could get our greedy sins forgiven in a day, aand then go ahead and continue playing. I really really wish.
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    Donations made!

    $1,000 donation to World Wild Life: http://bit.ly/2YDehcr
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    It's a good attitude when you make your misfortune to be positive. Take it as a lesson and learn from your mistake. Instead of complaining try to figure it out what wrong you've done and fix it. That's the good thing in that. But if you already experiencing bad luck and keep on trying, without knowing that you are already deep that you can't go up anymore it is not good thing. If you will still try evenif you already noticed bad luck, then you're a gambling addict.
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    I believe, that gambling can make us rich, because I have reached that point, it's just that I'm still too greedy and keep wanting to get more and more, I should be able to buy whatever I want, eventually everything is gone. I believe gambling can make you rich, as long as you can control yourself
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    I have made quite few withdraws but they have only been in BTC. I generally withdraw a minimum of 0.01 and have done that many times, my largest singular withdraw I believe was 0.075btc.
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    imused to be couple years ago ! now i just forgot how to gamble, i had a very good strategy that made me win alot, now i keep losing more and more . and for you question ( whatever its daily weekly monthly yearly ) i dont think there is a single player who can win for a long run, whose luck will be by his side for a long periode, even if you are a pro gambler there will always be that day that something will happen wrong and you lose a lot, and maybe all. the best thing to gamble is to not stick in one strategy and to stop shortly if you want to win. and about your main question if i think im a winning gambler, well sometimes yes i win a bit, but i most of the time lose. so i am not a winning gambler.
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    I think yes. taking breaks in successive ways helps me stay calm and can control my emotions well. Every time I lose a lot, I often listen to some songs. Music helps us feel more calm
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    doing two or three jobs at the same time is difficult. although it's difficult, that doesn't mean it's impossible ... I used to do office work while betting on Primedice ... my mind was divided, between thinking about work assignments and looking for profit in betting ... when I tried to focus on office tasks, my eyes always glanced at the computer monitor (hoping to find a green line) because I also play autobet. for about ten minutes I was in this position, finally I stopped ... stopped doing office work, also stopped betting on Primedice ... why? because I ran out of balance ... ... after my coins run out, I realize that doing something while betting on the Primedice cannot be done together (done together). because the focus will decrease, the mind becomes erratic. worried that the heart will lose bets .. Since then I have never done anything else when I bet on Primedice ... I always finish everything before betting on Primedice, so no one will disturb my mind later when I bet ... because when betting, focus and peace of mind is needed.
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    I do believe you have to be strong mentally to gamble if you want to be at least somewhat profitable. Being mentally weak is what allows us to get down and think negatively when we go on a bad run, and can definitely influence our play in a negative way, causing irrational decisions and rage betting, so to speak.
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    i wouldnt name them strategies but probabilities, so yeah if you want to know more about the odds and your chances of winning or losing, you need to know more about probabilities, i wonder how do people gamble without having any clue about how probabilities work, they need to learn ( i wont say study ) about the probabilities first, its true about luck, but everyone will increase his chances of winning after reading a bit about probabilities.
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    When someone try to scam me, i let him talk in first and i pretend to be interested , to get enough infos and evidences that his intentions were to scam , so when i pretty sure of that , i report him instant to support, and i warn other community members for prevent them to be scammed.
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    I am not at all the superstitious type, so I don't use any type of amulet or anything while I play. I do have a unique poker chip that I always take with me to live poker rooms, but that is to use as a card protector and not really a superstitious thing.
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    Normally I don't exchange, not because it's bad or anything like that. I am simply not used to do it.
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    Ofc that make you lose the connect in game, i tried to rain in middle of my games in past and i took heavy loss because i have bet high and low and didnt know whats happing because of chat, i still remember i lost 0.01 btc just because that
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    I almost always try to withdraw once I have reached a certain bankroll increase for the day. My general goal is usually to 5x my starting bankroll, then withdraw the profits and try again. Unfortunately I do not always hit that magical withdraw button once I reach my goal, and when this happens I usually end up giving most or all of my profits back. Generally my deposits are well above the minimum withdraw, so I will hardly ever withdraw just the minimum.
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    I have personally only played on mobile maybe twice ever, and those were times when I was extremely bored somewhere and without access to my laptop for whatever reason. I am not a big fan of most mobile platforms and find the laptop/pc versions much easier to use and much prefer playing on my laptop as opposed to using the mobile versions.
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    Gambling is an expense in my budget. Each month I allocate a certain amount of money to gambling, and if I lose all that money, then I do not gamble until the next month.
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    Well , i would prefer not to play when i'm in a bad mood but i do that sometimes , not with big amounts tho , just to foreget a lil bit my troubles.
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    yeah when i play on 10 x i got alots of wrong rolls then feel bad lol
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    I used to play a lot this 10x payout , now i play 9x , it's almost same , when i see some rolls in this zone, for me is like a signal then i risk same amount and sometimes i increase the amount, it's always a nice opportunity to make some profit.
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    If I have no luck, then I change the seeds and change the payout and the size of the bet.