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    [0.00171 BTC] Hunt Jackpot Numbers!

    Jackpot Number 🍀🎇 77.77 🎇🍀 "As you know, the number 77.77 is a sacred number as a Jackpot. Let's see who is lucky to collect this sacred number". Requirements: Win roll 77.77 on whatever multiplier you can and it must be a winning bet! There are no minimum bet amounts. You can bet with 0 too. You must get number 77.77 two times to participate in this hosting, but not in a row. You can edit your posts if you get a shorter time between these two bets. Bets must be made after the start of this promotion. Hosted promotion is valid for 1 day (24 hours) Prizes: 1st place: 0.0003 2nd Place: 0.0002 3rd place: 0.00015 4-10th place: 0.00008 11-20th palce: 0.00005 How is the ranking of the winners determined? 1.The closest distance between the first 77.77 and the second bet is the rank we will use as a parimeter. 2. In the event of a draw, players will be ranked according to the time of posting their entries in this thread. **Good luck and Have Fun**
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    7 btc hit 990x

    That is super risky. I don't think I would have the guts to bet 700k satoshis on a 990x payout, let alone a 2x payout lol. I guess with big risks come massive rewards if they go well.
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    I'm not sure why but seems the bot announcing current prices , is not working anymore. Well maybe one of the reasons is users spamming it , cheeking prices like every second like they suffering from OCD lol. I think it's kinda important to be able to check prices to get an idea at least of what the value of your profit even if you can check that on google but it's more practical to have it inside the platform. What do you think about that ?
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    Is It Right Time To Invest In EOS?

    Well!! Cryptocurrency EOS is in the right traction after declining in the crypto market, nowadays it is showing positive signs in the crypto market, popular cryptocurrency experts says that altcoins price will gain high in the season. As the price of bitcoin is increasing, eos price also increasing according coinpedia eos price prediction the price will rise high in the upcoming years and now is the right time to invest for the period of 3 to 5 years because eos gives good returns on investment. Read here: https://coinpedia.org/information/eos-price-prediction/ What's your take on eos?
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    Hey guys I have a question for all of you thanks for talking about your biggest losses here or at other dicing sites in recent threads, It got me wondering how many of you guys have deposited around how much you busted or more after your biggest bust ever ? example my biggest bust was 0.6 btc I deposited around the same amount a few times afterwards but my confidence was to shaken for me to go all out after that 😛
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    Многие прекрасно знают, что топовые монеты показали хороший рост курса и принести своим холдерам целые состояния. Понятно, что кто не успел вовремя зайти, тоже загорелись желанием быстро разбогатеть, но уже нужны были хорошие вложения. Единственным выходом получить крупные суммы для большинства является получение кредита. Вроде бы все просто, монета вырастает за год на 200-300% или более и ты с легкостью отдаешь долги. Но может быть и обратная ситуация - цены упадут. Считаете ли вы риск с кредитованием стоящим того, чтобы попытаться быстро разбогатеть на росте криптовалюты?
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    pro gambler in the dice game

    If you want to be a more serious player, you may have to learn more about what gambling is, if you are a beginner you can easily enjoy gambling with just a little knowledge. Before we go into the details, we must mention that people enjoy gambling for a variety of different reasons. this is a debate which of these reasons must be considered. You have to remember, the ability to gamble might be the possibility of winning money and obviously this is a very interesting aspect of gambling, and it would be difficult to argue that this is one of the main reasons why people choose to gamble. Not only the fact that gambling to win money makes gambling so attractive, it is a fact that it is possible for anyone to win money. there are several forms of gambling where learning certain strategies and skills can increase your chances of winning, and maybe even turn you into a consistent winner if you are good enough, even a beginner has the chance to win. You don't have to be a math genius, a sports expert, or a card expert, you just need luck. Gambling is not just about money, many people gamble mainly because they only enjoy it. this is a great form of entertainment, and it can be very fun. on the basis of pure excitement, it is fair to say that gambling will not be attractive if not for the fact that there is real money at stake, but that does not mean that everyone views money as the most important factor. the possibility to win some money, make you feel entertained & pleasant. and my question, if there are beginners for gamblers, are there pro gamblers? Is there a pro gambler in the dice game?
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    In playing online gambling there must be a day where you will experience victory and also a very heavy defeat. Whether from the style of the game or the strategy you are applying. No one can ensure victory in gambling, no matter how lucky you are, there will still be a time when you will experience defeat in it. Basically gambling games have a house edge and the opportunity for a casino that is greater than a player. But how bad you play, will be covered if you can be wise in managing your finances to gamble. So friends, how do you manage your finances so you don't lose when gambling?
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    Hi all.. recently I tried several new tricks and strategies for playing dice. bet on 7.1x payout, ok .. just go right ... initial capital before playing is 0.00800000 btc Initial base bet: 0.00000035 btc on win: 0.00000000 is made normal (default) on lose: 25% -40% stop on profit: 0.00000035 stop on lose: 0.00000000 here we need extra patience and often change the base bet and the percentage on lose ... because if not, the possibility of being hit by a long red line can be very long. after finding the green line .. For example, when you place a bet in the under position and find a green line, then for the next bet you have to play in over. actually this depends on your feelings too .. your feelings are the key. if you still believe you found a green line in the under position, then do not need to replace it to over ... good luck ....
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    Primedice marketing

    So during early 2018 primedice was still listed as a top 3 crypto gambling site on almost every review site, And in terms of statistics the site still dominates. However now in 2019 when I search any combination of crypto gambling key words it doesn't come up on the first page and when looking at the top listed review sites they all favor terrible sites that are all about the front end and email spam their customers daily with bullshit offers and have no long term history. Do you guys think primedice should be focusing on trying to compete with these sites or just stay in it's own lane like it always has? I personally don't think another site will achieve the pure statistics primedice gets to boast for a long time in the crypto sphere and I think that should be something to account for alot more than jazzy casino tricks
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    Here's the article posted by forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/08/01/bitcoin-has-no-intrinsic-value-as-uk-moves-towards-crypto-ban/#4efae1dd2d27 There's multiple parts of this that are refutable easily such as bitcoin has intrinsic value based on blockchain technology alone and the cumulative economy being a type of proof of work in itself. If the UK actually does ban crypto following the lead of India and Russia we could see some negative effects in regards to the economy on a much bigger scale than has been noticeable before.
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    Primedice Platform

    Hello Pdicers, Over 6 years and Primedice is still leader in crypto gambling thanks to many factors such as its profressionalism, its interface, its many options and its great community , its flawless security, and also its support team always available to help players when needed. But Let's focus on PD platform , and its features for now. So in your opinion what are you expecting more from Primedice, what options or features would you like to see in a near future?
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    It's definitely really helpful I like to bet in a currency amount on bigger deposits it's not so bad when I'm only mucking around with like $10 or something though, but yeah I didn't think it was a complicated feature in the first place 🤔
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    недавно в Индии представили законопроект, по которому тем, кто пользуется криптовалютами может быть предъявлен штраф или тюремное заключение сроком до 10 лет. пока это только проект, но сейчас в Индии уже зарылись все криптовалютные биржи.
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    I think that in practice it would be more convenient, but still there are live stats where you can easily see the profit for the whole game, or just before starting to record the balance, etc., then you can already record the profit, and from the profit information without any problems google or by private chatbot message to convert profit in any crypt and see. Although I would like for live stats to automatically convert profit to the selected currency, it would be great!
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    Нет, совершенно. Знаете тех людей, которые кричат, что кредит - это зло. Ага, я один из них. Стоит брать кредит лишь в случаи вопроса жизни и смерти, ни ради чего другого. Ни машины, ни бизнеса, ни даже стиралки. Про крипту и речи быть не может. Конечно все от суммы зависит, но мой потолок - на карте банка кридитный лимит в 500 гривен. Просто на случай если будет нужно. гашу его всегда через день-два. Но когда речь идет о суммах куда больших - подуайте дважды, а если все же остались при своем - сделайте все так, что бы потом люди которые вас предупреждали не имели возможности сказать "А я вам говорил.."!
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    I haven't had any issues with bot checking prices, are you sending ChatBot a private message as I know it doesn't work in the main channel? I always try and keep in the mind the price of the coins at the moment of betting to know how much I am placing in a single bet. I also like to check how much I have profit or loss during a session of betting so that I know roughly how much to try and recover next time if I choose to chase the green. When I bust a coin and then go play another, I will convert how much I just lost so I know a target that I need to reach to break even, I think it is really useful to do this. I remember a couple of years ago on the older version of primedice that you could paste scripts into the console and there was a really good one that used to display how much your balance was worth in USD. I would love it if this became a feature on primedice. It's always good to know what your playing with, I've made the mistake before of losing a lot without realizing the amount it was worth.
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    Если на буксах сидят за оплату в 10-30-50 копеек, примерно так, и им надо быстрей быстрей выполнять задания чтобы забрать свои скромные рублики - ну кого вы хотели с буксов привлечь в казино?) они даже всматриваться не будут ни во что) им надо скорее перейти к выполнению следующего задания. И с этих своих рубликов они точно не пойдут играть в казино) тем более там как мне кажется чаще всего малолетки сидят да студенты.
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    Your job is truly noble ... being a doctor is hard. even breaks are often interrupted by sudden work calls. but, how can you play gambling while you are with your friends where you work? do they (your friends) not know your activities? or the patients you are treating? because to my knowledge a doctor will tarnish his name if playing gambling ..
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    How to stop the game?

    I will stop playing when I can get a minimum withdrawal because when my balance is enough to make a withdrawal I will withdraw it as soon as possible because I know the longer I play the higher my appetite for winning more, therefore I target up to a minimum withdrawal only
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    It can't really be called investing it should be looked at as spending money on a hobby in my opinion
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    Буксы-просмотр рекламы и клики, просто людей гоняешь туда сюда, и они фиг играют....
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    I personally rarely do any of this, but think it is a great idea. If I start keeping track and paying more attention to my sessions and results, it definitely can't hurt. Back when I started playing at sites like this, I used to play kind of reckless and was not at all disciplined. Now though I am mentally stronger and a lot more disciplined, so I believve tracking my games and results can only help me get even better.
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    I never set myself a limit or goal, because if I do this I always lose. So I try to listen to my intuition. But greed is sometimes the strongest and constantly pulls to play on, forcing you to lose.
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    I'm not really a fan of the rain feature but I don't mind tipping people I like the criteria doesn't really go beyond that.
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    this is something i do not do myself... it is something we all ᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎᠎should do i feel... Its kind of like stretching... how many of us stand up and stretch while sitting for long periods.. some of us do, most of us probably dont
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    Эд который админ?) он всегда играл на мелких иксах, я ни разу не помню чтобы видел высокие иксы у него. Эду плевать на топы, если ему нужны бабки он их просто возьмет себе.
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    Win or lose part of game I think we accept win or defeat because if we accept both then we r make a good players and on gambling so many people not accept defeat any they crying and use bad language after lose but if we are a good players then we r accept both things
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    I often take short breaks just to get away from the laptop, stretch my legs, etc. I've noticed that I play too long without a break I start gettin a bit tired and lose some concentration.
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    Bet: 33,664,467,930 placed by Viksen on 30/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00019800 Bet: 33,664,500,145 placed by Viksen on 30/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,665,235,273 placed by Viksen on 30/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
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    Bet: 33,633,124,244 placed by AlphaStorm on 30/07/2019 Wagered 3.40000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 336.60000000 Bet: 33,633,153,613 placed by AlphaStorm on 30/07/2019 Wagered 3.40000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 336.60000000 600х Bet: 33,633,387,151 placed by AlphaStorm on 30/07/2019 Wagered 3.40000000 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 1976.59999600
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    Ali saher


    I not try for big hits because if you have good balance then you try this overall my big hit is 15x
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    Bet: 33,596,820,039 placed by zuxel on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00306900 Bet: 33,596,853,521 placed by zuxel on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00003100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00306900 Bet: 33,597,603,205 placed by zuxel on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00004500 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.02616088
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    Bet: 33,608,674,966 placed by Larisa321 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 Bet: 33,608,737,123 placed by Larisa321 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 Bet: 33,661,018,031 placed by Larisa321 on 30/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
  35. 1 point
    Bet: 33,606,745,028 placed by millioner500 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Over Bet: 33,606,759,624 placed by millioner500 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,606,895,074 placed by millioner500 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
  36. 1 point
    Bet: 33,605,407,327 placed by nataly91 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 31914 -31941 Bet: 33,605,442,436 placed by nataly91 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 Bet: 33,605,843,263 placed by nataly91 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 17.44058820
  37. 1 point
    Bet: 33,604,029,576 placed by Vikki77 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,604,082,743 placed by Vikki77 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,604,252,747 placed by Vikki77 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
  38. 1 point
    Bet: 33,600,721,236 placed by MiSaMo on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 Bet: 33,602,070,382 placed by MiSaMo on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.03000000 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 2.97000000 Bet: 33,731,493,937 placed by MiSaMo on 31/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00116271
  39. 1 point
    Bet: 33,602,120,472 placed by Kate865 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,602,161,229 placed by Kate865 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100.00x Profit 0.00009900 Bet: 33,602,579,613 placed by Kate865 on 29/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 582.35x Profit 0.00058135
  40. 1 point
    It will not hurt to read about other players best game plays, you might learn a thing or two. Before I read not for dice games cause I believe it to be a luck-based one but I'm starting to believe there are some strategies that are working for some and I find it interesting to read and try them myself, just the low bets of course. haha
  41. 1 point
    It's just luck though really you can't blame a crypto for your gambling losses bro hahah
  42. 1 point

    what did you do when you won?

    It's better to have something for your family than regret when you lost it all. A small win is still a win which will be good when you think it's a blessings.
  43. 1 point
    That's never a good thing when you have to lie to your wife about anything. Which would be worse, lying to her and her finding out you lied or just being honest from the start?
  44. 1 point
    It always feels good when you get to minimum withdrawal fees from scratch but greed always set in and that's when busting is evitable.
  45. 1 point

    Roll Over or Roll Under?

    I always switch up the sides depending on what I think the next roll number will be although I must admin the high side would be my go to side. I tend to use high when hunting higher payouts as I take more notice to what high numbers are coming up.
  46. 1 point
    You can easily be scammed if you thrust people who you really don't know much. You will know it's a scam if he/she will offer big return of your money. If I know that he is a scammer then I should ignore him. Don't talk to that scammer anymore.
  47. 1 point

    Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?

    I feel safe here. I think that such a casino as PrimeDice has a reliable protection from uninvited guests. If you comply with all the security levels provided on the site, then you should not expect something bad.
  48. 1 point
    I very rarely ever use the Max Bet button, because for me, 8 times out of 10 it ends badly. If by chance I am going to use it, I enable it for a short time and then disable it again when I am through max betting. There have been a few occasions in the past where I have mistakenly hit in instead of the 2x button... live and learn.
  49. 1 point
    I dont really evaluate mine. I just want to trust luck in all things. I guess thats what made me sink last year..
  50. 1 point
    Nobody is monitoring our strategy, at least not the support, the only thing i can say is that Primedice bot is more advanced than that of stake, because of it experience. What works on stake will never work on primedice.