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    Setuju gan, terlebih selain dari gambling pun ada forumnya juga, bisa dapet pundi2 satoshi untuk modal bet. itulah sebabnya yang membuat ane ga pernah berhenti bet hingga sekarang, karena modal pun gratis
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    as I said, I would be very happy if my mistake was an advantage. but what happened was all my balance was used up. maybe you are one of the lucky ones, from mistakes, instead get profit
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    saya sama seperti agan sekarang lebih banyak stay distake dibanding primedice,karena sepi pemainnya serta eventnya juga jarang. saya hanya ke pd pada saat kerjain challenge mingguan,Race wager dan RH dari mod
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    My strategy(little balance)

    serious? have you ever reached 10 red in a row at payout 1.10x? I've never reached 10 reds in a row. at most I got 5 reds in a row. means even though a large win chance percentage does not rule out the possibility of losing
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    How do you manage your bankroll?

    it looks like your experience of gambling is quite extensive. and your suggestion seems good to do, and I will try to do what you suggest. You might already feel the bitter sweetness of gambling. thank you for sharing. I hope you are lucky
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    What makes you stay here ?

    If you didnt know william is actually williamshenine in Stake so he is already from stake and primedice and enjoys both the sites games i guess
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    Hello everyone, There is an upcoming fork of the Ethereum blockchain named Constantinople Hard Fork dated to happen on January 16, 2019. I would discuss a few points regarding this in case you are new to this "forking" events and are confused about what to do to prepare for it. Hard fork is when there is split of the original blockchain in two separate blockchains, in general like the previous hard fork a few years back which led to the formation of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. However for this hard fork the miners have not yet shown any deviation from a general consensus of a single blockchain and thus till now there will be only one chain to be followed namely Ethereum even after the upcoming hard fork. About the advantages that Constantinople hard fork there are some changes that will happen with forking: Constantinople will delay the difficulty--bomb that is about to happen later this year when POW moves to POS for the network. Reduction of mining rewards from 3ETH/block to 2ETH/Block Constantinople also includes 2 further upgrades – EIP 145 and EIP 1052 – which will improve ease-of-use for smart contract development and streamline certain operations within ethereum’s code. You can read about these here : https://www.coindesk.com/what-to-expect-when-ethereums-constantinople-hard-fork-happens What you should do before the fork happens : If you have your ether in a wallet whose private key is under your control like Mist, MEW or a hardware wallet then nothing. Yes you dont need to do anything. Let the fork happen and await further news from the developers if any. If you have ether in your exchange, then some are going to support he fork and you should look if they are allowing that otherwise withdraw them to a wallet over which you have control. In general its always safer to keep coins in your own wallet than the exchanges. What you should NOT do: Do not trust anyone asking you to send their coins to wallet address posted on twitter or any website. Those are scams and will lead you to losing your funds. There are already several of them being made viral to scam innocent people. There have been some scam "forks" already being promoted on bitcointalk. Never send your private keys to anybody who claims to help you in the fork if you give them the private key. Under any situation do not panic about the fork or ask strangers on forum or telegram groups for help. You will get scammed by them Do no fall for any "doubling deals" - remember that Greed will kill << Wise words by wise people. I will try to update this post will more information as time passes and if any relevant news is posted. In the meantime feel free to ask questions if you have any.
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    Кредит BTC13015

    На будущее - я специально для вас создавал тему для обмена , в которой описал что надо обоим пользователям надо там отписываться - кто дает в долг и тот кто берет в долг, берущий пишет свои обязательства и сроки - по итогам такой записи не отдающий долг получает бан, а без таких записей бан к сожалению мы не выписываем. Были уже разговоры на эту тему.