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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    I never said that and only the rains that happen for this giveaway specifically count as posted above. All rains eligible to win will be from me "Your post has to be a picture from these specific rains"
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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    Claim your prizes here! https://primedice.com/?coupon=raingiveawayforum3005 Let's face it, we all love the rain at Primedice more than anything. I was thinking why not make it rain every day for the next 3 days? Actually how about 6x a day every day for the next 3 days! What to expect & another giveaway? Each rain is going to be worth $10 to 25 people and will happen 6x a day over the next 3 days! That's 18x rains valued at $180! There will be 2x rains for the following currencies each day: BTC, ETH, DOGE Another giveaway! If you can take a screenshot of yourself winning any of these rains and post it here you'll also win another prize! Post a picture winning a BTC rain - Win $1 Post a picture winning an ETH rain - Win $2 Post a picture winning a DOGE rain - Win $3 The first rain will start in 24 hours! After that some rains will be announced in chat before they happen, some will have advanced notice through the official Primedice Telegram and some will be completely random! Rains will happen in the English chat! PD Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice Rules 1 win per person (don't post multiple pictures) Post count of 15 Only pictures showing the rain in the chat box count Your post has to be a picture from these specific rains Try to show something unique or your full screen in the picture. Using someone else's picture is an automatic loss.
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    Sekedar bertanya tentang scripts

    ini semua karena penasaran om flans, sampe saya tonton berulang-ulang, dan ternyata ada sepersekian detik video yang membuat saya ragu, perpindahan di ruang obrolan, hanya sepersekian detik ada perubahan. dan saya memutuskan mengirim email lagi dan saya meminta bet id nya. dan ga ada balasannya. sekarang saya yakin ini penipuan. sekarang close pembahasannya.
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    What do you do when You lose a lot?

    all i do is just quit for the day, next day if I can, I deposit. simple
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    Hi. I'm a degenerate gambler.

    I think I may have found my new home. Some of you may know me from stake.com and other areas on the interwebs... You can't get away from me.
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    I place my bet on primedice!!!

    There are no interesting philosophical conclusions that can be proven without doubt. So the opinion of the existence of God does not produce mathematical certainty which can actually weaken the problem of God's existence. Simply put, it puts the question of the existence of God in the same category as other questions, such as His external existence, freedom of thought and questions about how we know other people have thoughts. Does this mean that opinions about God's existence are in vain? Not at all. Of course I cannot give an opinion that will convince all people's thoughts but this does not mean that I have no good reason to trust God. Indeed, some of my reasons for believing in God can affect you. Even though you are not affected to believe that God exists, but my opinion will not be in vain. It is reasonable to believe that the mountain is real and in general our memories can be trusted and other people's thoughts also exist. It is reasonable to believe this even though it cannot be proven. Maybe some opinions about the existence of God will be able to convince you that trusting God is reasonable.
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    To Bingo Or not to bingo?

    These days that there are roll hunts on chats, the chats have been very active and very okay. The chats need to attended to, and bring real games back to it. I know some people misused the VIP tags, but there should have been a replacement to the games and Tags, maybe it will reduce the number of beggars on chat, and it will stop all these Hi, Hello and good luck. If everyone has something doing, everyone will communicate respectfully and not be begging for tips in the PM. Support should look into this though.
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    hold or sell

    Hold for sometime. The BTC have stabilized at 8k, and can stabilize for the next 1 month on that price. But by the end of June, the BTC should start her journey to 10k$, which by that time will be big money for people that are holding as of now. So the best advice I always give people that are into real trade with BTC is to sell some and keep small. You don't know what might happen when you wake u tomorrow.
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    Keep on losing

    If this is the type of luck you are having, for three years straight, then I would suggest not gambling at all. Gambling will make anyone lose in the long run. If you can't afford to lose money, then you shouldn't be gambling in the first place.
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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    I believe this is not counted. as per steve, he will be sending the rain and not eddie.
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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    This is of course good. Only I have not seen rain for the second month. And so I like it very much.
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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    Another great way to spread giveaways. Thanks Steve
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    To Bingo Or not to bingo?

    Totally cool if you like Bingo games, which are rare on any site. Sounds like a really neat idea. Have fun. 😎
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    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    Rains will be from my account Steve
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    Pre-rolls Importance

    Pre rolls are good when you are hunting those big numbers. I do pre rolls when I am gunning for 990. I do almost 3000 pre rolls with my dicebot and I often hit 990x after the pre rolls. The strategy has helped me a lot. Pre-rolls are good and advice-able. It doesn't mean you might not bust, but actually you get to know which sides favors and the side that doesn't favors. Its just for the fun of the game and gambling. I even have a belief that you get better with Pre rolls when you are going for payouts like 2x and 1.5x. It doesn't guarantee not busting, but you just get better with dice.
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    XRP hodlers!

    I think XPR is one of the few projects that have a very long feasibility plan. Its around 0.366$, but when the crypto world is experiencing its bull run, it should actually go over the 1$ expectation. For we holders, please lets keep it for a little while. Don't rush to sell. then wake up the next morning and find out that it has skyrocketed. Lets keep chills and see. XPR is a good project. Top with the BTCs and ETHs.
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    ICO Regulation

    Actually, I agree with you in an aspect, but the risks outweighs the benefits. Most people just wants to steal and won't pass the initial 1st phase. I look at the ICOs I bought 3 years ago and mostof them have cashed out and left me with useless coins that can't buy a piece of bread. It is so fucking annoying. And when I later find out, most had the history of scam even after the Airdrops and ICOs verified pages verified them.
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    ICO Regulation

    There should be hard regulations on ICOs and their creations. People use this legitimate means to scam people which is very very bad. Last year, I was against it in Nigeria. Nigeria shouldn't be allowed to create ICOs because they are all scam. It's so painful but that is just the bitter and honest truth. No one should be given the rights to steal from anyone. I wish people can wake up to this and work on it
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    Hi. I'm a degenerate gambler.

    Welcome to PrimeDice. Please read the rules an understand the dos and donts of Forum and chat so that you won't be red flagged. Welcome bro.
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    Bet speeds

    The reason why people love PD is because people love how the numbers are been rolled and shown. I think on dicebot, I have seen approximately 2 bets per seconds which is very okay for our sanity on the site. Just chunking out numbers without feeling the vibe is absolutely rubbish and unnecessarily. The way the dice roll on PD is okay, and there is no need to increase more than that.
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    so you mean, don't be too eager to recover defeat, but do it slowly, don't risk big bets, right?
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    Last letter game

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    On PD and Stake, Bust is life. I am always careful about busting but sometimes greed overtakes me and I bust finally. I deposited almost 1.6 LTC, and I lost almost 2 Eth afterwards because of recovery. It was really depressing. But I already learnt my lessons. I always do. You dont try and recover losses with a deposit. Dangerous and dangerous move.
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    I place my bet on primedice!!!

    Lol. I thought you were rapping. Or what is the essence of the break lines. But if I can go along with the rap, you are calling Ed out for disguising and taking all your money. But unfortunately, its not eds fault. This is a casino, You win some, You lose some. Its always an Ev- game. You will surely lose. And if you are a rash gambler, you will always lose. I wish I could reply your topic the way you created the topic. 😁
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    I always lost but one day I will win:-_-:
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    How often you visit the site ?

    6 times per week, 8 hours per day Kate sleeps on Forum, just btw!
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    I'm not going to jump in this debate but I will say this... It is very important to care if your beliefs are true or false. It is also importance to know what is fact before making claims... You should never jump into a debate if you are not 100% confident in your understanding of the topic at hand... To say "Evolution is JUST a theory" exposes just how ignorant you are on science. I don't mean this to be rude.. we are all ignorant on a lot of things. Cooking for example.. Pretty ignorant here.. Rocket Science.. pretty ignorant. So i don't talk or make claims about those things. Evolution on the other hand.... "Theory" in science is the graduation point in science. it is THE highest honor. Theories (in science) are composed of facts and laws. A lot of people who do not understand science make the common mistake of confusing :"theory" in science with "theory" in everyday conversation talk. Two completely different things. The "Theory" you're thinking of is "Hey this guy got murdered but had a lot of money I have a theory! His wife did it!"... In science when you speak of "Theories" you speak of "Germ theory", The "Theory of Gravity". "Theory of Combustion". These things are the BEST working explanations we have and therefor you belittle them by saying "Just a theory". my friend. There is nothing higher in science! With all that said here is what I say about religion. Where money is involved so goes lies. It's no chance that most religions operate as a business. That's because they are. The business of fear. They scare you into giving them money and feeling bad for being human. Be kind. NEVER treat people how they want to be treated. Jesus had it all wrong! Treat others how THEY want to be treated for you are a fool to assume how someone else wants to be treated. If religion helps you. Great but here is an example and the logic as I see religion today... Lets say little Jimmy has an uncle. this uncle is amazing! he can do the BEST magic tricks! He always takes care of you. puts you before himself even! He has great advice. He loves everyone very much. Matter fact. he loves you so much he will ask you to kill for him. He will ask you to rape in his name. he will ask you to own slaves! Not only that HE himself harms you! but.. he loves you. He has great advice. He always takes care of you. matter fact you owe him everything. He is the reason your parents got together and had you!!!! Without him you are nothing! Now I understand god is even MORE forgivable than your uncle in this example.... but here is the point. You can do 1 million GOOD things for people but as soon as you make it ok or rape, murder, steal yourself.. you are immoral and I want nothing to o with you. The god of the bible is no different. I don't care if there is a god. I don't care what god it ends up being. I have studied a lot of the major religions and if ANY of those gods are real, and we have no reason to think they are, THEY better BEG for my forgiveness. The gods of religion are even, jealous and childish gods. THANK GOD they are not real! To close out. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. I would fight and die for that right. I hope you think the same about my beliefs. Love and peace!
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    I think the rainbot is random to proplr that are active in chat and they wager. You also have to at least show you wager amount to the public to have a chance at the getting rainbot. Rainbot doesn't have preference. Just wager and wish to be lucky.