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    We're about 2 years into primedice putting a lot of effort into creating a gambling a community and I was just wondering how many of you guys have now made friends you talk to outside of primedice that you met here?
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    We have a lot planned for Primedice in the very near future so everyone be ready! I know many of you have already joined, but the first thing I'd like to announce officially is the new Primedice Telegram channel. We will be hosting a few challenges there but I'll get to that later. Right now the first thing you should know is we'll be doing a $250 giveaway at 1000 members to celebrate! Join the Primedice Telegram here: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice The next thing I'd like to talk about is Primedice's 6th birthday. Can you believe on May 18th Primedice is already 6 years old? Primedice's Birthday Events $25,000 Race $2,000 giveaway Primedice birthday stream Daily 0.06 BTC forum challenges from May 12th-18th Daily Telegram challenges from May 12th - 18th Primedice Birthday Blog Birthday Race The Race has just started and will be ending on May 18th! There are 50 unique prizes ranging from $10 to $12,000! https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35527-race-happy-6th-birthday-primedice-race-25k-prize-pool/ $2,000 Birthday Stream Don't miss Eddie's Primedice birthday stream on May 18th, 1 pm (GMT) ! Be sure to follow on Twitch to be notified when the stream goes live! https://www.twitch.tv/primeedd Primedice Telegram From May 12th to the 18th we'll be hosting challenges in the Primedice Telegram channel & chat! We'll also be having a $250 giveaway once this channel reaches 1000 members! https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice Forum Challenges More info on the daily forum challenges here! https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35528-🎂-04-btc-full-week-of-birthday-challenges Primedice Birthday Blog You'll later find a blog update here https://blog.primedice.com/ See you all at the best Primedice celebration yet! If you saw the small giveaway text and won claim your prize here https://primedice.com/?coupon=AnnouncementGW 🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂first 50 people to comment their Primedice username win $1🎂
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    indeed health is the most important thing because health is "EXPENSIVE" .. so ... to keep the body healthy and fit, in my opinion the most important point is "EAT". must remain time, first examine the food to be eaten, pay attention to its expiration date, avoid high carbohydrate foods, as well as fatty foods. after that, "ENOUGH BREAK". sleep must also be on time so that the body stays awake. Don't push yourself too much if the rhinoceros doesn't want to be invited to cooperate ... Regular "SPORTS". this must also be disciplined. because too tired in exercising is also not good for the body and our health. the goal is indeed to relieve stress, relax stiff muscles because all day in use for work. but if you are too tired in exercising it can also have a negative impact on your body. the nutritional intake that we eat is not necessarily the same as the energy we spend when exercising. the core to keep the body fit and fit is discipline in 3 things. "EAT", "SLEEP", "SPORTS". don't overdo it, if you feel it's enough, stop ... may be useful
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    Having a healthy and fit body is everyone's desire, but many people are too busy working so they forget their own health. Actually to get a healthy and fit body is not difficult and also does not have to be expensive. The following tips so that the body is always healthy and fit: Every morning, try to always exercise regularly. This aims to maintain the condition of the body to always be healthy and fit. Eat a reasonable portion. In fear your body will be overweight and risky from diseases associated with obesity or obesity. Avoid fast food and alcoholic drinks. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. Fulfill fibrous food every day. Fiber foods are apples, carrots and nuts. The function of this fibrous food is to protect the body from bacterial attacks. Meet the needs of vitamin D. Because vitamin D serves to stimulate immune cells to drive viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish. Don't be late to eat when it's time. Drink at least 8 glasses of water / day. Do not smoke. Avoid sitting too long because it can make your body become tired quickly. And finally, adequate rest. From the tips above there are two things that are most important, namely eating vegetables and fruits and avoid sitting too long. Because one of the triggers that cause the emergence of deadly diseases such as cancer and heart actually results from your sitting habits that are too long. To compensate for this, experts recommend that you always eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits. And don't forget not to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages because this is not very good for your body's health.
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    Bulan Mei adalah bulan dimana situs primedice berulang tahun setiap tahunnya. Dan pada tahun ini tepatnya tanggal 18 Mei 2019,usia primedice sudah mencapai 6 tahun. Bagi saya itu luar biasa,karena jarang sekali situs perjudian yang bertahan begitu lamanya. Biasanya situs perjudian akan berakhir tutup/scam hanya di usia maksimal 3 tahun bahkan kurang. Itu menandakan bahwa situs ini adalah situs yang sangat di percaya oleh pemain/penggunanya. Tingkat kepercayaan pengguna menjadi penentu suatu situs tersebut baik atau buruk. Komentar dan topik di suatu forum juga menjadi pembahasan yang akan membuktikan bahwa situs ini bisa di percaya. Di ulang tahunnya yang ke 6 ini,primedice mengadakan even untuk memanjakan para penggunanya.Dan sudah ada pemberitahuan tentang even tersebut di topik ini : Pada topik tersebut di sebutkan akan ada beberapa even dan jadwalnya : 1.$25,000 Race Menurut saya ini adalah lomba wager dengan hadiah 25 ribu dollar.Jadi siapa yang mempunyai wager terbanyak akan medapatkan hadiah tertinggi. mengenai aturan jumblah hadiah yang akan di dapatkan mungkin akan di beritahukan di saat even berlangsung 2.$2,000 giveaway Primedice birthday stream. Keterangan tentang aturan/cara untuk mendapatkan hadiah ini masih belum ada,akan di update 3.Daily 0.06 BTC forum challenges from May 12th-18th. Sepertinya ini adalah tantangan harian dengan hadiah sebesar 0.06 BTC setiap harinya yang berlaku dari tanggal 12-18 Mei 2019. 4.Daily Telegram challenges from May 12th - 18th. Tantangan ini akan diadakan juga setiap hari selama even yaitu dari tanggal 12-18 mei 2019 dan akan di share di channel resmi telegram primedice.Aturan tantangannya pastinya akan di sahre di telegram tersebut. Untuk jadwal jam nya pasti tidak akan tentu.Makanya silahkan berganung dan jangan sampai terlewatkan. Yang belum join channel telegram primedice silahkan anda bergabung disini : https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice 5.Primedice Birthday Blog. Keterangan tentang aturan/cara untuk mendapatkan hadiah ini masih belum ada,akan di update. Lima even sekaligus akan berlangsung selama waktu merayakan Ulang Tahun primedice yang ke 6. Ini sangat luar biasa. Jangan sampai melewatkan acara ini. tentunya anda harus punya strategi di setiap even tantangan. Siapkah anda dengan tantangannya? dan strategi apa yang akan anda gunakan untuk tantangan $25,000 Race? ket: Topik tantangan harian akan kami bantu buatkan topik tersendiri selama acara berlangsung untuk memudahkan dan mengerti tentang aturannya dll. (di ambil dari topik aslinya) Salam opit.
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    0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

    Hey guys! So I promised yesterday,I’m gonna post strategy how I managed to turn 0.0009 btc into 0.03 btc within one hour. Here we go... First of all u should pick a base bet(for example I’m using 1/300 of balance) So with 90k balance,my base bet was 300 sats. I changed seed b4 I started to play and after presses auto betting 1.01x until u gonna have about 2000-3000 bets on seed. After carefully move to 2x and play only ONE SIDE! It’s very important thing,don’t change your side. Play 2x without on lost. Just straight 100-200 bets. After start play 2x with on lost,but don’t go so far,because u can get big red streak and bust all. Martingale only up to 4800 sats(if ur starting bet was 300 sats) The next step is to get 4 greens 2x in a row and after change payout to 20x and back to base bet. Make 15 bets,if no hit double base bet and make 15 more and again,until u gonna get green. After u are gonna hit green,make 5 bets more to have a chance catch a short streak of greens. And go back to 2x until u gonna get 4 greens in a row again. I’m not gonna say that u don’t have a chance to bust,but this strategy work pretty good to me and I’m happy to share it with u. Good luck in betting!
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    This last month I had so many emotions here in the primedice, that after recovering from the losses and winning, I spent 3 days calming down and playing with very low values. But as they say, no one is safe or secure inside a casino because we can lose everything in a matter of seconds to minutes or hours. My story is about good results and bad results. I started playing anyway, aimlessly shooting all over the place. Then I noticed that many played on the 99x payout and tried some time, even accumulating 100k satoshi and thought, "now I can try 100 bets worth 1k satoshi." But what is this? I do not think this is so safe or a good strategy. It may even work, but the vast majority fail or lose. So I started looking at the forum and seeing what people said, and I noticed that I was not changing the sides, and I was anchored on one side only. So I decided to change sides, but I did not have so many good results, incidentally, I still continued to lose. Then I noticed that when I came in with any coin (with bitcoin excellency) in the amount of 0.1 or 0.9 I would lose because I tried to hit a single coin by throwing everything in a single bet and lost countless times. Another mistake I made is to reach for example 1 bch, I thought, "I'll leave a little for tomorrow, but I need to make another 100k bch to leave here .." and I would lose. I started to change everything, down to form or chance as I can withdraw, and I noticed that I started to make a profit. This month I had a profit, it could have been a lot better, but I made a serious mistake in which I did not know how to stop at the right moment. Today I know that a good player or glamber has to know when to stop, because no one wins forever. So I discovered that I had to change sides in the game, use other types of payouts, pay more attention to the results that come out in the "dice", not post all the money in a single bet, if I lose it it's fatal and I'm left with nothing to try to win something. Try to make withdraw whenever you can mainly in large amounts of accumulated coins, take half or 30% or stipulate a goal to win and when you achieve withdraw money. Set goals, strategies and your life in the world of primedice will change for the better. I hope to evolve more in this 4 consecutive month of game after my return. And you, what are you doing to have good results? What's your story?
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    Errr for me.. Nothing special though with the tag, it is just that some users were asking if VIP tag will still be used. As @Bojana said in some of the recent topics about Pd5.. VIP's usually get more begging in PMs ..Anyway,some VIPs do beg sometimes tho Maybe it is possible for some color changes on the usernames depending on the wagered/statistics too ..
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    What I'd like add... drink a glass of water before each meal. Its a cheap little trick to avoid eating too much.
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    i not have find another play off primedice, but i make good friends here. I love this casino, much good people here!!
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    Yeah @JstLikeMagyk i've have many friends from primedice , i talk to them mostly on telegram or others apps. I also met a player in real life, we deposited some , gambled and cashed out something like 0.05 btc , nice experience and nice trip haha !
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    What is your favorite payout?

    My favourite payout is like 7x, 99x , 100x Sometimes play martingale 2x to recover if I dont get busted 😆
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    What is your favorite payout?

    My favourite payout is 29x on an 8% increase per loss autobet and then sometimes I flip sides and go for a 99x afterwards,
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    ))) Для меня эти два сайта лидеры, они разные и выбрать лучший сложно, первый сайт на котором я пробовала играть был Прайм и после него все остальное не то, к стейку долго не могла привыкнуть из-за яркого дизайна, но теперь они на равных для меня.
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    если кому интересно ставим лайк на посте, поеду как то в супермаркет и сделаю микро видео и биткоиномате))) что да как и почему вдруг когда то увидите а уже будете знать что делать
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    Самая реальная тема - сделать кошель на жену и доступ только у нее)) тогда на игру оттуда точно хрен что получишь) такой кошелек действеннее чем кошелек друга))
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    Кстати ребята не забываем ставить лайк кому тема понравилась и оказалась полезной , лайки лишними не бываю 😁 👍
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    Да все правильно сделали , им тоже надо защищаться от таких вот уродов , вчера какое то чмо опять таки в русском разделе создал 2 темы из символов , их уже удалили . Выплаты уменьшили тогда когда цена битка улетела в космос .
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    It doesnt bug me if the VIP tags return, OR some kind of special chatroom only people who have wagered X btc can access, but I think that 2nd suggestion is not a good one, unless u want to split the groups and have a 'trashy chat' and a chat where there are fewer beggars.
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    I'm sure the 🔥 HR tag gets a lot of beggars too.