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    Fantasy Illustration

    So, this an digital art I've finished yesterday, it's based on the game Magic the gathering. Does anyone have a tip on how to make money with art/illustration? It's been a real struggle to make some money lately, any advice is welcome!
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    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 30th May : CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account Congratulations to the 102 winners!
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    Haha you're funny man , there's nothing such that in gambling and no it's def not the right way
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    Primedice Facebook Greece Giveaway

    Giveaway για την ελληνική σελίδα του Primedice στο Facebook. Οι 2 πρώτοι που θα απαντήσουν σε αυτό το post κερδίζουν 10k satoshi ο καθένας. (This is giveaway for Greek players from facebook. )
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    Hey PDicers , well i assume most of pd players have a target or a goal to achieve. For me it's 1 btc profit , i had 2 btc profit but busted them sadly;. Well i was too greedy, wanted to reach 10 btc haha so like we say greed got my ass :p So i want to ask you guys (and ladies) in this topic what's your goal , what profit you want to reach in PD and how will you manage to achieve it? Go post your comments and give me some ideas, thanks!
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    What device do you use the most for playing PD? Personally i use most of time my laptop , for me it's more practical for playing primedice , sometimes i use phone but i don't like it much, well maybe it's a matter of habit
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    0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

    Hey guys! So I promised yesterday,I’m gonna post strategy how I managed to turn 0.0009 btc into 0.03 btc within one hour. Here we go... First of all u should pick a base bet(for example I’m using 1/300 of balance) So with 90k balance,my base bet was 300 sats. I changed seed b4 I started to play and after presses auto betting 1.01x until u gonna have about 2000-3000 bets on seed. After carefully move to 2x and play only ONE SIDE! It’s very important thing,don’t change your side. Play 2x without on lost. Just straight 100-200 bets. After start play 2x with on lost,but don’t go so far,because u can get big red streak and bust all. Martingale only up to 4800 sats(if ur starting bet was 300 sats) The next step is to get 4 greens 2x in a row and after change payout to 20x and back to base bet. Make 15 bets,if no hit double base bet and make 15 more and again,until u gonna get green. After u are gonna hit green,make 5 bets more to have a chance catch a short streak of greens. And go back to 2x until u gonna get 4 greens in a row again. I’m not gonna say that u don’t have a chance to bust,but this strategy work pretty good to me and I’m happy to share it with u. Good luck in betting!
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    Skills Vs Luck

    I think playing dice only holds on to luck. but even so we have to learn it too. how to play it and ask those who have won dice about their tricks and playing patterns. as much as possible learn everything. as far as I know people who have won a lot in playing the dice because they have experienced a lot of losses as well as playing dice. the same trick, the same player, today loses, but tomorrow wins. nothing has changed. only time has changed. from here I concluded that playing dice was just luck.
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    I prefer desktop PC or laptop. Sometimes I play on my Android phone but only when I am somewhere outside.
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    Primedice Friends

    My best PD friend is @lukasondro94. He is also my real life friend and coworker. And also like MDSci guy
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    If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?

    I'm sure I'd run away. There's nothing to think about.
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    Primedice Museum

    Thank you for being accepted in the Primedice community, please guide ...
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    Primedice Museum

    The latest version is Primedice 5 , welcome @sheenaz.bay to our community
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    Primedice Museum

    I'm still new to Primedice, I also don't know what version I am in Primedice? the important thing is that Primedice has always been the best gambling site
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    Primedice Museum

    Here's one that I saved. Im using mobile so.. Its kinda small. 😊 I believe this is PD3. I loved the smooth-looking interface before. ✔
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    What Happened to Rain-bot?

    I've also noticed this. Not sure if it was because there were no rains happening while I was on yesterday, or because it has been removed. I do think the support team would have made an announcement in advance if they planned to get rid of the rainbot all together.
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    Skills Vs Luck

    Skill can only help you so much in a game where the odds are stacked against you (due to the 1% house edge). So no amount of skill will make you consistently profitable, and that is where luck comes in
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    Skills Vs Luck

    I think both is important,but luck is all that we need the most to hit our green.
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    We added calendar of all our events, streams and giveaways, to keep all info needed in one place Check it time to time, not to miss some, and we will do our best, to fill it
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    Skills Vs Luck

    for me dice is a game that is truly pure rely on chance and luck. So in an effort to play this game, your skills do not need to be qualified but simply use ordinary skills even just rely on luck, then then you can win in this game dice. But that does not mean that overall you submit to luck because indeed you have to find out the guide information so that you don't go wrong while playing
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    You Will Never Learn!

    Well i don't like playing that much of dice or don't like it at all and maybe that could be a main reason why i don't bust in primedice a lot .
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    What Happened to Rain-bot?

    Like I said , i'm not a rain fan , in general i bust them very fast , but still , i'm a person who cares about Primedice community . Maybe it's not my main concern but you never know sometimes even with a small fraction you can make something big, rain is here to entertain players so yeah at least we should be notified.
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    What Happened to Rain-bot?

    I wonder what you want to achieve with 150 Satoshi rain. Anyway a small fraction is enough to test the site. I hope they bring back the rain
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    What Happened to Rain-bot?

    I agree, there should be a notification why rainbot rarely appears. many users are waiting for rainbot to arrive, this is also related to primedice appreciation for primedice users.
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    BTC Price Expectations For Q2

    Bitcoin price will manage to survive at $6000 before end of may
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    Kumpulan Script Menggunakan Dicebot

    Kalau menggunakan multiplier, saya pikir hanya merubah multiplier saja sudah merubah scriptnya, tapi untuk yang seri advance, saya masih belum ada waktu untuk membuatnya. Berikut script PD Chill 23 Numbers (multi 23, untuk menemukan angka yang bisa dihitung) local_target = {02.00,02.01,02.02,02.03,02.04,02.05,02.06,02.07,02.08,02.09,02.10,02.11,02.12,02.13,02.14,02.15,02.16,02.17,02.18,02.19,02.20,02.21,02.22,02.23,03.00,03.01,03.02,03.04,03.05,03.06,03.07,03.08,03.09,03.10,03.11,03.12,03.13,03.14,03.15,03.16,03.17,03.18,03.19,03.20,03.21,03.22,03.23} chance = 4.30 nextbet =0.000001 bethigh = false function dobet() for i=1, 80 do if lastBet.Roll==local_target[i] then ching() stop() end end end Script PD untuk mendapatkan angka 23.23 atau 23.00 local_target = {23.23,23.00} chance = 50 nextbet =0.000001 bethigh = false function dobet() for i=1, 2 do if lastBet.Roll==local_target[i] then ching() stop() end end end
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    The 112.7 Bitcoin Jackpot

    This is the different of Primedice Jacpot with others. That why it is so big amount at prize
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    You Will Never Learn!

    I don't think there is an "Universal Advice"... you gotta find out what works for you. Maybe doing some 15 min medatitation everyday helps, maybe buying one of those coloring books. Maybe going to some kind of therapy... You can also try some relaxing music, for me it's Lo-Fi playlists on youtube, it's very relaxing. Check youtube for "Night city lights - [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]" it's one of my favorites!
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    The best strategy of never losing is to never gamble in the first place, but incase an individual does gamble, then it will all come down to pure luck!
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    yes it is New games and Currency add Now in Luckyfish. Hourly Mins Contest Add also.
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    2.23 Bet: 30,708,190,841 placed by Serlite on 29/04/2019 Wagered 2.10000000 Multiplier 23.02x Profit 46.24882500 3.00 Bet: 30,709,259,492 placed by Serlite on 29/04/2019 Wagered 2.10000000 Multiplier 23.02x Profit 46.24882500 23.23 Bet: 30,711,233,629 placed by Serlite on 30/04/2019 Wagered 2.10000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02142000 And now for the script - this is just for the first part, you still need to do the rollhunt for 23.00/23.23 afterward (but there are lots of scripts for that out there). Let me know if you have any issues with it: chance=4.3 nextbet=2.1 bethigh=false currency = "Doge" local rolledFirstNumbers = {} local targetNumber = 23 function dobet() -- break down roll number into comparable components local digit4 = round((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 10) local digit3 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 100 - digit4) / 10) local digit2 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) % 1000 - digit3 * 10 - digit4) / 100) local digit1 = round(((lastBet.Roll * 100) - digit2 * 100 - digit3 * 10 - digit4) / 1000) local decimalPart = digit3 * 10 + digit4 -- Only bother with this if targetNumber is even possible with the given decimal if decimalPart < targetNumber + 1 then -- Rolled a 02.XX number if digit1 == 0 and digit2 == 2 then -- Store bet only if we haven't already rolled this decimal part if rolledFirstNumbers[decimalPart] == nil then rolledFirstNumbers[decimalPart] = lastBet.Id print("Stored first roll: ".. lastBet.Id) end end -- Rolled a 03.XX number if digit1 == 0 and digit2 == 3 then -- Check if a 02.XX number was rolled earlier that would add up to 23 local matchingNumber = targetNumber - decimalPart if rolledFirstNumbers[matchingNumber] ~= nil then print(rolledFirstNumbers[matchingNumber]) print(lastBet.Id) stop() end end end end function round(x) return math.floor(x + 0.5) end
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    I always using firefox at desktop Because is suitable for me to play at another tab. I don't have mobile so this is most convenient for me.
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    I use both PC and phone, but I prefer PC because it is easier to track my performance during betting sessions..
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    Laptop is more convenient, but since am always on the road, i prefer playing on mobile.
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    Recently I play on the phone. The laptop is much more convenient, but now there is no time.
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    Pc is main device to play PD, sometime I not have my pc, I using phone