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    Max reds in a row on x2-x5

    What Ultrachief said, statistically you can get as many reds as you can imagine if you do enough bets From my experience (300-400 million bets)) i can say that the biggest variances i have seen so far, were around 20-21x variance. At 5x payout this means 105 reds, at 4x payout it means 84 reds and so on. What i would like to mention, that in those 400 million rolls i had one 31 red streak at 2x payout and the second biggest streak was 27. So at 2x payout, i was quite lucky so far for having only seen a 15.5x variance What i saw, that payouts under 2.1x and over 1650x tend to have a slightly less variance than payouts between (Max variances i have seen on these payouts were 14-16x variances). I know it is statistically not proved, and it could change, but this is my experience so far. Probably i haven't made enough bets yet
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    96.69 Bet: 28,042,391,224 placed by alexandre335 on 31/01/2019 Wagered 1.70000000 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 15.30000000 98.89 Bet: 28,043,683,360 placed by alexandre335 on 31/01/2019 Wagered 1.70000000 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 15.30000000 94.49 Bet: 28,054,057,359 placed by alexandre335 on 31/01/2019 Wagered 1.70000000 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 15.30000000
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    Keterangan di atas sudah saya sebutkan exchange dengan koin apapun yang ada di menu Coinswitch.dan kita bisa menerima dengan koin apapaun sesuai yang kita mau asalkan di terima oleh primedice.
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    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    I really like the design from Primedice itself, and features that any sites doesn't have. Great community too! Of course, best support! Right now, @UltraChief send me here 🙂, maybe the reason right now of me staying at here for a moment because of him 😆
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    Max reds in a row on x2-x5

    You can use the !odds command to get an idea of how many reds are theoretically possible with a certain setting. Practically speaking there is always the possibility of getting infinite reds.
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    what makes me stay in the premise so much here and in another maybe it is the ease of winning! But not always and what happens 😂 I agree meet people in chatty and always cool. Hello there, there are always these draws? If yes, I'm starting to love it here. kkkkkk Never liked talking too much on the site but looking from your point of view and good even to get new experience.Ty!
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    I would return because I had the education of never take what is not your!
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    What are you currently listening to

    Thanks, @Irena, for this one ❤️
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    My goal is to get unlimited btc and cryptos...No limits and to recover my losses here on primedice and stake.
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    do you mind share your script? as we try our best to be compatible with Seuntjies script, but still there are some parts cannot be. so it means there should be an minor adjustment of existing Seuntjies script to make it workable in MyDiceBot. OK, we will investigate the performance issue. BTW, * You could download local edition of MyDiceBot, it also provides simulator function. just choose 'Simulator' at login page. * The purpose of MyDiceBot online edition if for demo, not for long time betting. as our server is low hardware and low performance, just for demo purpose.
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    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    I think it depends on the amount you are willing to risk. Friends are also a part of why it's awesome here.