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    A trick to improve your performance

    Hi guys. I wanted to share with you something which I think helps be to become a better player. And that thing is keeping your daily progress in excel sheet. Every night I carefully right down the date, deposits, withdrawals and all my balances in various cryptos and daily progress in different columns. Daily progress column contains an easy formula that calculates the difference between yesterday's and today's balances. The progress can be either positive if you win or negative if you loose. Have also a 'Notes' column where you write down important events and your thoughts like "Busted because of incorrect initial bet size", "Busted because of lack of self-control" or whatever. As you keep filling in you will see your overall performance and all your daily ups and downs and also the reasons why you fail or succeed. You can calculate your daily potential and how much you can make overtime if you keep your current progress. Offcourse your sheet can be customized to include various details as you wish. As you analyze your progress sheet you try not to repeat your past mistakes and hopefully become a better player overtime. My personal progress sheet contains detailed records over the last 118 days and I tell you what! I haven’t had a single loosing day over the last 23 days! Hope this helps you guys. Please share your thoughts and suggestion on personal accounting and progress sheet.
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    Hi everyone, wyj13006 on PD now!

    Hello everyone, I have a account here in PD for a long time, but I still did not use the forum, but this week I ended up coming to know, so here I am. Thanks for everyone's attention and have lots profits!
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    neich on PD!

    Hy all. i came here from stake. =)
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    🏆 [0.1] The Three Wise Men

    Bet: 27,231,784,132 placed by Faris93 on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,231,830,037 placed by Faris93 on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,231,850,380 placed by Faris93 on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900
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    Chasers never win either way Having fun is more important after all we are gambling for entertainment. Be neutral towards both then only you will have chance of winning. If you focus only on winning when you lose, it will easily drag you down. Never ever get greedy nothing good has ever come out of greediness. Have a game plan and stick to it that's the only way you can avoid it.
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    If you die tomorrow

    Aplogize to all family and friends for all what I have done And ofc spend all balance in gambling sites
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    If you die tomorrow

    Nothing much. But I will make sure I have sex.
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    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 10th February : CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account Congratulations to the winners!
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi from Spain everyone ! I'm happy to find that great communauty and hope i'll help some people to win money by gambling ! I live only thanks to gambling since 2013. Forgive my bad english please !
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    Green profit stats - is it important?

    Hi guys! Hopefully most of you enjoy playing on Primedice. Whatever the reasons might be for you to stick to PD number one is probably earning some crypto Thanks to the devs we have such feature as statistics on the site which helps us measure our profits. Off course we would like to see them all green in each crypto line. Unfortunately this is not the case for most of us. Personally I have one position red and frankly that annoys me a little bit I’ve been fighting lately to turn it green but made the situation even worse And from to time I hear people shout in the chat they finally turned their profit on a specific crypto into green. And I have seen a ‘green profit club’ players gathering somewhere in the forum. But how important is that to you? Why would someone strive to achieve full green profits? See you may have some cryptos in red and some in green but the overall profit/loss depends on crypto value. Do you think one should feel fine as long as he is positive overall regardless of some crypto lines being red? Or maybe stats don't matter because you only measure your cash position by ‘deposted-withdrawn’ ratio? Please share your thoughts and feelings.
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    As gamblers most of the time we end up chasing losses. Although its not a logical decision to do yet we most of the time end up doing it. First its important to understand what makes us to chase losses to better understand why we chase losses. All the decisions that we make in our life are based upon how much we put into something. It can be - time, money, effort, etc. The more involved we are into something the harder it is to abandon it. Which is why we keep doing something even though its not longer fun or entertaining. So why we end up chasing losses in gambling? While gambling when we suffer a loss, we usually loss both time and money which are both valuable resources. Most of us usually do not cope well with this situation and we try everything we can to recover back those losses. Even when we all already know very well what happens at the end. Next time time when you get into such a situation of chasing losses. Think like this, " What's done is done. Regretting and Chasing those losses will not only worsen my present situation but also make me dig a deeper hole." When was the last time you end up chasing losses? Recently had one and as always it did not end well Here is a simple guide to help you avoid chasing losses - How to Avoid Chasing Losses.
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    If you die tomorrow

    im agrree with u, make other happy will be better,oven thoug they are enemies.
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    If you die tomorrow

    I will try to make happy others happy as much as possible, even though those are my enemies i like them!!!
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    Hi everyone, wyj13006 on PD now!

    Welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure to read the rules and forum guidelines on how to post as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck on your rolls.
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    🏆 [0.1] The Three Wise Men

    Bet: 27,227,975,681 placed by Owly on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,227,989,210 placed by Owly on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900 Bet: 27,228,006,443 placed by Owly on 11/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00029900
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    Auto roll tiba tiba berhenti

    Ya saya sendiri juga sering kena belakangan, tapi gak lama ya udah gak lagi. Mungkin emang ada gangguan dari sananya.
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    Hadiah celeng ini sudah bisa di klam disini: Selamat bagi yang lolos di ini celeng!
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    i remember when i said to my family about bitcoin in 2016 they said "not invest in bitcoin, the btc is for lost your money", and now in 2019, my brother, my mother and father have invested in btc and eth.... really is funny 😂
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    Not all people are seriously considering cryptocurrency and the opportunity to earn in this way. I have a big family, but I'm not trying to impose bitcoins on anyone and talk about its benefits. I can give advice to family members only if they ask for it.
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    I think I'll go with 8 Strategy tester. I mostly like progressive strategies though, no the doge the bullet ones so much. Amazing list by the way, some of them are funny, like the martingale fan.
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    I'm losing most of the time while I shouldn't lose to recover my loses. Actually greediness leads to lose. We can't think anything while we start losing. Almost all people know that how to stop losing play safely. But as we start gambling nothing runs with our proper wish. Our mind change to greedy and that's control us and we lose.
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    I immediately tried your strategy with a balance of 300k BCH, I was cautious and I bet 0.00001. won 0.00018. If every day goes like this I would say that there is good. Thank you
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    I've seen quite a few posters with increase on win and loss strategies. I tried a few variations myself as well as simulated in excel, and they are fun but so risky. But I guess everything in gambling is.
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    🏆 [0.1] The Three Wise Men

    Bet: 27,131,705,827 placed by pakar1 on 07/01/2019 Wagered 0.00002844 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00850356 Bet: 27,137,372,114 placed by pakar1 on 07/01/2019 Wagered 0.00002500 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00747500 Bet: 27,138,445,822 placed by pakar1 on 07/01/2019 Wagered 1.84879235 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 552.78891265
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    What play style describes you best?

    i like to play high payouts most of the time , whenever i play 2X i bust very fast...