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    Взлом прайма

    Сегодня хакнули прайм и стакан. Если при входе на прайм вам предлагает ввести логин и пароль и предложение сделать депозит с кешбеком - не ведитесь. Кто ввел свои данные срочно закидывайте баланс в Vault. Оттуда его у вас не украдут уже. Выводы крипты с сайта пока остановлены. Тех работы по исправлению ситуации ведутся.
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    Hello Primedice! You already know this site was the best of the Dice Casino since 2013. I'm curious, do you have doubts when playing dice at Primedice? Although provably fair has proven that there is no interference from the hands of the Primdice itself. How to overcome these doubts, if you play with a large scale bet. Everyone must have doubts about doing a bet, especially the money bet is the result of your hard work. What methods make you more calm about betting? How do you overcome your fear? For me, doing prerolls until my doubts disappear (I only doing that at Primedice and Stake) and then I bet with my balance. How about you?
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    Well if you read this with an happy face and special looks about it you know what i am talking about. Ye that's right. We could have some new Dice Games in Primedice which would make it even more interesting than every Dice Casino out there. Exposing the true DICE word in terms of a Casino to everyone who feels like Primedice is just one more Dice Casino from all others. I want to state my opinion and for the need to have such new games, the urgency in having them, diversification is everything now! Here some games we could have: Game Board: We could be betting against the House in a game board where you and the house fight each other to reach the finish line. By rolling dice (1 to 6) you would move according with your dice points. Certain places would give you some balance well others would just remove it. If you reached the finish line before the House you would lose your starting BET else you would triple it or something. Horses Race: You know how it plays in the real world, you bet against a horse position and if he wins you get a specific share else you lose it all There could also be multiple bettings where you could be more then 1 position. Don't remember anything else OUTSTANDING that pops out of the box. If you have more leave it a reply below explain your game to the Staff Team. I also want to appeal for the Staff Team to read this and give some specific statement, even if we can not have it i understand. Still i wanted to make a request So @Edward please feedback it as soon as possible
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    Hello, my people.

    Hello, my people.
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    Hey dear Primedicers. Since I want to make that Giveaway workin for me, I want to share a little exciting story about my (I guess) first casino experience back in 2009 or 2010. I was a trainee and in the second or third year of it. (3.5 years until exams). And my friends always liked to do.. random stuff. Often we ended up in a Shisha-Bar or just in a disco. So one day they thought it would be more exciting to hit a casino before the club. We already drunk a little and.. things happen. Anyway. So we entered that casino. I expected staff giving cards of throw the ball in roulette. What a bittersweet disappointment. Everything was driven by computers. Funniest was the Blackjack, where they show sexy women that hands you out your cards :D. (We were drunk and young - rest is up to your imagination how much we loved that little game, no sexy behavior from our side involved!). Somewhen my friends confessed they have been more often there and that they had most success with Roulette. Almost magically we ended up there. So.. I was busy with busting my money there until 5 bucks were left. My friend said "just all in.. hit random with closed eyes". (Have to add that it was all the money I had left for party that month). Dunno what I chose, but it made that 5 bucks.. not sure.. I guess 20 bucks what back then was a lot of money for me and a huge success Did you have similar experiences with real life casinos? Wanna hear your story
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    This could be possible, however I'd like to point out that even the "basic" form of dice has so many different ways you can play it as well (martingale, high multiplier hunting, etc). Personally I think that having more dice variants would just cause more people to lose more money due to added confusion and I think once the initial "hype" has faded, the majority would go back to playing the tried and true dice. I think there's a reason why dice is still so popular after all these years, and its because it scales in difficulty quite well. One one side theres the simplicity where anyone can pick it up, understand, and play it (ie. 2x martingale). Yet the further you dive into the game, the more you see how complex the game can actually be (going from 100k to 1BTC). This dynamic imo is perfect for long term play, as the more you play it, the more it challenges you with no actual ending to its difficulty. The most timeless games in our society are usually ones with this same dynamic, for example Chess. I'm sure there are others who would disagree with me, but this is just my 0.02 cents on the topic.
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    Personal luck of a person!

    I think a little luck exists, a mixture of courage, hope, optimism. Then how much deposits and how much you win is mathematics ...
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    Personal luck of a person!

    On the 12/16/2018 I made a profit of 2.2 btc with a starting balance of 0.03. But that was only possible because I told myself that when the balance is gone, it is gone. I've made a 6.0 win before with LTC and a balance of 2.0. But only because it was not my money. Then I lost all LTC and wanted to win this back. But then I thought, what I can do with LTC, I can with BTC. So I made my profit with BTC. I dropped from 2.2 to 1.7. But I still had a profit. So I think that it has something to do first and foremost with how much you are willing to lose. Of course with a bit of luck. But it's not by any means that there is on above who says, "You'll never win big"
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    Other fun / other games, would bring out the serious design and its dice feature, it would take away the dice amtosphere for sure Maybe this is one of the reasons why primedice is one of the best casinos out there, because they dont include other "Games" So I, personally, be for a big NO
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    Well, about political actions there everything is foggy)) But one thing sure, Brokers will artificially raise the growth of Bitcoin. By the summer, bitcoin will definitely jump above 6000, but before that there should be another fall in the course.
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    Personal luck of a person!

    I think it depends from something above.
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    I do same , few prerolls then i start betting for real , anyway fear is useless and that feeling can only make you lose big opportunities. Good luck!!
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    I think BTC will slowly continue the same way and suddently raise again. We can't know when or why, but it will have a turn. Worst or better ? We just still have to wait and hope !
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    Semoga tetap seperti ini,saliang mengerti dan mentatapi aturan. jika ada komplain silahkan saj di sampaikan ke kami di ruang obrolan ini. Setuju,kita tetap mempunya tanggung jawab yang sma untuk membesarkan komunitas ini. user dan moderataor sebenarnya sama2 menjaga dan mantaati aturan,bedanya Moderator bisa mengambil tindakan jika ada hal melanggar aturan.
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    Which TV series do you watch?

    Add this to my list... damn... how could I forget honestly? Awesome TV Show!!!
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    Personal luck of a person!

    Thinking positive would work atleast to some extent. But, I believe in luck or you can say the power from above which controls everything.
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    Personal luck of a person!

    Yes, I agree with this, it all depends on the person
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    Support animal shelters

    I love you for this Captain! ♥ Since I didn't have much money, I couldn't support shelters by giving them money/animal food/toys, etc. My way of helping stray animals was adopting them when possible (my mom wanted to kill me at times I think since I used to bring home sick and crippled cats 🙈 ), talking to them, feeding them when I could, petting them, and so on. That is something everyone can do I would say.😸🐶 Another "cheap" way of helping is teaching children to love and cherish animals. It will make a huge difference.
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    Real Life Pictures!

    Dont look into my eyes :3
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    Meow Meow

    how about this lol
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    Exchanging cryptos in game?

    Dan has said that such a thing would not be implemented. However if there demand is pretty high then we might see it. At the moment the only way to exchange is through the "Currency Exchange" of the forum. Be careful of who you are sending funds to and better to use an admin as escrow.
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    Meow Meow

    whos hiding looking for you
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    Meow Meow

    Here's some more.
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    What are you currently listening to

    Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing. Very recommended song, this time by the hand of Spotify's weekly recommendations.
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    Real Life Pictures!

    woah! the ceo on a black and white picture.nice micro?