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    Hello, Dicers! NY's Eve is right behind the corner, and I would like to let you all know that @Darko and I will be here from 11 PM until 7 AM (GMT + 1), and if you decide to spend that time with us, we will do our best to keep you entertained. Trivia, mini-giveaways, and much more. To all of you that will be partying hard, have fun, enjoy and don't drink and drive! ✌️ Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you will have a much better one and that you will make at least some of your dreams come true!
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    Bet: 26,752,304,839 placed by Iris13 on 24/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 330.00x Profit 526.40000000 Bet: 26,761,101,679 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,761,102,058 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,761,102,497 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,761,102,988 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,761,103,561 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,761,104,085 placed by Iris13 on 25/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 4.80000000 Bet: 26,810,149,704 placed by Iris13 on 26/12/2018 Wagered 1.60000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.01632000
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    Is this forum dying?

    With all the members in this forum, you would expect there to be a lot more activity than there currently is. I don't know the exact stats but from my visits to the forums we are seeing on average replies to discussion only every couple of hours. This is compared to Stake's forums which is consistently seeing replies every minute throughout the day. What are your thoughts?
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    Nothing is too small to show off!

    Don't be phased by big winners. Show off anything you feel was a good moment for you in Primedice, or any gambling site for that matter.
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    πŸŽ„ [Tournament] Christmas Season

    Celebrate Christmas in style by competing in our brand-new Tournament feature! To celebrate this Christmas season and the beginning of a new year, we are hosting a unique Christmas tournament mode. Compete against all the other players on Primedice for a share in a prize pool unlike anything you have seen before! The tournament commences on the 17th and will run until the 6th of January. During the tournament period, the prize pool will grow based on 10% of the accumulated house edge generated by all bets made on Primedice and will be distributed by our "three wise men" to the top 100 players on the leaderboard at the end. Prize Distribution 1st 30% 2nd 16% 3rd 11% 4th 8% 5th 6% 6th 5% 7th 4% 8th 3% 9th 2% 10th 1% 11th - 15th 0.5% 16th -20th 0.3% 21st - 30th 0.2% 31st - 50th 0.15% 51st - 100th 0.1%
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    Buat para pengguna wallet Electrum hati-hati, sekarang banyak beredar pesan palsu di dalam electrum yang menyatakan untuk minta di update dan pesan itu palsu, dikirim oleh hacker. Jika agan klik pesan itu dan menginstal software tersebut, BTC agan akan dicolong. Kalau agan meng ignore pesan tersebut, agan akan baik2 saja. Jadi tolong hati2 dan bantu sebarkan ke para pengguna wallet electrum. Kabarnya udah lebih dari 240+ BTC di hack. Informasi lebih lanjut baca disini: Github - https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum/issues/4968 Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089963.0
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    Hi Crypto Addicts This year has been a heck of a year for crypto addicts. Last year Bitcoin boosted its price to 20k limit and everyone who has access to internet started to talk about BitCoin. Most of them don't know what a Crypto Currency is, what is Block Chain. With the BTC price hike many governments started to take steps to regulate Crypto Market. Many coins popped up, some were real, and some were scam. This year BTC & Crypto market as a whole took a big hit and prices started to decline in many coins. Some lost money investing money when the price is high and some became billionaires dumping the BTC at peak. Governments started to take steps to regulate the market, some countries banned crypto and some did support the course. With all this happening behind the curtains BTC hold 1st place all the time in terms of dollar price and market capitalizations. Some coins dropped 1 or 2 places down and some moved up. About 2 days ago BCH SV moved up against BCH ABC for couple of minutes or hours and both are back again on their previous places. Doge took a great hit and moved way down. XR, Stellar, Tether build its trust while other coins take a hit. As of today following are the Top 10 coins in terms of Market Capitalization. BitCoin XRP Ethereum Stellar Tether Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin SV EOS Litecoin TRON By looking at the list you must have noticed that Doge is no longer there & many coins which were way below came up super fast. But will they hold their places in 2019? What coins will be on top 10 in year 2019
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    Dari artikel yang saya baca, saat ini Facebook sedang mengembangkan Cryptocurrency untuk Whatsapp. Untuk jenis crypto tersebut adalah Stablecoin. Untuk info lengkapnya https://www.google.com/amp/s/telset.id/241999/whatsapp-akan-punya-cryptocurrency-sendiri/amp/
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    Learn to Leave When Ahead

    Finally got a new vehicle the other day, so I drove down to the casino straight from the dealership. I had a $100 bill on me, so I started with that. Lost it at the Blackjack table after about 23 hands. So I go to the ATM, withdraw another $260. I plunk the $200 back on, and win my $100 back in about 14 hands. I walk away from the table. The girl at the cashout window flirts with me a little, asks to see some ID, says I look too young to be here. I have a full beard. She just wants to see if I'm from out of town or not. I am. I think about pursuing this, but don't. I go to the Roullette table and break even for a solid hour, eventually leaving with about $8 to the good from there. Looking back I don't remember where I lost $200. Might have been on a slot machine. I went to the blackjack table yet again and won a bit more. If I had only played blackjack and left while ahead, I think I would have doubled my money that night. Hopefully one day I'll learn. Or just show up when the casino is closer to closing.
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    How to enable 2FA?

    Add an extra layer of security to your account with enabling 2FA (2-factor authentication) Download Google Authenticator to your mobile device and install it Run Google Authenticator on your device and scan the QR code that was generated on www.primedice.com/account/security Enter the one-time password from app and your password below the QR code and click set That's all folks. Post below if you have any questions.
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    i think its easier to actually lose more money online... β€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Š when you dont have the physical money in front of you, it can get difficult to comprehend when actually betting a lot more than one should... especially when in crypto, it gets even more hard cause a conversion must be done in the head on the spot... β€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Šβ€Š thank you for sharing your land based story ! was a good read btw.
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    Selamat udah selesai, selamat juga buat yang laennya yang udah selesai celengnya. Tinggal nunggu gajian 0.2 nih gede
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    Pc sepertinya, itu cek aja di link diatas, mulai viral tuh. Saya pengguna electrum juga tapi udah lama gak buka walletnya (soalnya 0 balance :v) jadi belom saya cek sih.
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    Waduh kayae udah berhasil nih bang @Noeprellik1selamat selamat padahal udah sempet pake dicebot tuh tapi blm dapet ya, malah dapetnya pake manual ya haha harus buang roll dulu kayae bang emang. Menemukan angka di celeng emang jinak jinak merpati di tambah dengan perubahan angka menjadi desimal di dicebot cukup menyulitkan jika di celeng berikutnya untuk mencari angka yang di tentunkan semoga cepet update aja dicbotnya biar gak susah susah membulatkan bilangan
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    Sama saya juga manual dapatnya. awalnya saya pakai dicebot pakai angka yang di bagikan @kathokmlorot,ga dapet2 sampe saya bangun tidur.waktu itu belum ada scrip dicebot serlite. trus manual pakai trik malah dapat ga sampai 600 roll
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    Chat Rules elaborated

    Though just seeing this since 2017. But I think the rules are too strict! THAT'S MY OPINION. I DIDN'T ASK ANYONE FOR A REPLY.
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    Welcome my bro! Just have luck , we are with you !
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    Hyip, Trading Atau Gambling ?

    tul betul, yang pasti dan aman aja kayak gambling. Gak ada tipu2 yang ada cuman kalah atau menang πŸ˜›
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    Hyip, Trading Atau Gambling ?

    Hahaha oke gan noted. jadi Trading dan Gambling jadi pilihan ane untuk saat ini. kalo Hyip cenderung scam, saya gaberani coba. karena sakit rasanya ditipu alias di PHP in
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    Hyip, Trading Atau Gambling ?

    HYIP itu emang mendingan maen di satu puteran, setelah dapet profit langsung wd semua. Ane gak tau sekarang sistemnya gmn tapi kalo dulu ada bonus dari RCB, jadi ref si monitor hyip.
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    ΠŸΡ€ΠΎΠ±ΠΈΠ²Ρ‹ - это ΠΊΠ°ΠΊ Ρ€Π°Π· Ρ‚ΠΎ Ρ‡Π΅Π³ΠΎ ΠΆΠ΄Π΅Ρ‚ ΠΎΡ‚ нас, ΠΈΠ³Ρ€ΠΎΠΊΠΎΠ², ΠΏΡ€Π°ΠΉΠΌ)) Π“ΠΎΡ€Π°Π·Π΄ΠΎ ΠΏΡ€ΠΎΡ‰Π΅ ΡΡ‚Π°Π²ΠΈΡ‚ΡŒ Ρ€Π°Π·ΡƒΠΌΠ½Ρ‹Π΅ для сСбя ΡƒΡ€ΠΎΠ²Π½ΠΈ ΠΏΠΎΡ‚Π΅Ρ€ΠΈ ΠΈ ΠΎΡ‚Π±ΠΈΠ²Π°Ρ‚ΡŒ ΠΈΡ… ΠΏΠΎ ΠΌΠ΅Π»ΠΎΡ‡ΠΈ, Ρ‡Π΅ΠΌ ΠΈΠ΄Ρ‚ΠΈ Π΄ΠΎ ΠΊΠΎΠ½Ρ†Π°, особСнно Ссли ΠΏΠΎ ΠΌΠ°Ρ€Ρ‚ΠΈΠ½Ρƒ, ΠΊΠΎΠ³Π΄Π° суммы ставок прогрСссивно растут, ΠΈ для Ρ‚ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎΠ±Ρ‹ ΠΎΡ‚Π±ΠΈΡ‚ΡŒ ΡΠΎΡ‚Π½ΡŽ сатох приходится Π²Π²Π°Π»ΠΈΠ²Π°Ρ‚ΡŒ ΠΌΠΈΠ»Π»ΠΈΠΎΠ½Ρ‹. Π­Ρ‚ΠΎ гиблая затСя. 10 Ρ€Π°Π· ΠΏΡ€ΠΎΠ±ΡŒΠ΅ΠΌ Π½Π° 11ΠΉ Ρ‚ΠΎΡ‡Π½ΠΎ ΠΏΡ€Π°ΠΉΠΌ "ΠΏΡ€ΠΎΠ±ΡŒΠ΅Ρ‚" Ρ‚Π²ΠΎΠΉ Π±Π°Π»Π°Π½ΡπŸ˜„ Π£Π΄Π°Ρ‡Π° Π²Π΅Ρ‰ΡŒ такая, Π° матСматичСская статистика Π΅Ρ‰Π΅ Ρ…ΡƒΠΆΠ΅. Наш Ρ€Π°Π·ΡƒΠΌ Π³ΠΎΠ²Ρ€ΠΈΡ‚ - Π½Π΅ ΠΌΠΎΠΆΠ΅Ρ‚ Π±Ρ‹Ρ‚ΡŒ 2 Ρ€Π°Π·Π° подряд ΠΏΠΎ 26 красных Π½Π° 2Ρ… Ρ‡Π΅Ρ€Π΅Π· ΠΎΠ΄Π½Ρƒ Π·Π΅Π»Π΅Π½ΡƒΡŽ, Π½ΠΎ ΠΌΠ°Ρ‚Π΅ΠΌΠ°Ρ‚ΠΈΠΊΠ° подскаТСт Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Ρ‚Π°ΠΊΠΎΠ΅ Π²ΠΎΠ·ΠΌΠΎΠΆΠ½ΠΎ бСсчислСнноС количСство Ρ€Π°Π· Π² зависимости ΠΎΡ‚ дистанции..
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    0.0009 BTC to 0.03 within few hours.

    I didn't know, you have any strategies.. I saw only max bet Grats
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    Bitcoin Core is the same "Bitcoin"?

    Bitcoin has only one version. The one that was the main chain and what Satoshi Nakamoto created was the one known as bitcoin denoted by BTC. That is for the context of differentiating from other bitcoin "copycats" is known as bitcoin core. Bitcoin cash was the one what was not going to follow segwit - because Rog Ver knew that segwit would reduce their profit from mining and thus created BCH and told people by lying that it was the real bitcoin. That was a blatant lie. Craig Wright introduced Bitcoin cash Satoshi's Vision was another fork in the BCH chain and it also not the real bitcoin. I would suggest people to read the bitcoin whitepaper and then decide what coin to invest in. Bitcoin by itself supports decentralization while BCH forked coins are totally centralized. Which means one fine day RogVer or Craig could sell off all the coins that you own and cash out and run away themselves. However that is pretty longshot. Still BTC is the real bitcoin and rest are all copycats.
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    Bitcoin Addiction similar to gambling

    Such a volatile market can lead to some hefty gains and losses. When anything comes "too easy" it's pretty obvious addiction will follow closely..
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    Nothing is too small to show off!

    I love PD because I got 2m profit everyday and it well help me to pay my tuition thank Ed and stunna Im at school right now because of this site