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    Hiya... Selamat bergabung gan @dwyprasetyo, ikutin aturan main di forum banyak topik yg membahas tentang rule.... nah satu lagi bergabung @bedoel... silahkan baca2 tentang topik yang lain gan.. jangan melanggar aturan ya
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    Hello temans forum PD -Indo Bagi member yang baru bergabung di forum, silahkan saling mengenal antar sesama member indo disini, Untuk Member baru dan Member lama yang belum Absen, silahkan disini gan. untuk list member baru akan terus di Update setelah agan absen disini. Terimakasih. Daftar anggota aktif PD-Indonesia : @kathokmlorot @roomfirst @Noeprellik1 @dikarico @SEMPAXs @davincuy @delattive88 @kodokpesek @samsul123 @Menyun surro @emma82 @rianwarcil @Matikiri @raviki99 @pakar1 @thatha @pagut @Eyeofskadi @coinbase @NuraliAQ @gacek @aananugrah150 @stefanusrp @ZULFIKARNUR
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    I never show my winning bet id in chat because I never win big. What about you?
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    Ada yang sudah nonton filim "Hanum dan Rangga" atau "A Man Called Ahok" ? Di luar konteks isi dan cerita filmnya,Kenapa ya sepertinya pembuatan film ini sarat di kaitkan dengan Politik? Persaingan keras bahkan menjadi bahan perdebatan politik di tengah masyarakat Indonesia. Mulai dari membanding-bandingkan jumlah kursi penonton yang terisi hingga adanya instruksi untuk nonton bareng mewarnai persaingan kedua film tersebut. Padahal cerita film itu sangat berbeda: "Hanum dan Rangga" mengisahkan kisah romansa suami-istri yakni Rangga dan Hanum di negeri orang dimana Hanum berupaya mengejar cita-citanya untuk berkarier di sebuah media serta pengorbanan Rangga sebagai seorang suami. "A Man Called Ahok" menceritakan kisah drama mengenai hubungan Ahok atau bernama lengkap Basuki Tjahaja Purnama dengan ayahnya serta bagaimana awal mula terbentuknya karakter, dan hal-hal yang membuat Ahok menjadi sosok yang dikenal masyarakat seperti sekarang. Apa pendapat kalian?
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    Boss of PD - what would you do?

    Imagine this: You would get a free shot at being the boss of Primedice for just one day. 24 Hours. What would you do with this power? Keep in your mind: You got a lot of responsibility then. Its a lot of money laying around and you better don't mess this one up. This is a real business and not just a small lemonade selling of a child. But lets get real.. what would be the thing you would change to the better? Spare me with "I would give my account 1240347 BTC" or similar. Thats just random blabla and spam and maybe sat-farming. If you got nothing to say than „it’s Allright, nothing to change“.. don’t comment. That’s not what the topic is about. --------------- Since I'm very happy with PD atm.. I would only change the messagesystem back to the big frame. And of course add a Free Pizza Button.
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    Certainly Coinpayments multi wallet will have less customers. Maybe time to make their own exchange and not to use ShapeShift anymore.
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    I meant new vault feature is good thing
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    is this the reason why bitcoin price drops? saw it in another forum, not sure if its legit
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    met bergabung om, baru cek stat di CR, blm pernah Roll ya?
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    Bet: 25,374,048,562 placed by Subareg on 16/11/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02040000 Bet: 25,373,067,511 placed by Subareg on 16/11/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02040000 Bet: 25,374,381,289 placed by Subareg on 16/11/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02040000 Bet: 25,373,317,309 placed by Subareg on 16/11/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02040000 Bet: 25,374,702,904 placed by Subareg on 17/11/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.02040000
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    Salam kenal, numpang absen. Mohon bimbingannya kalau ada yang salah dalamkomentar
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    Peraturan Sub-Forum Indonesia dan FAQ

    Siap komandan.. Saya siap ikuti aturannya
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    BTC Stash? ok we have now Bicoin SV, Bitcoin ABC, do we need another shit coin ?
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    I'm not sure it's a good thing for shapeshift, the more there are intermediate the more you will pay fees....
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    I think it is necessary to save funds from the profit we have achieved, but does that make us have to have 2 accounts? Is it not too difficult to switch to Vault?
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    yeah, its good innovation on site. someone said theres some issue and devs will fix it. I dont know is it true. maybe support or admin can say something about it oh thats nice. now tips are faster 👍
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    I love it! It allows you to keep your money locked up from yourself in the moments of emotional instability.
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    i really like it, to have a vault in the same account iss like having a savings bank account and you dont need to create alts to save money, nice tool
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    2FA on tips is to be removed if not already done so. It was just there until the vault was launched.
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    I really like vault feature, I already try on at Stake. This can make my balance not down dry when chasing a challenge, and stopped when you didn't get any hit for the challenge.
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    I really like the concept of Vault, increased security and no need for bank account is something that attracted me a lot. Just keep in mind that there is limit on withdrawals from the Vault per day, if I am not mistaken that limit is twenty five.
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    It's a good feature, keeps users from making bank accounts I would rather use Fault, before making a bank acc! cheers
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    is great ideea , is first site what i see with vault... i don't want to create 2 account to put some money is to much to work to change account and come back etc... is more more easy like this ... good jobs primedice leader keep good work
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    I just saw the vault features, its a good initiatives. But most users will have difficulty in swtiching to this new vault idea, because most of us are fond of tipping from bank account
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    Good, acces to the vault, never having to login my bank account anymore (not that I actually do tip it anymore, as i always bust) It's about time this feature came along
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    Vault can replace bank account. For me it can control greediness. You can save your capital and play with your profit
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    The vault is extremely useful and means the bank accounts are no longer needed. I personally did not want to make a second account just to handle it like a bank and I was looking forward to this update. Kudos to the team for making this possible, I think it will help many of us.
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    I don’t see any difference since you gotta use 2FA on tips if activated. Bank accounts become obsolete with the Vault.
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    Players have old habits. Bank Accounts are used for so long. It's good thing. Easier to manage funds.
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    Being 2FA locked I would say its a better alternative to store funds for temporary purpose than another account. Its always a problem for logging in to two accounts to send funds from one to another.
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    ane nyimak aja nis sementara ini... norain nocoin no... no.. no.. no...
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    Ember jangan lupa siapin buat nampung
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    baru daftar salam kenal absen
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    People generally refrain from showing big wins in chat because it only attracts the beggars to start PMing and sending friend requests to that person. Obviously the person would not like it. Which is also why rarely HRs come to the chat but when they do a large number of "gambling advisers" will come to chat attempting to passive beg.
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    Dicebot Beta Script

    Who wants to be a test subject? the script has been tested by me for over a few hundred thousand bets now, if you stop it every 5k profit and reset your stats , minbalance etc, it only seems to hit the min.balance stoploss once every 15-ish times give it a whirl if you want and please give me feedback so I can make adjustments before uploading to seuntjies site! ==========copy and paste below into dicebot==== I assume you know the basics of programmer mode!!===== --NyteFlyer Beta V.1.2 -- --Tested on Primedice for 150,000rolls --Use the script, with caution however you like. --The best way to use this script is to go for small profit chunks. --suggested target 2.5k satoshi at a time --suggested minbal 12k lower than current balance --suggested base bets of 11 and 31 seem to have good results --set target to 5k or 50k or whatever you want you get the idea. --Small red streaks aren't recovered instantly, larger red streaks yield great profit --with minbal set to 10k lower than current balance, 11basebet should survive 12losses --THE ONLY LINES YOU NEED TO EDIT ARE TARGET MINBAL AND BASE BET!!!! --Edit target, minbal and basebet only target = 0.000025 --this is how much profit you want to make its currently set to 2500sats minbal = 0.0001 --what you dont want your balance to drop below currently set to 10k sats basebet = 0.00000011 --DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE-- chance = 81.12 bethigh = true nextbet = basebet function dobet() if (win) then chance = 81.12 nextbet = basebet else if chance == 33.33 then nextbet = previousbet * 1.6 else chance = 33.33 nextbet = basebet/3.3 end end if balance<minbal then alarm() stop() resetseed() print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') print('Oh No! You missed your goal this time - Try resetting your stats and going again!!!') print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') end if profit>target then ching() stop() resetseed() print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') print('Congrats! You hit your target! Go take a break!') print('*********************************************************************************************************************************') end end
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    Yes, the drug and perfume that attracts women, guess what? Its money