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    A very well known and major financial Brokerage in Brazil called Grupo XP has announced the launching of their new crypto trading or crypto exchange. The crypto exchange will not take on the same name but be changed to Xdex and it will have 40 employees at the start and be run by Thiaggo Maffra. Source : https://news.bitcoin.com/the-daily-binance-expands-putin-advisor-visits-huobi-brazilian-brokerage-goes-crypto/?utm_source=OneSignal Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push Notifications
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    Brazil Banks under investigation

    I am brazilian and I can ensure you that not even half of these "news" are really true
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    I'm not citizen of. Kekistan I'm from India
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    Good movie?

    Watch wrong turn 6, hostel 3 I love that movie
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    Are you gambling addicted or not?

    Hi , i can gamble for long time but definetly family time or friends are more importants to me... You should set time limits to your gamble activities ! I gamble when i have some spare time personaly
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    Actually where people live, it's different people (as a general rule people in power or need to gain into power) who adopt a gander at strategies to settle/control the structure, and not reasonable and superior to normal individuals. People, and when we're talking about people, we're examining more than 2 particular individuals, have interchange perspectives, destinations, needs, want and motivations. All around, voting is about: Conveying a circumstance on a political request or inspiration (like voting for a political agent - think general national choices, decisions like the continuous Brexit calamity) Naming someone into a position of depiction or power (like picking an administration official, corporate specialist/board part, or even as essential as a school delegate) The essential factor in voting is legitimizing the outcome in light of voting demonstrates reinforce, where lion's offer support (or the system that prompts an outcome) is used to legitimize the outcome. If you look at it starting there of view, the primary regard a blockchain has, is that it ensures whatever vote record is entered, isn't upset (ie expressive move settling - that is, the record on the blockchian can't be controlled). Regardless, in case you consider conditions that may be "hazardous", the blockchain may make a substantial number of those conditions more "dangerous" for particular voters. Two or three outlines: Autocracies - since voting is typically a state controlled process, it has a tendency to be anything other than hard to comprehend which vote was tossed by who since they can understand when and where/how you settle on the decision. Since the blockchain keeps a copy of your vote, the organization can without a doubt look through each vote and comprehend if you didn't vote for them, and do bundles of horrendous things to you after the vote is tossed. Despot organizations - like representation 1, beside there may moreover be neighborhood decline interests, who can weight and harrass people already, in the midst of and after the vote, to ensure they get their heading. Deteriorate/graceless organizations - various countries have clumsy and decline political systems (even semi-law based ones). Surely, even in the USA - remember the 2000 choices between Al Gore and Geroge W Bush - the definition and system used to count and join/restrict votes relied upon neighborhood enlistment methods and association chooses that have nothing to do with the count itself. Nothing can energize "secure" your vote in those conditions. NOTE: You may think, well, in our day and age, we have the web and mobile phones. In any case, who will guarantee that your vote checks, and in what way will you be secure in case you have to exhibit your character to vote (when your character is the thing that opens you to singular devilishness, and not by any means the vote). No one is to a great degree uneasy of voting - it's the outcomes or the potential peril to you (or your family) that chooses your doubt that everything is great and great, and none of that is settled with the blockchain. Endeavor it in a fundamental social occasion test if you don't confide in me… Play out a bit of the circumstances I said in a bit of get-together setting and check whether you feel secure voting with blockchain. So in fact indeed, however practically and for all intents and purposes no.
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    Are you gambling addicted or not?

    i think its best to get a hold of yourself when gambling. put some limit when gambling. its better to interact to your friends more than gambling all day and when you lost, it will make you play more and became frustrated in the end.😅
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    You should not gamble in front of your guests. Thats just plain wrong. They will get a bad impression of your character. Also if you are the host then you should be attending the guest and not indulging in other activities.
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    Daily bitcoin memes

    I've got a few:
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    Daily bitcoin memes

    this open topic to post memes about cryptocurrency feel free to Post your memes
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    Again about security

    It is but people share their details and as a result shit happens. They are usually the ones who lose their funds because of deceit. We do our best but account sharing is not easy to combat without adding additional security measures which sadly effects everyones gambling experience. We have introduced 2fa as a temp measure until the vault is released. 2fa on tipping is not permanent and it isn't something we want to keep around for long.
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    suggestion for the jackpot thing , it should be realistic and autoreporting, i mean by that lower the amount that can be won or make it like 5 prizes every week , this could attract users
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    The character limit on the forum increased when linking your account. So I can link my normal account to my forum account. Maybe a lottery kinda thing? Enhance the change of getting the jackpot with one procent or an half procent. Reduce lag? Maybe better web host or something else that is affecting the performance?
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    Hmmm, ok i think this thread got derailed a bit.. Lets try and put it back on track. I would like to maybe perhaps, see the rainbot system not rewarding players who are either muted or do not even wager. Tons of alts are popping out just to spam “lol” in chat or spamming bets made of them busting 1litoshi. Also, one player in particular who has atleast more than 2-3 alts logged on at a time to farm rain while trolling other players in chat. Which brings me back to what i would hope to see change, because even though this player is perma muted, he still gets rewarded. I personally believe that rewarding (even if its random) such players, do not make any sense. Thanks.