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    Siguro mas okay na muna yung Trivia nga.. para atlis medyo madali lang manalo. syang din nmn kasi
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    Yeah, I see a lot of "missed again" and the like after each rain. It's a bit annoying, since the same people comment every time...and it's not like pointing it out is going to get rainbot to rain on you next time, haha.
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    Health is wealth

    Haha go boj. Exercise ya body Lol you need to be healthy sire Imagine a .05 lose lol Applies to you too πŸ˜ƒ
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    Look at this. I got a fresh one from the lake. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    I have been watching the amount of spam and shitposting messages people are leaving in the chat box. These guidelines should help the noobs collect more (read less) rain from the bot and thus make the chat a better place. 1. The first rule of Primedice rains - do not ask about rain. 2. The second rule of Primedice rains - do NOT ask about rain. 3. The third rule of Primedice rains - Wager some satoshis/liteoshis first before you spam the chat. Here is a list of messages which I have found to be amusing over the days the rain bot got introduced amd I am tired of seeing these messages - "when rain?" [analogy to the "when moon sir? when lambo sir?"] "Lets get wet" "Bring an Umbrella" "I want to be the rain-man" "When was the last rain" "Is it cloudy here?" "Rain missed me" - [and the person goes loco why rain missed him] "I forgot to open my umbrella" "Rainbot, I will report u " [shows how much they are frustated at the bot - I feel like telling these people to get another job] "fuck u rain!" [Seriously?] "let it rain ^^" [Let it rain over me? anyone? "Damn, rain hateο»Ώ me" "Eveybody is wet but Im still dry" Rain bot forget me. Rain bot I am here. Damn I missed rain. today not get rain. Rain is not for me. why i newer win rain??? bot is angry to me may the god of rain be blessed long time no rain.lol why no rain so long? woow and again i dont get rain fak meο»Ώ i just notice , never gotten rain before how can you win from rainο»Ώ? how can you win from rain? Today, the rain is very generous) what is this shit : lol ... BOT dont forget about me !!! ο»Ώ ty rain bot long live for you . missed raiο»Ώn What is the rain frequency here? Who gonna wants rain coz i would like to pee!! seee rain again forgot abaout me can i win rain today? (Kappa) i want rain forever x D what??no rain bonuses my? From ph thread"ako lang nagchachat dito tapos hindi pa ako inaambunan" let me stand in the rain to get wet rain is in the air lucky are those always rained Rain is the man!! Y’all better thank him!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ came on rain people play on rain is cool is rain-bot real? 5k sats not arrived yesterday make it thunder rain-bot..congrats to all Wait maybe 2 to 3 days samacy it will rain big rain grates all happy users TheFrog always in Rain everybody is wet but im fucking dry still rain is fun lol rainbot feed me [Yeah mutecoins to be fed for sure] The cloud is dark and hearvy rainbot tip = 0.03 cents of an euro . L O L how win a rain ? rain i need you niceee rain man keep it up! ο»Ώ me lost rain pew pew man Thank you, rain! Just in time) rain bot shom me love why is rain-bot not raining at me? long time no rain.lol why no rain so long? woow and again i dont get rain fak meο»Ώ Wish rains could be more on the dry deserts No more to depo lol heavy rains is here How can I also have some from rain-bot? bot ignore me again i think it only rains its own employes... just to keep people interest wow raining in bitcoin congo all saved by rain Nice rain, how this work!? I missed again rain I missed rafin Just park n waitin for rainbot. Lolz Dont worry if i win rain bot and win in roll i give you a half of my profit but now im 0 too waiting for rainbot patiently hehehe just in a nick of time-- rain had come after all the heavans have opened thank you so much rainbot u are such a generous bot thank you Who said? Sometimes you have to be cruel, to be kind! Sometimes Bot helps us. Bot give me boost as boost is the secret of I energy rain bot hope you see me btc bot rain not come t432t34 pls sprid rain to a dry side could use some rain... to hot out here lol miss the rainbus again where r u rainbot???????????? goodmorning everyone rainy evening in here β˜”οΈβ˜”οΈβ˜”οΈ Rainbot how could you do that i never been so lucky to get one fuck you rainbot Rainbot dies , PD dies , I think !! wait woho itd raining * in real life * it was so dry grass and stuff strated dieing rainbot! here please Rain bot Rains wow come back rainbot what about its too hot here i want to get wet. big rain but im not luk IM NOT IN LUCK TOO WITH RAINBOT HEHE rainbot not working now thank you rainbot just in time you save my life rain me come on rainbot Will Yoe77 give rain soon? YOE where my rain? Haha Kidding I havent received any rain. Thx rainbot you so kind rainbot has forgot me Much love rain bot You the bot i have never claim the rain we need some heavy stoorms in here lol i dont come here to lose liza431...i come here to wash...it's raining here all the time. Gudluck to all who has tipped todayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Rainbot can s you please give me some Satoshi. I love you where is tha raaain Lol rain train Thx rainy water Rain rain go with come again and again U have forsaken me rainbot , but why? dear bot, please don't ignore me that way hui is there something named rainbot ban its raining and a bee tried to get into my room, so I closed the window No rain .no gain .degen.p very disrespectful to a high rolling player Wtf why i cant hit rainbot ??? Wow! It's raining. Thanks rain makers Missed all rain please dont skipme mbot i actually love rainbotο»Ώ P.S if you have any other rules you would like to add please do so. Also let us continue collecting these anonymous rain begging messages posted by our fellow members on chat. Disclaimer : The content of this post is not intended to hurt of feeling of any individual or organisation. These are purely made for fun and to poke sarcasm at others. If you cant understand sarcasm then you need treatment, contact your nearest mental clinic.
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    Creative Desktop wallpapers

    Am I the only one left with landscape wallpapers? I came across one of these pics recently and had to look up for more. Some people really know how to revamp some everyday things we usually don't pay that much attention. No more plain wallpapers, time to give your creativity a shot.
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    Health is wealth

    So actually i am doing this. I posted something like this on forun stake too Okay game! The purpose is this is to stay fit and to exercise the body Rule: When you lose, there is a corresponding exercise My recipe, 5k sats lose = 5 push ups 0.0001ltc lose= 15 seconds planking At least if you bust. Just think of it like "Yes, i have to workout!!"
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    Quick Mind Game

    Wine -> summer
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    Site naten. This is our home. Ganern. Hahaha. πŸ‘Œ
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    infovladimer: i want rain forever x D
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    How about so hot in here need water? ahahaha. Not saying rain but pretty sure need to be wet.
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    Oo. Suggestions are okay, critiques are okay. But aangal ang magrekamo is not okay. Yaan mo na . Kasi site nila
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    Can't bet exactly 0.00000012

    We have tested this, @cryptsforum, thanks for reporting, same error appears It is forwarded now!
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    Epekto Ng Sugal Sa Isang Tao

    Kamustaο»Ώ ο»ΏPH Players! Isa sa mga paniniwala nating mga pinoy na ang epekto lang ng sugal saten ay ang pagkatalo ng pera. Easy lang tong intindihin, kasi mabibilang ang pera. Masusukat mo agad kung ano or magkano ang talo sayo. Pero sa totoo lang, bukod sa pera, may epekto rin ito sa emosyonal at psychological. Hindi to mabilis ma-identify, sapagkat ang emosyonal at psychological ay mahirap masukat. Mapapnsin mo lang ito kung bibigyan mo talaga ng kaukulang atensyon. Today, ili-list ko ang mga karaniwang epekto saten ng sobrang pagsusugal: Pinansiyal: Pagkabaon Sa Utang. Pagkatalo ng Inipon na Pera. Pagiging involve sa mga Lending, or Pautangan na may Interest. Legal: Pag-gawa ng krimen, para magkaroon ng Pangsugal. Pagkakaron ng kaso, dahil sa mga utang na hindi binabayaran. Trabaho o Pinagkakakitaan (Employment): Pagbaba ng Productivity sa Trabaho. Pag absent o hindi pag pasok sa Trabaho. Dumadame ang dahilan kung bakit late or absent sa Trabaho. Kalusugang Pisikal: Kawalan ng sapat na tulog. Nakakadagdag ng pagiging nerbyoso o pagiging kabado. Ulcer, dahil sa hindi pagkain dahil libang sa sugal, or wala ng pangkaen dahil talo sa sugal. Pag gamit ng bawal na gamot or pagkalulong sa alak. Mga Relasyon sa Ibang Tao: Pagaway sa mga miyembro ng pamilya. (Asawa, Kapatid, Tatay, Nanay at iba pa.) Pakikipaghiwalay or Paglayas. Kalusugan ng Isip:ο»Ώ Di mai-explain na kalungkutan or depression. Low self-esteem. Pagbabago ng Personalidad. Posibilidad na mag-suicide dahil sa depresyon. Edukasyon: Kawalan ng focus sa pagaaral. Pag-absent or pagiging late sa school. Pagbagsak o pagbaba ang mga grades sa school.ο»Ώ Ilan lang to sa mga pwedeng maging epekto ng sugal saο»Ώ isang tao. Meron pa ba kayong alam or nababase sa sariling nyong experience? Pwede nyong i-share dito. Maligayang Buhay sa inyong lahat!
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    Hahahaha. Kung mapapansin lang naman nila. Di naman talaga to angal. Suggestion nga lang gaya ng sabi mo. Ehehehe. πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ
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    Tama ka jan. Hirap sumugal ng walang goal. Unless kung talagang naglilibang ka lang. πŸ‘Œ
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    Oo . Unclear goals kasi is panget kasi hindi mo alam kung kelan ka magsstop. So better na set goals muna #betgoals
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    Oo naman. Hanggang angal lang tayo pero di naman talaga tayo nakakatulong actually. Sa mga suggestions lang haha
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    Ako din po. Sa stake ako nasiyahan nung una kasi laki na nga ng faucet . No need depo pa eh pwede ka maka withdraw
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    Mejo mahirap at hindi exciting ang roll hunts pag onte hehe sa tingin ko So trivias muna
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    Thanks dolph. Splish splash! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Pag nakapagregister na na hindi nakagamit ng isang referral link, di na ata pwede na gaeing referral. Unless, gagawa sya ng oanibagong account using a referral link. πŸ‘Œ Sa kasamaang palad, wala akong affiliate na HR. Andaming hits at registrations ng link ko.. Kaso walang naglalaro. Hahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Thank you singavauayduaiagpays. Yea, this was not the last. I thought it will be, but I got there like 3 or 4 more times. Hehehe. πŸ‘Œ
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    Alright. Have time to gather enough BTC for that something. Then, when you have some spare BTC, try to get it up to a decent bank roll and play til you get a high roller bet. πŸ˜ƒ Goodluck han! ✌🏽
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    You can do it. ✌🏽 I wasn't expecting that roll too. I was just surprised that I had fire on my username, and then realized I bet that much. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Chat with in portuguese language

    Im new here is there a room per country in primedice
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    5,23 Bet: 22,364,383,252 placed by Yanna12 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 5,72 Bet: 22,364,395,385 placed by Yanna12 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 5,64 Bet: 22,364,412,987 placed by Yanna12 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 5,26 Bet: 22,364,425,020 placed by Yanna12 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 5,65 Bet: 22,364,429,325 placed by Yanna12 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200
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    Hello PH Players! Alam ko, sa dami na nating naglalaro sa mga online casinos gaya ng Stake at Primedice, marami nang beses tayong natalo at nanalo. Minsan, di na naten namamalayan na sobra na pala ang naipapatalo naten. Minsan din naman, pareho lang sa pagkapanalo. Di na rin naten namamalayan na ang laki na pala ng profit naten sa paglalaro. Pero gusto ko lang mag-share, base sa aking experience, ang paglalagay ng limitasyon sa pagkapanalo at pagkatalo. Para maging sigurado ka sa hawak mong pera, panalo man to patalo, tignan ang mga sumusunod: Maglaan lamang ng eksaktong pera kung talagang balak mong magsugal. Kapag may nakalaan ka ng pera, maglaan lang ng kaukulang halaga sa bawat pag taya. Kapag nanalo, or na doble mo na ang puhunan mo, tama na. Kapag natalo na ang kalahati ng puhunan mo, tama na. Kapag nasundan ang mga nabanggit sa taas, masisigurado mo na uuwi kang panalo, or kalahati lang ang talo (mas maganda kesa ubos, pati pantubos. heheh. ) Tingin nyo? If may mga dagdag kayong suhestiyon sa mga nabanggit, wag mahihiyang magtanong. Happy playing sa lahat!
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    Faucet, Profit?

    If you have time to do that then why not join bounty or signature campaigns on bitcointalk. Better than this one haha
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    1000 LTC?? Hmmm definitely cashout and make a business out of that money. Boom! Life
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    Faucet, Profit?

    As far as i know, it will be an abuse if you claim faucet on different accounts. Like if, you got 2 accounts w depo history and you claim faucet to the other one and maxed out then claim again to the other account. Then that is abuse . I think
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    Bet: 22,360,449,104 placed by sofia77777 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,360,548,773 placed by sofia77777 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,360,748,188 placed by sofia77777 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,360,756,671 placed by sofia77777 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,360,792,040 placed by sofia77777 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200
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    Errrm this was the issue months ago right and it used to be non depoers cant tip too? Oh my you can withdraw without depo now? Lol that's nice
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    "Ritual" I Won .πŸ˜‚

    Haha as for me i separate my religion and my beliefs to my gambling habit. =p
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    ggxzsd: seee rain again forgot abaout me sara7: it not rainy weather
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    "Ritual" I Won .πŸ˜‚

    Lololol is this related to my topic im ritual betting? Nice one mr. Catlife you deserved it
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    Tama ka jan mod, mejo madali mag organize ng games ang problema eh walang mga manlalaro, yun din ang problema ng ph chat sa ibang mga site. Meron namang nakalaan na budget kaso mga pinoy natatambay kung saan mas mataas ang bigayan at mas madaling maka kota ng less risk. Sana nga maging active na din ang ph chat ng PD.