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    1 BTC in 18 Days

    Hi Friends Here I am addict of PRIMEDICE and I have little bit experience of playing Bets on Primedice instead of others I have an strategy to make 1 BTC in 1 week from .01 to 1 btc Strategies for it - Start from - Payout - 4.20 increase bet by 40% Base bet 1000 (Play till achieve 10%) Then change strategy to Payout 25.00 increase bet by 10% Base bet 100 (Play for two times only)if you played 4.20 in high then use as low or if you played 4.20 in low then use it as low Then change strategy to 1.10 base bet 1000 play manual for just fun and follow your updown roller and count how many red they giving for strategy 4.20 after that play again 4.20 till 10% more profit Then stop playing After That play after 5 hours and play only 2 times in a Day 1st day - .01 to .0125 2nd day - .0125 to .0180 3rd day - .0180 to .0220 4th day - .0220 to .0275 5th day - .0275 to .0344 6th day - .0344 to .0430 7th day - .0430 to .1075 8th day - .107 to .128 9th day - .128 to .160 10th day - .160 to .200 11th day - .200. to .225 12th day- .225 to .275 13th day- .275 to .344 14th day - .344 to .430 15th day - .430 to .538 16th day - .538 to .673 17th day - .673 to .842 18th day - .842 to 1.052 BTC I will Play in these strategy Shortly then I will update screenshots everyday Date 23/04/2018 https://prnt.sc/j8veeo Wagered 0.03572815 Profit 0.00250988 Profit 30% Date 24/04/2018 https://prnt.sc/j9bgw9. (In Morning) Profit 170%(on Base Amount) Date 25/04/2018 https://prnt.sc/j9she7 (In Morning) Profit 440%(on Base Amount) Date 26/04/2018 https://prnt.sc/ja8nsm (In Morning) Profit 560%(on Base Amount)
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    1 BTC in 18 Days

    Good Luck, honey, hope that work
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    1 BTC in 18 Days

    it looks good,, but, i'm not sure if u can do it in 17 days,, i mean it may take more, its 100X,,, and good luck with it,, hope u hit your goal,
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    1 BTC in 18 Days

    I will start playing from tomorrow I will give you shortly for try it
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    1 BTC in 18 Days

    this looks fun when are you planning to start? I would give it a try if I if had 0.01 to do it with. gl!
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    I would say it changed my life. Holding Bitcoin made me a lot of money—allowing me to pay my own living expenses and tuition fee. The tuition fee is not as expensive as in the USA here, but I'm so thankful I'm able to live off myself. Similar to you, had I not introduced to Bitcoin, I would never experience investing and trading at such early age. I'm still in early twenty now but I'm already aware the importance of investing, how the world economy works, and experience all kinds of moments in trading. I also would never know or get interested in cryptography and computer science stuff if I didn't know Bitcoin.
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    The grind to 1BTC!

    Yeah Really its nice Good Idea Thanks For sharing
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    Awesome! Thanks @sr810 and @Bojana! You covered almost all the browsers available in the web!
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    The letter game

    Elephant (read the rules, everyone, it is The Letter game, we go by the alphabet )
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    Strategies for Newbies

    Payout 7.00 Increase Bet by - 25% Min Balance Need 50K Start Bet with 10 sat
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    Is New PD5 Good or old version?

    In the beginning, I was furious ...😤 But after a couple of days I estimated the speed of the site, the rates are flying! 🚀 The only thing I can not accept is the design. I beg all those who are working on the design of the site - change the color of the site, or let us choose the color that we want to see. 🙏 My eyes will break 🧐