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    Sofia this is obviously a ponzi scheme, there is nothing legit about this website, withdraw your money from their website while you can.
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    Join now guys 4.8% interest per day.now at 1k members on site,decide which investment plan you want to start 3,5,10,15,30 days you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want without fee! join now!! minimum investment is 0.001btc https://bitzz.io/en/referrer/cryptobean Payment proof??check it,just now.
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    What's up PD! So it's the weekend and I'm bored.... Who want to play a game? I don't have a ton of sats but figured I would sponsor a game and see what happens. GAME Count to 1,000 on this thread. Game ends 3/12/18 @4am EST. RULES 1. You must post the NEXT number in order. No skipping. If you should post at the same time as another member just change yours to the next. 2. There MUST be at least 1 post in between your posts. No spamming more than one number at a time. 3. You may not play/post with alt accounts. 1 Account only please. 4. Users may win multiple prizes as long as the rest of the rules are followed. PRIZE POOL Be the user to post the following numbers to win 100 = 1,000 Sats 200 = 2,000 Sats 420 = 4,420Sats 500 = 5,000 Sats 550 = 6,000 Sats 700 = 7,500 Sats 800 = 10,000 Sats 1000 = 20,000 Sats BONUS: The player with the last highest number posted will win a bonus prize up the the total remaining prize pool ! So post even if you feel you're far from cashing a prize! I will start it off. Good luck! 1
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    Marvel Heroes

    Imagine Iron man is no longer played by Robert Downey jr.? Same with other heroes. Maybe after 15 years . Will they look the same?
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    I'll hit you up on PM. But yea. Its a cheater and a bully. If you see it, its disgusting. What you mentioned about trolling is on point. Its ok to troll for me, in a way that both of you are trolling just for fun, but no drama. 👌👍
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    Yeah we seem to even have mods who have a hard time controlling their inner child. Maybe mods shouldn't be allowed to drink while "modding" lol What happened? I have not been in chat much recently due to cheaters and bullies. When mods start trying to troll you and talking shit that's time to take a break lol If you're over 18 it should be illegal to troll. it allows weak people to hide and say things they would NEVER say to you in real life., It's frustrating and for some reason kids think making other humans feel emotions is some type of "win"? hmm cool.. you made me upset.. I stub my toe and get upset.. guess you're just as useful as a stubbed toe.. lol fucking kids... Trolling is a sign of an easy life. If you troll. You are beta. You are soft. The only people who create drama by trolling are people who have none in their real life so they try to make others feel bad just to make them feel like they actually did something in life.. it's sad.. and annoying that some people are raised with such little hardship and never had to do anything on their own. We end up having to take care of these people later in life.
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    Oh dear! My dear sofia why do you trust sites like that one? I may be wrong of course, but most likely you won't be able to withdraw the amount you've deposited. That's how they work normally, they allow people to withdraw "the profit" which is less than their deposit, to encourage those people to spread the word. Please correct me if I was wrong, when your total withdraw from the site will be > 0.001 BTC
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    My biggest single win was around 0.01 BTC which I won making just the 24th bet with 9900x. Yes, I will remember this forever I guess, because it was my birthday and it was a nice Birthday Gift for me from PD. )
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    Precisely man. Just for a little spatoshi, everyone will lick arse. I admit, I play games. I answer even a non sense question. But I will never ride someones horse and be his beetch. I also wanna mention private PMs. There's also harassment going on via PM. I dont wanna post screenshots. But this is a common thing, and inappropriate as well. 👌👍
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    Marvel Heroes

    they look like that
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    They are waiting for me i believe haha Anyways, he/she will be so lucky if they hit it.
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    📢 Services being Restored

    Hi All, Thank you for your patience during the last couple of days. We experienced some issue with our domain registrar and as a result our services were taken offline for roughly 40 hours. We are aware that a phishing attempt was made with out website and that a few users have sent funds to a rogue wallet which has stolen some of their money. If this is you, please ensure you contact support with details regarding your transfer and they will go through all the process required to verify you as the owner of the wallet, and have your funds refunded. For everyone else, we thank you for your ongoing support over the last couple of days. All services, will be restored gradually over the next few hours with extra measures to ensure account security and safety is of the highest level. Rest assured that your funds and wallets are safe with us and you can trust primedice to handle such security in the highest regard.
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    📢 Services being Restored

    The button for forum satoshis to primedice transfer has disappeared. I think this is temporary, I believe this was due to a protective measure for now and would be restored soon.
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    Some people never learn how to to talk to people. Now this is not a moral science lesson that I am going to teach humility to. But these things come from within. The site being 18+ does not mean people should talk about all things 18+ because it makes them look like douchbags after sometime. A little bit of trash talk is good but too much will ruin it.
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    Check out the chat. It became a Casa Chat now with someone starting chaos around. 😑😑😑
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    When will 77.77 2inArow will be Hit?

    Jackpot is cool, but should def be auto notfied if you hit. its way too annoying to check ur bets after every roll, no fun.
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    This is another cloud mining ponzi/HYIP/MLM for people to invest in. They are bound to collapse and hence invest with extreme caution.
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    When did this launched? Cool. I'll check it out.
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    30 day fittness challenge

    Good luck! I already restarted the hard plan 2, TWICE Some would think it gets easier, but it doesn't
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    Today my profit should reach 0,50207360 to hold onto the 20% daily, raise, but i think we can exclude the last 2 days, so 0,50144000 should be enough. I had a lucky bet so i reached: 0.50183500 Next day is also covered with this. From now on i will just share the balance for this challenge: Balance: Day | Balance (actual/planned) | Strategy 2018.03.05 | 0.00000000/0.00000000 BTC | Start 2018.03.06 | 0.00120000/0.00120000 BTC | 1,1x payout random bets, after finding 3 losses in a row started betting with 10k base, and on a loss went all-in 2018.03.07: N/A BTC 2018.03.08 | 0.00183500/0.00144000 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi in 2 rolls (right now i am using faucet as for low amounts i could get some gains from it too, and won't be able to use it anyway later, when big profit is needed ) 2018.03.09 | 0.00247000/0.00172800 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.10 | 0.00272400/0.00207360 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.11 | 0.00272400/0.00248832 BTC | no change, had no time to play 2018.03.12 | 0.00309400/0.00298598 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet| 2018.03.13 | 0.00358394/0.00358318 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet also some 1.1x| getting harder to reach goal... 2018.03.14 | 0.00422094/0.00429982 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.15 | no play was busy with national holiday| 2018.03.16 | bust | 2018.03.17 || 2018.03.18 || 2018.03.19 || 2018.03.20 || 2018.03.21 || 2018.03.22 || 2018.03.23 || 2018.03.24 || 2018.03.25 || 2018.03.26 || 2018.03.27 || 2018.03.28 || 2018.03.29 || 2018.03.30 || 2018.03.31 || 2018.04.01 || 2018.04.02 || 2018.04.03 || 2018.04.04 || 2018.04.05 || 2018.04.06 || 2018.04.07|| 2018.04.08 || 2018.04.09 || 2018.04.10 || 2018.04.11 || 2018.04.12 ||
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    my first win was a 10k gveaway on a stream on my birthday.. i didnt know what i was doing and made 0.0016 and i lost it all.. so my first sats was a win but i didnt understand the value of btc... ... now i do ...