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    bet:21841061664 placed by Yaronovich Wagered: 0.00000150 Payout: 3300.00x Profit: 0.00494850
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    Hi guys . Everyone remembers how wonderful was the old statistics, for many now a big mystery for what it changed. Return old statistics to the site ,the old statistics were better and more convenient. The new statistics do not like anyone. Please return the old one. Vote please what you liked statistics more new or old . You also wrote that raising withdrawal commission up to 90k is a temporary measure , but apparently no one will drop the commission or will it happen anyway? I get an error, I can not add a vote
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    Нужно зарегистрироваться, затем привязать к проекту свои социальные сети и вперед за Крипто! Лайкаешь, оставляешь посты, смотришь видео и за это тебе капает монета. Судя по отзывам, проект с админом честные и дают возможность заработать. https://bountyhive.io
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    SeuntjieBot Chat Bot

    To make it fair for all users usage of bots is not allowed for bingo and roll hunts. Thank you and happy hunting!
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    i have one <3 21,828,235,478 placed by fabiana Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 990.00x Profit: 0.00098900
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    Hello PD fam! Cryptodadlol here. I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little here and putting myself out there. Even though I made videos in the past I have always been shy about it. Yeah.. me.. shy... lol I made the video and sent it to a few privet people first with the intention to get feedback. Feedback regarding sounds quality. Video quality and overall suggestions. I finally said F it and made the choice to put this public! So here is the deal. The whole fam and I are going to be vloging our experience in crypto. Some marketing here and there but mostly "how to" and "watch us" vids. We are using OBS. I have a basic but not "the cheapest" Logitech webcam. We are seeking HONEST, BRUTAL feedback! Is the audio shit?!?!? TELL ME! Is the video shit?!?! tell me! is my face shit?!?! tell me!!...I'm serious should I shave? lol What would you suggest about cam size. Position. Use graphics around it? Graphics in the video at all? Jump cuts? Fades? What topics should we cover. How detailed should we get? Keep it silly and casual or more serious? Is anyone able/willing to help us make videos? Edit them? Help write them? Should we write them? Kinda just leaving this thread open to people to really have some input of the direction this channel goes and for anyone who can do graphics, logos, work OBS or anything else and want to volunteer to help we would appreciate it and not forget your assistance. So ... I been typing as much as possible trying to delay posting this video but here we go... Hello PD fam meet me and my son!
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    I'm starting to stream for the first time, 3 hours from now on. Hope that everything goes without any lag and stuff, if there will be problems I'll be fixing it to make it better and better with the next streams. I'll edit the thread with the direct link to the broadcast so you could easily join There will be probably some giveaway through forum so make sure to leave a comment
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    Hmmm. A lot has the same vote. Well, anything works for me. As long as PD is up and running. 👍😁😉
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    Return old statistics to the site

    i vote for the old statistics, not worths to me this new mode
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    Return old statistics to the site

    I agree with @Lexus19 the old statistics was better! Or at least return the overall statistics.
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    Your opinion, on the part of Isildur was the correct call?
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    Command to program faucet claim

    Yeah, it's not meant to be used that way. I'm not sure if it's possible tbh, because of the captcha. Anyways, every faucet abuse or faucet farming will result in a ban of your account.
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    SeuntjieBot Chat Bot

    thanks for clarifying @Darko and for enforcing this. For the better and fair chat game! Cheers!
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    Return old statistics to the site

    old live statistics were great recent changes are terrible They d better change withdraw fee back to 0.0003btc
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    Все старые темы себя уже исчерпали. Все новые темы кажутся модерам вторичными и прикрываются)) Сильно закрутили гайки. Правил навыдумывали кучу. Чувствуешь себя как слон в посудной лавке - при желании за любой пост могут без особых объяснений влепить предупреждение (а значит лишить права участвовать в раздачках) а то и бан. При общей малой активности каждый новый пост проходит тотальную цензуру. Чтоб придать новый импульс общению на форуме, надо повысить оплату и устроить раздачки как это было раньше. И ещё не выбешивать общающихся всякими замечаниями типа: а у вас в посте букав мало; а вы от темы отступили на два шага; а это уже где-то было... Вот тогда дело пойдёт. Только походу это никому уже особо не надо. Форум уже получил так необходимое в самом начале стартовое наполнение. И даже больше. За него уже давно совсем не стыдно. Скорее всего, по задумке владельца казино, помимо атрибута солидности форум должен был выполнять какие-то ещё функции, но не попёрло... вот и покерили на него.
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    I like the concept. Wish we could have pictures. This is foing to be a lot fun! 😁 I used to have my own tamagotchi when I was elementary. 🐸🐊🐻🐬
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    The animals are called Ethergotchi (apparently, by analogy with Tamagotchi) - Eferochi can be raised and shaped by their character. The project is still at the stage of closed testing and will begin its work only on February 19, so at the moment we can not make a complete picture of the future of the gameplay of the game. However, we know the following: in this game you can earn Ethereum. Already now, the creators offer users bonuses in the crypto currency for attracting referrals. https://aethia.co
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    For visuals, I say the new statistics board is crisp. But the benefit of the old one for is, I can see my overall statistics and switch over to the current session statistics. I just wondered @Lexus19, what disadvantages did you encounter with the new statistics board?
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    Having BTC be just as fast as any other coin with super low fees? Ummm... I think this is best case. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Faster, cheaper bitcoin transactions? Check. But at what cost? For bitcoin users, many of whom were drawn to cryptocurrency for its promise of financial sovereignty, bitcoin is still synonymous with privacy. But the gap between the vision and the reality, in which user transactions today must be published to a globally distributed ledger, has long been one of the technology's biggest points of controversy. "Bitcoin is Twitter for your bank account. Everything is public to everyone," Ian Miers, the co-founder of the privacy-centric cryptocurrency zcash, told CoinDesk. Compounding matters, however, is that as bitcoin users get closer to gaining a whole new way to send transactions, powered by an innovation called the Lighting Network, concerns are spreading that privacy could degrade from its already imperfect state. On the surface, the idea might seem promising - because Lightning payments occur "off-chain," the information isn't included in the blockchain that all nodes store. But while there is no Lightning ledger so to speak, payments in the scheme are still broadcast across nodes within the network. Essentially, to ensure routing is always available, those using Lightning channels need to trust other network users to help relay transactions. Conceptually, this means that participants within the system could pry on a transaction, or even potentially sell that information to governments or advertisers. This is a risk that's worsened if the network becomes centralized into a "hub-and-spoke" type structure, where hubs are large, well-known and often-used entities. "Lightning likely won't improve privacy, it may make it much worse from an average consumer's perspective," Miers added. And like many, more speculative concerns surrounding the upcoming tech, the risk to user privacy may not be obvious until the network is deployed - an uncertainty that, combined with a wave of efforts on behalf of Lightning developers to include privacy features, has led to mixed sentiments as to what the future of private bitcoin transactions might be. According to privacy researcher Kristov Atlas, in a worst-case scenario, privacy attackers could "thrive" on hubs "vampirically feeding off" the data as he wrote in a blog post. However, the upcoming Lightning release does have some privacy features embedded, and there's reason to believe that developers are at least making advances on the problem. Full story here: https://www.coindesk.com/will-lightning-help-hurt-bitcoin-privacy/
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    I would rather pay high fees, for my financial privacy. But no hatin' on the low TX fees. I hope im getting the right thinking about this. Ahahaha.
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    Все посмотрел , лайки , коменты , донаты сделал
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    bobbi like this or the black square and highlight ya bet number
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    New Guy in Town

    Waddup. Welcome to the PD forums! 😁 I first encounter you on chat. And you were hyped asf. Hahaha. 😂😂😂 Take time to check out the forums and hope you can make friends here. PD is more than dice rolling. Its fun to build relationships as friends and business partners. Am I right or we'll roll a huge joint, @CryptoDadlol? 👌💨
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    i already have bad seeds, and lucky seeds, i like to reset when i will chasing a number, like 99,99 or at 990x, its more easy to control if they came or are coming
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    21,841,610,074 placed by igarey Wagered: 0.00000144 Payout: 990.00x Profit: 0.00142416
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    I never change my seed, it has been Sweeet since I created my account although I often do switches on my Hi/Roll, especially on x2. I have played a lot of x2 and when you do that you think you will know where the next bets will land. I often see a 5 win a row and say to my self I will lose one then win one then lose 3 and will switch, while Im probably wrong sometimes its actually half accurate. But for high rollers I think its a superstition, I think they change accounts/seeds very often, I too have done it where on a fresh account I feel like I can win easier or just seeing a fresh slate of stats is helpful too.
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    От меня тоже лайк и подписка
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    I am Agree with you but somehow it easier to get 3 Red on 1.1x than 1 green on 999x , and changing seeds somehow gave an motivational lucky effect . Thats all about , people think its help , people think PD will cheat on them if they don't change their seeds on long run. And they didn't even checked their Probably Fair Bet. Conclusion is Changing Seeds or sides is useless and won't help your chance.
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    bet:21,838,691,643 placed by enhuush95 Wagered: 0.00000256 Payout: 990.00x Profit: 0.00253184
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    How do the affiliate campaigns work?

    Get 1% of the total bet. Then 10% of that is commission. Which means for every 1000 sats bet. It is 10 as edge. Then 1 as the commission.
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    Well if changing the seeds give you another set of rolls I can't see anyone arguing against it not effecting your rolls. Nothing on computers is random. It's all coded. Remember that. I personally, and already know/assume most of what i'm doing is superstition, change seed->log out->change IP address->log back in->change seed again and roll my strat low until i get a feel for the side. All that of course is prob just me tricking myself into finding patterns as that is what humans do. Still "works" for me more than i feel it doesn't work.
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    For me, refreshing does do something. It resets the current session. But not necessarily mean changing anything of any sort. Changing seeds does affect your rolling, as the roll results are based on your seed. Changing sides, hmm. Not really sure. What I usually do is the refresh. 😁👌
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    close to bust everything I had 21835469618 placed by MateuszHDHR1 Wagered: 0.00000250 Payout: 990.00x Profit: 0.00247250
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    Real Life Pictures!

    @stimubate, thanks for the rework
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    Если у кого то есть проблемы по синхронизации кошелька , посмотрите первое сообщение , отредактировал и и добавил ссылки с описанием как это решить .
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    Я за активность, умеренную и положительную. За новые темы и за новых людей на форуме. Жаль, что иногда твои посты считают бессмысленными и несущими флуд. Для многих, чем больше ты пишешь, тем явней, что хочешь подзаработать здесь. Чего юлить и оправдываться😀Да, это так. Пообщалась, подзаработала и вперед в игру! Приветствую всех, кто бывает на форуме и имеет желание вступать в дискуссии. Побольше тем, новостей.
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    Actually you have to Judge your seed , like if one roll coming over and another is under its means good for martingale strategy than go with this ...
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    Command to program faucet claim

    Hello, I would like to know if any of you know how to embed the faucet claim into a robot (langauge, command, etc.) Thank you for your help! G