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    "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamato" A bitcoin enthusiast known as @con_artist on twitter has been revealing cryptic clues regarding the private key for a a bitcoin address holding 4.87 BTC! People from all over have been frantically trying to solve this epic puzzle to unlock the key to $72,000 USD. Address: https://blockchain.info/address/1FLAMEN6rq2BqMnkUmsJBqCGWdwgVKcegd What do you guys think? If anyone can solve this I would not be angry for 1% of the winnings for showing it to you
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    Smart Cat's

    Which one are u like this guy's.Blow the comment (↓ This is Lazy ) (↓ This one is Crazy ) (↓ This one is smart ) (↓ This one is Mother with kid )
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    5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    Ok if you want to search the image more YT posted a high resolution .tif image. You can find it here. It's 300 mb size. I open it with photoshop. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x6IgeIwK9AaXQoXhMzw9WH7Px-_Xt5U7
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    I'm trying to interpret the symbols and I'm using my knowledge to do the best I can. I mostly know a lot about literature so i'm taking my shot with that.
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    Hello. You have been explained in the ticket you have submitted to the support that your thread was regarded as a potential scam, therefore it was removed by a forum mod. You have talked about it in the chat which was in conflict with the chat rule: 3. No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scams. The security of our players is very important to us, therefore, the mod had to react and mute you. Please, read the chat rules (gear icon below the chat box), or have a look at this topic:
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    Loans and any kind of borrowing threads are not up for discussion on chat. Moderators are very strict about it to avoid possible scams. I checked your profile and found that you have 0 profit and only 928 satoshis wagered. There is no wonder mod suspect you as a scammer (no offence). You are free to create a loan topic in https://forum.primedice.com/forum/lending/?id=84 this section. But, getting a loan depends upon your reputation and trust. Check chat rules by clicking the gear button under the chat box.
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    Creepy pasta is my favourite, if that's what we're talking about
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    we in philippines we really love sweet style spaghetti.
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    Verifying email

    Hello dear PD players. This is an easy thing to do but some have encountered issues with it. Go to Account>Settings, scroll down until you reach "Set recover email" field and in that field you need to enter an email that is not already linked to any Primedice account. Once you do that you will receive an email from us with a link inside it. Click on that link and your email is verified. If you don't receive mail from us soon please check your Spam and Trash folders as sometimes it can arrive there. Also, check if you still have "Set recover email" field under Account>Settings. If it is still there it means that you haven't inserted proper email and you have to try with different one. Hope this helps.
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    Dunno if someone posted it already, but i found this new token, that looks pretty cool, gonna possibly get to 100 satoshi by this time next year, which would be 0.065 btc worth so.. Here is the link: https://POWtoken.com?ref=POW82809 Their twitter: https://twitter.com/POWtoken
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    Unconfirmed transaction time

    Look at the blockchain info. You'll find it in there.
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    Unconfirmed transaction time

    Don't worry about it. It's normal that they say you have not enough numbers because the amount you sent is comparable to the amount you pay for the fee. You spend half your transaction on fees which is a lot. They try to prevent that from happening because tiny transactions like that block the other transactions so the warning comes from there. You should consider waiting for a bigger amount before withdrawing. The amount you get at the end is more profitable than what you just withdrew.
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    Unconfirmed transaction time

    Use the official wallet. They have good suggestions for fees. A little high tho, but they are transacted much faster. And you really don't have to worry, I have had a transaction pending for almost 5 days so... And congratz on your withdrawal
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    Unconfirmed transaction time

    As there are a lot of pending transactions now. The withdrawal might take a very long time as you only payed 30k for fees. It should be done as soon as btc gets more stable again. So the pending transactions will go down. 90615 at the time of this post. So hold on a little longer. But don't worry you'll get it.
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    I actually had to laugh at that part. I wonder which mod it was. All of them can be cold sometimes. But still love them!
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    5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    In 1-2 hours I'll post a theory I made last night about the painting, it might be completely bonkers and crazy, but I'll post it here see if anyone has further ideas.
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    Try opening a support ticket, it's right under the dice page in the bubble with a text balloon.
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    You are muted and cannot use faucet

    Hey, Yes, or alternatively contact us via e-mail at support@primedice.com Thank you for the assistance @UltraChief
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    Quick Mind Game

    Fabric --> Satin
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    Honestly the people who are going to be angry at the faucet are the obvious faucet farmers. You should use the faucets to kill time and try out your luck and not as a way to hit big or try to play a roll hunt or bingo game.
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    What is your favorite type of Pasta

    Seafood Marinara Pasta
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    This looks very delicious
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    Found this on Bitcoin Talk

    Hahaha, hAlpeeeed!
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    Raffle giveaway 8.5 ETH

    Closed it, @UltraChief, thanks for pointing this one out
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    What is your favorite type of Pasta

    Impressions? I love chestnut puree and sweets made with it
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    This is not in our jurisdiction. As soon as the revision of the articles is made and assessed, the ones who left a good review, I presume, will be credited
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    ну от таких полностью неизбавится)) конечно когда про типал по 1-10 лям по чему бы и самому не написать в англ чате)) а так просто просить не успев навагерить даже 10к и уже ему подавай) правильно все мы просим, но мы находим людей которые смогут выручить, с которыми ты давно уже общаешься. Я думаю когда есть и не жалко, знакомым помочь, раньше поднимали и 5-10 лямов дать было не жалко но сейчас конечно курс вырос и это уже серьезные деньги. И смысла нету просить, сиди в чате чето крути и от нас модов можно пару раз за день получить по 10к)) не много немало но поиграть и не просить хватит, удалить жажду)))
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    unang sweldo sa bitcointalk campaign

    Yes gamit ko din yan kapag sa malalaking transaction pero kapag malilit lang sa coins.ph na agad hehe
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    How long have you been gambling?

    Since I was like 11 lol
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    unang sweldo sa bitcointalk campaign

    maganda naman ang mycelium kahit papaano kasi yan din naman ang gamit ko kahit papaano nakakatulong din sa akin saka nakakaipon din ak yang ang gamit ko malaking bagay na din yang mycelium sa akin ehhehehe
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    так ты обьявляй когда будешь стримить, может и возьмут тебя в команду стримеров, будешь зарабатывать на этом. Удачи !!!!
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    Ну вот моя главная задача набрать поинты , как я посчитал это можно сделать за месяц . Надо еще отключить лотереи и посмотреть сколько тогда придет поинтов .
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    х 60 это был не прогноз а просто факт. биток и его форки в ближайшее время достаточно рискованный актив.
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    everytime that i need help, Bojana and Vlad are there to support me, but i think thats better chat support on the left side
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    Getting snowy here

    How I love to experience snow. I only experience that when I'm inside the freezer. lol. Soon I will be experiencing that.
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    5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    That's a bit random but i was running through the formats of a private key. I can't understand if it's 64 or 51 characters. I found this site it converts a key to various formats. http://gobittest.appspot.com/PrivateKey I'm still searching I'll post again if I find anything interesting about the painting. Ok I think I solved the phoenix, it's a fairy chess piece( alternative chess piece used in different chess modes than the original). (You can call it the "Waffle") combines the powers of Wazir and Alfil. For example, from e4 this piece can go to e5, f4, e3, d4, c6 (even if d5 is empty), g6, g2, or c2. The phoenix's code name is WA. Also found some Phoenix Chess Systems company software too weird to analyse. Now i'm trying to figure out the dove. So for the phoenix what we get i think is WA. Also i found chess pieces can be represented using Unicode. So the bishop white piece could be something like U2657 And the black knight piece is u265E Now I have to figure out the Ivy and the flames. It's all hypothesis. I can go as far and speculate the private key is fairy chess unicode patterns. Given the weird chess board size 7x9. I'm telling ya I think unicode is the solution, even translate the words like phoenix, dove and stuff into unicode and get digits and letters. I think something like that is the solution. Help me guys, give me any keyword you can think of. I tried some combinations i just want to manage to get a proper accepted private key form. If i try to solve this on my own it will take years :D, check out here the solution to previous quiz. 32-fucking-pages of solution. https://www.scribd.com/document/359412332/Bitcoin-Puzzle
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    5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    I edited the topic to make it more readable and relevant.
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    5 Bitcoins for solving a puzzle

    interesting and nice challenge. the artist will prolly become popular for this masterpiece. its like da vinci code movie oh well, i dont even know how my private key looks lol
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    Love this when your profile pic is cat.
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    Thank you. Now I want fusili with a damn good cheesesauce... haha
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    How to earn satoshi

    If i dont wrong, you are from Viet Nam. And I know one forum for earning satoshie is very famous at our community : mmo4me... You can find out some case to earn here. Many script and many way to earning. xD. Welcome to primedice ( remember, dont use vietnamese on your post, u can get banned and misunderstood)
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    13 month pay

    dati nung nagwowork ako ok naman ang mga agency na napapasukan ko pero ngayon talamak na ang mga agency na magugulang yung tipong hindi hinuhulugan mga sss, philhealth etc. pero makikita mo sa pay slip mo nakakaltasan ka, tapos minsan yung 13month mo hindi pa kumpleto.