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    Edit: This is now closed, feel free to post free reviews on your favourite websites however! - How to claim your BTC: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/43-write-a-review-for-a-website-and-get-0001-btc-each/ Go to https://forum.cryptogambling.org Write a short, 4 - 8 sentence review on a website under the verified & non verified websites forum sections and we will pay you 0.001 BTC. Once you write a review post here with how many reviews you've done & your BTC address. Reviews which are not up to standards (Good grammar, good content, relevant content etc.) will be deleted and you will not be paid. You post the reviews under the topic for the relevant website as a post reply. Link to verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/54-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Link to non verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/55-non-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Post any questions here.
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    Hello my name is Sid

    Welcome Sid, as for tips my suggestion is to invest heavily into crypto and build your bankroll slowly over time. Make small goals, ones that only use a small protion of your money. Dont try to go all in, as once you lose your opportunity is over. Take it slow, small bets, build a strategy and keep to it. Over time the price of crypto will continue to raise and hopefully so does your balance.
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    I wouldn't mind exercising 7x a week if this thing exist! But hey, thats a good motivator.
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    The best strategy is: do not become greedy. That will make you lose in any way. be patient. Know your limits. and then.. a lot of luck
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    First of all you must understand that gambling is not a method to become rich. To be rich in terms of money you need to work hard get a job and earn. Professional gamblers exist but are very few in number. Second no strategy works in gambling. Its all based on luck and if you are unlucky then you are bound to lose. There is no "shortcut" to success.
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    When Do You Stop?

    After every big win better to put a full stop
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    Desktop or mobile

    Although on phone can be played from anywhere, but I still prefer PC as the screen is big, simultaneously can chat and play. Also compared to touch screen on phone, keys on keyboard are more comfortable while playing.
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    When Do You Stop?

    I stop when the balance is at zero.
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    How do you store your bitcoins?

    As volatile as it is. Yeah this is probably not the best idea.
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    What is the best crypto to mine?

    You can mine in very diffirent ways, I'm most likely not the best person to explain mining cuz i don't do it that much. I can' even call it a microsidejob. Before I started getting interested in mining, I googled it for a long time! I recommend you to do that too, it's important to have your own clear ideas! Answer to your question: I mine at Minergate's, here is my referral link: https://minergate.com/a/45ea0303dfdcf84b5bf87cd9 . Minergate offers diffirent cryptocurrencies. You can also add your own pools if you want to but I don't recommend that as Minergate has picked out the best crypto's for you. It does not show some currencies for me because I mine with a laptop and a laptop is obviously not as powerful as the special hardware you can buy at some stores. I recommend you to start mining with Minergate first and if you get the hang of it and know enough about mining thanks to google... Only then I would start mining with good and special hardware. Wish you luck! Never mine with CPU, always with GPU or special hardware. And not all currencies are crap.
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    What is the best crypto to mine?

    For now I'm mining Dashcoin, not sure if it's going to work out but I'll never know unless I tried! Other coins like Monero or Bytecoin can be good to mine.