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    Bitcoin Gold Mining

    Hi peeps, just wondering if someone have found an easy tutorial to follow about how to mine some Bitcoin Gold ? I just found the bitcointalk thread about it (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2302780.0) but nothing else concluding. If you had some links to share feel free Thanks in advance
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    0.01 BTC from faucet in 3 rolls!

    It's not that hard, especially if your faucet is 2485 sat. It's like reaching 40k from 100.
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    Affiliate tourneys are only free to people that do not attract new members, anyone that actually brings in new players is going to lose all affiliate payments to bitace because that is the deal. So you may think it is free but it is not. My whole point is you detract value to the tourney by letting every Tom Dick and Harry know when it is on. If you take a look at the Monday Nitro freeroll and the Friday Nitro freeroll, you will see what I am driving at. Besides the fact that a lot of cheats play multiple accounts. Simple reasoning: Do you have a better chance of cashing at 200 players or 600 players? Thats my point.