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    I've come back to PD

    I have decided to make a return to PD not sure if it is to gamble or just catch up with some old friend and meet some new ones. However i would like to make this a interactive diary of sorts as a way to track my win and losses by the day if i do. plus people can get to know me and ask me any questions they might have. Give it a more personal touch.
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    Darko Entertainment

    @Bojana @Darko
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    So I have been giving a few loans to forum users and I have seen there has been people who are not willing to give a collateral but willing to take a loan. I understand I do not accept all types of collaterals. But I would like to know what the forum users think about loans to be given without collaterals. First of all what is a collateral? Here is a wikipedia article on this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collateral_(finance) Many of you may not be knowing about what a collateral is and how it is the only way of keeping myself (to some extent) safe from being scammed by the on who takes a loan. Obviously a collateral free loan will be lower in amount if offered by me. Dont expect me to provide a loan of 0.01btc or anything near that for no collateral offering. I want your honest opinion on this and please do not turn this thread in another "I am against loans in the forum discussion". Based on the discussion on the thread I will decide to submit a suggestion to the admins on their stand on loans to be given with or without valid collaterals.
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    I've come back to PD

    Welcome back mate, good to see you. Don't feel obligated to gamble all the time, in fact, don't even feel like you have to gamble at all. PD is all about building a community around the gaming platform. I know that people often think that you are required to because you are here, but it doesn't really work like that for us. The only time you should gamble is when YOU want to. And even then, only do it if you;re having fun. Gambling is a form of entertainment. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and take advantage of the other aspects of PD life.
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    This actually is a very hard subject... Since I don't loan or lend much I should listen to the ones with most experience. But you do still agree that it should be optional right?
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    I've come back to PD

    Welcome back DMT !!! Not only lots of ppl miss you on PD and PD forum, but also your streams ....
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    I've come back to PD

    Hello i hope so. I get along with most people. I seen your loan service on the forum is nice for the community. Hope you have lots of success and make some money along the way
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    Lets just presume that most users will not be have had the experience of navigating multiple loans. Therefore we should protect them from potential issues by having standards in place to protect them from being exploited. Sad fact is scammers are active and will come at you from multiple sides probing for that weak spot. The trader feedback is still early in its venture and a nice reference. My only issue with it is this forum has a very open you scratch my back I will scratch yours mentality. My example would be the referral links people post here without investigating the site they are trying to make money off of. Setting those that click up to be robbed of time or even bitcoin. Earlier on I watched a lot of liking and upgrading of posts by a group of friends to get into certain promotions at the time. So the issue of it being so blatant and no qualms of how that may look means we need even stronger safeguards. Far to many accounts are allowed to post without linking there PD account and that should be step one for any loans. The issue of long game scams is a issue that I think falls more on the lender. They should not allow themselves to be exposed to such a level and control their level of risk. Not saying its all their fault but they are alone at the end of the day with being scammed. Its funny this post came up, I was trying to figure out what I had for collateral myself for a bitcointalk loan which is near impossible to get. If we mirror them to some extent it should be gravy. P.s Think multiple loans from one lender also should not give the green light to like sized loans with a new lender as it could be one person lending to self in hopes of scamming unsuspecting lenders. Think UltraChief knows what he is doing though, I am more worried about the people that pop up behind thinking its a easy game.
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    Not necessarily the lender can secure a repayment. That is why the collateral taken is something of value and has a resell-able value. So that even if the customer defaults the loan the lender can make up the loss by selling the collateral. So a person who is pledging a collateral of value will try to pay the loan back. They may be trying to sell the collateral showing that they take a loan for it and then run away - a common scamming attempt as well.
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    Hmmm im just curious. With this collateral, how can you secure a repayment? I mean.. its good if we could have that. But how are you actually going to secure or guarantee that someone will pay you becauese of this collateral?
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    Loans shouldn't be given without collateral. Most of the people asking loans wouldn't have any collateral to offer but for your own safety collateral is the only option. We don't know when people are going to scam and I've seen lot of people just disappear after collecting loans from different people.
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    Site bookmarked. The graph is easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this =D
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    hahah omg your crazy as always:D
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    Darko Entertainment

    hahaha it looks like real nutella xD.. nyam nyam lol..
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    Can i be my own superhero?:) I want to be super Yvolle.. Where I can read minds, transfer myself in a snap(teleport) and can bring back past . haha And of course, to read future dice bets lol
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    In a perfect scenario, bitcoin replaces the current corrupt monetary systems, removing the burden of a debt driven society controlled by a centralised group of people. It creates a world of equal opportunity for all economies and hopefully reduces the abusiveness that comes with the current monetary systems.
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    Darko Entertainment

    Oh, you would love to see that? I want that!!! Like now!!! https://giphy.com/gifs/ySvtnaWkU5MAM/html5 Darko entertainment in short
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    Darko Entertainment

    About Darko
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    Торговля на бирже.

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    Church and Bitcoin

    They need to accept the upcoming HolyCoin https://theholycoin.com/
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    Coinexchange Holding Deposit

    Coinexchange is now holding coins especially from ICO and ethereum.