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    Accusation of multi accounting

    To help you understand better, we have three signals that trigger account sharing, and/or multiple accounts. Mac Address, Cookies and IP. In the past I have refrained from giving out this information, due to mac spoofing and removing cookies, but due to the increase number of people trying to exploit these protective measures, we are most likely removing pay per post, which is the main motivator for abusing our trust. It has become too much maintenance to prevent people from taking advantage of our willingness to support the community.
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    Кто может посоветовать фильмы о ограблениях? Можно и документальные... Помню был крутой фильмец о ограбление банка,документальный. Там суть была в том что умельцы стекло бронированое вскрыли за пол минуты,когда на мировом тесте его рекорд по вскрытию был 23 минуты... Хочу что нибудь такого жанра,спасибо
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    🏆 7th Talkative Giveaway 0.1 BTC Pool

    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan! Won't use the forum token system yet, so this will be credited straight to your account. Requirements: 150 new posts by the end of the giveaway Must have a forum avatar set Prizes: The 0.1 BTC Pool will be shared amongst those participants that reach the requirements Rules: Anyone caught spamming will be automatically not eligible for this giveaway or any other forum giveaways here on. Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways! Post your PD username in the following Format: Username: Zoltan If you use a different format we can't guarantee you get the prize! Actual status can be seen here: https://giveaways.primedice.com/2017-21th/index.html Giveaway closes on 01. September 2017 20:00 UTC. Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.
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    Hi, I´m new here, how to win?

    The time has come for a little introduction, just a bit late. Probably you already know that I´m from Uruguay, don´t confuse it with Paraguay because it´s another different country, and people here get pissed with this confusion. Even Homer Simpson knows where we are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2ioB_6Aifg In fact, let me tell you a little secret, my country is the only one in the world that does not have a name, it is a tooooo long history to put it here, but it is the truth. I joined PD in 2014, in time to see Hufflepuff and RobinHood. At that time PD was advertising that an user made 1 BTC from faucet, some other users were not happy with that, they said that kind of advertising would bring lots of beggers to PD. Ah yes, it was somebody called Singpays. I am an analytical player, try to find math strats and the like. Although I made several withdrawals, at the end of 2014 I got very very angry with myself because my profit was in red, so I decided to take a break. I did not say "never coming back" because 1) its copyrighted by Bojana and 2) I wanted to come back but when I was ready. So I made my return in 2017. Before somebody speculates that I lost tens of BTCs at that time, I think I was about 0.05 in red, but the important thing for me was not the amount, but the failure of my strats. I like challenges, difficult goals. And if they are impossible, I´m even more interested. I like a lot of things, life is full of wonderful things, electronics, programming, cooking, reading, growing plants, pets, good movies and ofc good music, that I like to listen at levels high enough to crack walls, so I limited it to only a few days and few hours, to keep my ears healthy, and to stop the mass suicidal of neighbours. Long distance walking (like 20 kms for example) is something that I like a lot, it is very good for the peace of your mind, and if you have your eyes wide open you will always find amazing things along the way, the only bad thing is that it takes soooo much time, and I don´t have it available very often ..... I worked in several different things so far, for example long time ago I worked programming video games, when you had to use assembly language and work really hard. For several years I repaired artificial kidney machines, it was a challenging work that taught me several valuable things, because you could not make even a single error, and you had to be calm even in the worst situation you can imagine. Now I´m doing maintenance of reverse-osmosis machines (machines that generate ultra pure water) and some other things. But always enjoying what I do. I´m writing a book about maths, but I´m doing toooooooo slowlyyyyyy, it should have been finished a pair of years ago, hope that people will like the content because it will be a bit unusual. Last, I want to say that I have an ironic, corrosive, twisted sense of humour, but I don´t like to be offensive to anyone, sorry if this happened. Also please remember that there is a language barrier between several users here, and sometimes there can be misunderstandings, so I apology for any harm I did.
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    K-Pop fans?

    I know this probably does not qualify as K-pop, but at least is soothing to watch for my old and tired eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpZhZAr1cQU
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    K-Pop fans?

    Nice song. They are Japanese by the way
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    I can't drink because I can't with lemon and eggplant I don't really like but my mom drinks that every morning and yeah, we could see the results after about 2 weeks
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    It looks like Bitsler. You said it's a new site.. what about the withdrawal?
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    Hey bud, good to see you too =) Nope, havent heard from Burstdie in forever =/ I still have his email, might try emailing him today and see whats been going on with him. Anyhow, thanks for the vouch and I'll let ya know if I hear from him!
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    I agree. I think it's just because he is trying to straighten out a lot of things in the Philippines. Because of that he exposes a lot of influential people that can also manipulate the mass' views about him. I think either way, if he does something good or bad, there will still be people who will hate him. I'm not against him. Just stating observations.
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    Poor eyesight

    thanks for that im hoping also...wearing glasses is indeed a bit annoying and im also not comfortable with it but still i need to wear this..
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    Hola From Canada

    Welcome to the forum man. Hope you get more greens. I thought you're a pinoy!
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    Foods from your country

    i can confirm that )))) sarma or sarmale as we say to)) is very delicious and make u feel like at mom home)) she say she make a good sarma))) then she definetely great wife material))) i still dont do it by myslef))) always my mother do)))
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    Топики о политике тут размещаться не будут по той лишь причине что по любому перейдут на личности и начнется срач) могу закрепить в правилах даже этот пункт))
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    Российский рок-музыкант Сергей Шнуров написал стихотворение, посвящённое биткоину: «Не встретить старость мне спокойно. Это судьба, или стезя? Все ринулись скупать биткойны, И я немножко тоже взял. Продал квартиру, кошку, дачу, Машину и цепочку даже. Теперь, надеясь на удачу, Сижу и жду, как карта ляжет. А зубы заложил в ломбардеИ отписал посмертно печень. Мечтаю я о миллиарде. Ну, а пока жевать мне нечемИ нечего, одни биткойны.Попал я в общем в переплёт. Как говорил мой друг, покойный - Кто не рискует, тот не пьёт. Да, братцы, я не при параде, Но я же русский, я же свой. Подайте, что ли Христа ради, Как жертве эры цифровой.»
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    Who Created Bitcoin?

    Can some please help me out with this question, Who is the brain behind bitcoin?