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    📢 Make PD Forum Great Again!

    Really great idea, Kingarthur. If admins will think about this, would be cool
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    Feeling hungry? Feeling lucky? Look no further! Common Questions: Q: What is HungerGames/HG? A: High/low bot made by the community for the community. -- Q: What's the origin story here? A: Game concept by ledust, code written by UnixPunk, managed by Isildur. -- Q: What is the HG whitelist? A: A list of usernames, of all the users that are allowed to play. -- Q: How do I get added to the whitelist? A: More than 25 bitcoin wagered, 250 Forum activity and a one year old account with 10k messages on chat (All three must be fulfilled!). VIPs are added automatically. -- Q: What is the HG blacklist? A: A List of users that have been excluded from playing the HG. -- Q: I sent HG a PM but it said in chat that "a suitable volunteer wasn't found". A: You have reached your maximum alloted turns to play (usually 5 per day), you are not on the whitelist or you have not been active enough in chat. -- Q: How does HG pick tributes? A: Randomly. -- Q: What is the deathlist? A: If you choose high or low and lose, then you can't play for x-amount of time. -- Q: When will I be removed from the deathlist? A: Depends on the settings HG is being run on at the time. (usually 15 minutes) -- Q: Can I tip/donate to HG? A: Sure, just send a tip to HungerGames. You will be notified of the total amount you've tipped so far. (thanks btw ) -- Q: I pass the eligibility requirements, who can I ask to add me? A: Post your primedice username in this thread and you should be added within 24 hours (probably sooner) if you are eligible. -- Q: How do I ignore HG? A: /ignore HungerGames. Posting that in chat will ignore all messages from HG. -- Q: Is it possible to check how much I have donated to HG? A: Type (~donations) in the chat OR send a pm to HG (/pm HungerGames ~donations) and you will receive a pm with the total amount of donations that you have sent. whitelist_2017-08-06.txt blacklist_2017-08-06.txt
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    📢 Make PD Forum Great Again!

    Looking for suggestions on to make Primedice more fun for users. Lately activity has dived and I'd love to hear some new features from the current community you'd love to see. @dan will review these & come up with some great ways to make the forum more entertaining. In the mean time keep an eye out for some awesome announcements coming in the next 48 hours.
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    There is no strategy

    Long-term strategies always lead to lose money. Here is a graph of many bets (about 50k) that i did for abbas giveaway (bet 100 satoshi at 98%) it's a line that goes down... But the most surprising thing is that the trend shove above is clearly visible also when the number of bets is not very high, es. 600 bets: even in the first 100 bets the trend is clear. So, if you want to try to win some money, best strategy is doing few bets with high balance, for example doing 50/50 bets etc... doing many little bets seems safer, but it's not.
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    Загнали бы тебя в кандалы и заставили камни чесать, вот насмотрелся ы как строят пирамиды =))
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    I will lock this now. And if you have any more questions like this one, you can pm me or one of the mods and we will be happy to answer on those questions. Cheers.
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    My favorite game so far has to be HI/LO. The amount of luck required and you can just go on a nice long streak without stopping and always knowing your profit :). HI/LO is also very fast paced instead of having to wait for the plinko ball to drop the roulette wheel to stop spinning or the chart to stop climbing the cards are instant. For an improvement you can probably have an option to turn off plinko/roulette animations especially when you have very bad internet connection.
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    Orange name color

    I just went through and promoted people who I thought deserve it. At this point it doesn't mean more than having an orange name and respected title. It's mainly just an easier way for me to keep track of the people who are genuine and valuable members of the community. It may have benefits in the future. I looked for people who are active, dont constantly change their IP, haven't had any warnings, haven't begged or ask for anything/expected to be recognised for their participation and have a decent wagered amount.
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    Мемы для Прайма! :)

    Ща я поднапрягусь и своих накидаю...