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    New Updates forum Emojis

    Yea as i've seen awhile ago it is already here in forum you can give emojis to someone you like, thanks, laugh off & also can give upvotes This is nice updates, Kudos! More power to this group
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    Thing's Money Cant Buy

    Thing's Money Cant Buy ?
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    9900x and 4950x

    I deposited and tried my luck on 3.3x but i was unlucky at first. I was down to .004 when i decided to hunt on 4950x after 471 rolls i hit 0.0 with 100 base bet and i was so happy coz not all the time i can hit this. Then i changed my strategy into 9x but this time i play it manually. I lose .002 so i decided to hunt again but this time i was aiming for 9900x. I changed my seed and just put 0.0 on it and after 3 rolls BOOOOM i hit 0.0 I withdrew some and will play my remaining balance tomorrow. What a lucky night indeed!
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    Primedicers Steam Community!

    Welcome @Carollzinha ! Tip sent on primedice! also tip sent @Kristoffff as well! thank you for joining!
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    First time I heard about bitcoin , I installed the client, it must have been around 2010-2011. I didnt really do much with it, however I always contemplated buying several hundred bitcoins for like 10 dollarcents each. It saddens me I didnt make that decision but that's how life is. I still had a little bitcoin so nowadays I use my bitcoin sometimes to top up my phone credit, or to order some pizza. There's even several Bitcoin ATM in my country where I can get some :).
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    Zale im pretty sure youve been here longer than that. ive been in the crypto and bitcoin world for over 4 years. I make a living from this. -Cheers
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    Bitcoin Cash

    Too early to judge bitcoin cash but I heard people talking about the high mining difficulty so people don't want to mine it.
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    First you have to make an account on bitcointalk.org. You can now start to post but you can only have a maximum of 1 activity per day which is part of the btctalk rules. You can post as much as you want but be aware since you can be tagged as a spammer. Limit your posts at least 1-2 a day and when you reach 30 activity you can start joining campaigns with a Jr.Member rank. If you're active then you can raise it with time.
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    Orange name color

    I just went through and promoted people who I thought deserve it. At this point it doesn't mean more than having an orange name and respected title. It's mainly just an easier way for me to keep track of the people who are genuine and valuable members of the community. It may have benefits in the future. I looked for people who are active, dont constantly change their IP, haven't had any warnings, haven't begged or ask for anything/expected to be recognised for their participation and have a decent wagered amount.
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    Orange name color

    Congrats , now all people know that you are respected person . Respect others if you want to be respected
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    22.22 win chance

    nice run there macky, but you know. not everytime is a lucky time. your strategy is good by the way.. keep it up and more greens for you
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    Love the green and the place is memorable to me. Way back 2011.
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    amazing photo) ?

    amazing photo) ?
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    Need 1 BTC plz

    Doesn't seem too far fetched for some people around here lol