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    hit 9900x

    just want to share my lucky hit last night. and atlast i hit 9900x. i feel so happy because its really my first time to hunt. and gotcha:)
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    Lulong ka rin ba sa sugal sa totoong buhay o online gambling ka lang nalululong? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo maliban sa sugal? Ako nagsusugal din ako pero with my friends lang. Adik kami sa Pusoy at Tong its halos everyday kaming naglalaro pero puro kaibigan ko lang kalaro ko Sa casino naman nung nagwowork pa ko sa call center dun ko lang naranasan mag casino every rest day. Buti hindi pa ko umaabot sa pagsusunog ng casino table lolol Bukod sa pagsusugal, ang adiksyon ko pa ay paglalaro ng mga RPG. Pag wala kong pang roll sa PD nasa RPG ako lol Nagyoyosi rin ako pero never ako uminom ng alak kc allergic ako. Next month magstart na naman ako mag work baka mawala ako ng time sa crypto especially sa PD huhu Share your story mga kababayan ^^
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    My YouTube Cooking Channel

    Hi guys. Exept, that I like to play on PD, I like to cook very much and I have cooking channel - Tasty Cooking. Please, welcome https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd62OLAq2llqeEgPyLDZXPw
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    #18 guess the score for 100k

    PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! Use the following format ONLY ! Team A 1 - 2 and winner in case of draw or other score Team A or Team B example to copy and use : Roma 1 - 2 PSG winner PSG Good Luck ! Everybody will get 5 points for this EL CLASICO !
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    My first 9900x <3

    Still can remember the feeling when I did hit the 990x the first time (and then became an addicted).. but man, this feeling of hitting a 9900x is the apex and is so damn amazing The only sad part is that I always play high but this time as my seed was hitting so many 0 I decided to go for low... and meanwhile I did hit 3x the damn 99.99
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    How to Earn money

    How to earn money? there's so many ways to earn money. here's the following site that you can earn money: 1. https://join-adf.ly/17524577 you can earn on adfly by creating shorten link every click of your shorten link have equivalent small amount of USD 2. http://mmoity.com/aDx Copy this link http://mmoity.com/aDx paste on other browser tab or window register and share the link 3. http://mmoity.com/wO2 Running: 9 Day Daily Profit: 10% Forever Minimum Deposit: 0.001BTC Minimum Withdraw: 0.0005BTC Referral: 9% - 3% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5%
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    Instant Sportsbook

    Ok you are right i just ment by the pay per post aspect that anything you ask for sure will be answered becose it is payed so i wouldnt get my hopes up even if you get some feedback that it is worthwhile. As about google try using yandex it has all that google doesnt index.
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    Сделай сам

    Мы пришли к мнению что хотим именно классический кирпич и именно белого цвета . Красили его уже после того как поклеили на стену , клеили кстати на плиточный клей , водоэмульсионку смешали с акриловым лаком и после покраски он не пачкается и можно делать влажную уборку . В квартире в этой я делаю ремонт уже год и 2 месяца, еще осталось немного , сегодня ходили выбирать потолки натяжные , но всю подготовку ( багет поставить , крепление под софиты и люстры , проводку под светильники сделали сами ) . Камень только прихожку покажу , у меня там еще акра прямоугольная из дверного добора и в зале вокруг французского балконного блока , но это я еще не фотал , как уже закончу квартиру , то сфатаю полностью , может выложи здесь , так как там многое сделано своими руками . Вот этот камень мне сделали по 400 р квадрат включая работу , они формы заказывали из Новосибирска под мой заказ , поэтому вышло очень не дорого , а потом они цену подняли на камень и я уже сделал сам , но тех фоток пока нет , но в принципе тоже самое , только мой камень получился мене шершавый что ли , хотя друг один заходил смотрел разницу не увидел .
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    Forum Questions and Information

    you already got the answer from other.By the way thnx others who help here everyone.That's why i love this community and good luck Alice
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    hit 9900x

    Thank you sissy I set mine in 500rolls.
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    Hi Sir @Dan I would like to suggest that we get a notification too when one of our topics would be moved or deleted. In that way we wouldn't be confused as to why was our topic lost in the topic lists. In addition to that, the mod/admin who deleted should also be included in that notification. I hope this will be given attention. Thank you!
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    adding poker to pd

    Oh I finally found this thread.. Here you go @actmyname , this was what I referenced a well back. Hope this is what I think it is and we get us a new poker site. I so need to get off nitrogensports.eu and support some one fresh.
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    It has been suggested many times that there should be a system to automatically detect when someone has won and hit the jackpot. I hope they will give attention to it and there will be an improvement. We all ask for the same change @sourc3code
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    hit 9900x

    Yay grats sis! Hopefully we could hit it again @zale023 we're sisters that's why lol
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    The Best winning strategy tips

    This is a great strategy but there is no perfect strategy. You will lose eventually but it depends on the player if when he will stop and withdraw. 9.9x will work better if you have at least 0.01, 10 sats bb and 10% loss multi and run it for 8 hours.
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    Well.. I will explain step by step : After you click signature , fill "♔ PrimeDice.com | The Best Way To Roll ! | Free BTC Faucet | Instant Play & Chat " on text box Then click "link" function And after click "insert into post" your text will turn into a link For next word like [Thread] fill the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0 and @PrimeDice https://twitter.com/primedice And voila you will have same signature just like him You can add your own primedice ref link if you wish Hope it's help
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    i like to play slots on this site when i have extra btc. anyone use the site, what are your thoughts?
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    Bitcoin, what's your problem? Most users think that bitcoin-a digital Currency for online payments. Technically, this is the correct view, but it is the value and essence of bitcoins. In fact, bitcoin is not convenient for routine operations, it cannot be easily used to buy a Cup of coffee at Starbucs. What happened? Bitcoin experts are not interested in its promotion, in the form of a serious alternative to current currencies in the "here and now" that, naturally, would have caused the rate of growth? Unfortunately, the reason is that while bitcoin is a slow and expensive payment option. He's not even close to the standard methods of payment for the bitcoin network handles only up to 6 transactions per second, while a visa for 1600. The only way to attract a wide audience to a decentralized network is seen increasing its user-friendliness and speed, which should Eclipse the performance of existing payment systems. If this does not happen, then Bitcoin will remain only as a way of saving (approx.ed.: which, by the way, not so little).