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    Only women? noooooo...... PD must have a Miss and a Mister too....... what do you think? lets vote for a man contest.....:)
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    since yesterday till ni already have profit of 0.03,juat happy that my negative profit less. want to share my strat. payout 3x on loss 50%.basebet 100-500 depends in ur bal. im just happy. i already give a giveaway 300k here in forum. hope will continue this luck.
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    this is so funny. after i recieve 0.013 from giveaway. i roll and i change my seed in to (Neyailoveu) with win chance 38% i use manual and may bet i start to 1000basebet.and i already make a good profit in just 2hours.0.013- 0.021:) seed Neyailoveyou is so lucky hahhahahaha
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    Bitcoin sa Pinas

    Hindi pa kc maxado kilala stin ang bitcoin.kya ung iba hindi pa makrelate.at bank din ata is against sa bitcoin.
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    This is mah jam, while playing PD

    I love how she expresses every single word when she sings. Hope you love it as well. <3 Halsey
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    Hello guys... missing the topic about this so I write it my self... Who is your favourite 3 Miss primedice contestants so far... (All the girls are gorgeous though but I bet everyone has their favourites already) I'll start with mine: 1. @boykamatis just gorgeous, cute and sexy ^^ wow 2. @btcAlice only half a point behind gorgeous and sexy ^^ 3. @ravenyvolle it shows that you love your self. A self confident woman just got that special something. Sexy. ^^
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    Sexy NEWBIE here

    Hello ningning the second welcome on PD hahahahahaha Yeah enjoy your stay and have fun Good luck
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    ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?

    Para aclarar un poco sobre el idioma, que seé que algunas queréis aprender :). No es lo mismo música en español (musica en idioma español) que música española (de gente que es de el país España). No soy un gran fan de la música latina, que es como nos referiríamos a música en español o portugués que viene en su mayoría de américa latina con exceptiones como por ejemplo Enrique Iglesias que es español y su música es latina. No sé si me explico bien...
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    Whos a Proud Poppa or Momma

    I am a very proud dad i have a daughter and a son but i still didnt see my son as he was born 3 weeks ago on a diffrent country but omg my daughter is the love of my life your kids looks great i wish all the best for them and i wish you raise them good and they meet my kids too one day god bless
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    I will return it of course, does not matter the amount. The problem is if time elapses between u getting the tip and somebody telling u you were mistiped. You might think the tip was OK, and withdraw it, or gamble it......
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    Is it still worth mining these Days?

    If you are mining only for profit than its probably an enterprise to be well considered... if you are able to get some small profit after electricity bills I would still do it... The reason for it is, that every private miner actually contributes to the networks stability and speeds up the confirmation process overall... you basically support the system that holds your money. The general opinion that private mining ist worth anymore only serves the big centralised farms and leaves them with the whole profit but the other aspects are not considered anymore. I suggest you try our your self what you will be able to achieve and make your own experience. At the end of the day you still make some value without lifting a finger and I bet would still pick up a penny if you see one on the floor, wouldn't you? Try to join P2Pool (google it)... its an open mining pool that actually still gets some value out for its joined miners...
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    Я верю в то, что пожну в жизни, то посею после смерти. Верю, что мы не умираем полностью, умирает лишь физическое тело, а астральное тело, распадается немного позже. Дух же вечный, он очищается и возносится на самое небо в Рай. Верю в то, что все предопределенно и никто не властвует над своей жизнью самостоятельно и к каждому воздастся по заслугам. Очень верю, что после смерти попаду в лучшее место, чем здесь на земле.
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    Верно понимаете. Надо успевать. У меня так кредиты при переходе на биты сгорели.
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    i am maliafka

    Wow. Hi @maliafka. You rock. Sure you're nice. Wish you good luck here at PD. Dobro pozhalovat' na forum PD