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    I was there that time @vinka76. You're a very honest lady. That's why I like you very much. Remember "Honesty is the best policy". You're the best girl. More luck and blessings to you.
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    Я думаю что это один из главных вопросов всего человечества что нас ждет после смерти. Существует ли Рай и Ад или после смерти человек снова воскреснет в виде животного или в виде другого человека. Я верю в существование Рая и Ада и что после смерти у нас только две пути. Во что вы верите, что с вами будет после смерти?
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    I'm Matthew

    Hello Guys, I'm Matthew From Philippines, and I also newbie here in PD please suggest any Strat hehheh
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    Викторины в чате

    Мы решили устраивать Викторины да бы каждый был активен в чате. Раздачи подобного образа будут проходить регулярно или с задержками в 1-2 дня. Но надеемся что будет каждый день. Здесь оставляем комент что вы об этом думаете или просто благодарность или кому что то не нравится по этому поводу, пишем не стесняемся)))
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    Diko malimot yung bumili ako nang 1BTC, 10K palang sya noon. Nag invest ako sa kung ano-ano, ayun umabot nang 250K PHP noon after 8 months. Nandyan yung naipang libre, gadget haha hover board ko 8K galing sa bitcoin. Pinaka malupit after lahat nang nangyari nanalo o natalo nakapag labas parin ako nang 100K PHP. Ayun, dahil kay bitcoin may maliit na negosyo nako.
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    Base bet 700 Payout 4.6x On loss increase by 20% on win no change Have more then .03
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    Sexiest part of ur partner's body

    If she can read this then good luck to me. For me its her smile, her's is like the sun to me. Shes complicated at times however with just a simple smile she drags me to her heart - so close I want to be with her forever. I love her all, shes my one and only.
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    yeah! its true & i thanked for that. if it happen to me, i do it too. thanks again 420blazeltFgt ?
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    Just yesterday, @kulets mistipped me 100k instead of 10k and told me it was a mistake. I returned it back instantly.
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    Мемы для Прайма! :)

    У тебя талант просто. Здорово, честно)) Фантазия работает супер!!!!
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    Why was WolfBain demodded?

    As an ambassador of Primedice, you have a certain integrity to uphold. Unfortunately, Wolf Bain took his position for granted, and decided to act foolishly, which as a result, represented Primedice in a way that we would rather not be associated to. His actions and attitude towards the incident were not in line with the ideology of how Primedice operates and therefore we had no choice but to remove him from the moderation team, before the brand was tarnished further. We still value him as a great member of the community, we just don't feel he is a suitable person to represent the brand at the current time. I hope this is enough information regarding the decision, and provides some insight into the matter while maintaining his right to privacy.
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    Lol, ppl, thank you for kind words/sexy adjectives And, guys are not serious at all, you should meet them and be reassured, @Milan is a jokester and @Vladimir as well Do not get fooled easily!
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    A need for PH chat :)

    We'll fight for that one next, @singpays ♥
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    @Bojana Hot, Naughty @Irena Sexy, loving @Mirela cutie, Nice @Milan serious, hard working @Vladimir Funny, focus
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    I think It would be cool to enter this competition and I made a special video and hope that nails my crowning. Thanks for nominating me to wear the crown PD. Edit: This was supposed to be my entrance into Miss PD contest and I mistakenly posted here instead. Picturing Caroll reading it here, made me laugh to hard and I am leaving it here for that reason.
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    giveaway ni neya

    done n po isent ung 10ksats nyo. nextime po ulit pag nanalo. mas maganda share muna natin sa kapwa pinoy at pinay. goodluck sating lhat. more greens para satin. mwaahhh. @bloomy @Bes19 @kate3003 @zale023 @RabMalfoy @Jenn09 @akosiasin @Han2x @kimpotxx @Ssociety @dznuts8585
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    A need for PH chat :)

    Thanks everyone for the support..
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    A need for PH chat :)

    100% Agree, consider it done.
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    Мемы для Прайма! :)

    Не гневайся
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    i am maliafka

    i know you and welcome even though you've been here longer then me. Thats a awesome profession just saying anyways hope to see you in my streams some more
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    Не было бы конкурсов, я думаю таких бы тем не было. Тут процентов 60 только изза поинтов тут Я бы сказал процентов 99 тут из за них))
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    This is a bit of a common-sense post, but there are some tidbits of information here that some people might find interesting. From time to time, users will share links to scripts or bots in chat, touting their benefits and recommending you use them. When this happens, be skeptical. It only takes a few lines of code to withdraw your balance or record your credentials. For example, here's a script that made its rounds in 2016, but has appeared in many other manifestations before then. Supposedly, this script is a bot that uses the Primedice API to bet for you, and offers more control over your automated betting. (It should go without saying, but don't actually run this.) http://pastebin.com/cH9ySVQC Try searching for the phrase "withdraw". It should bring you to the following snippet of code: var load = {};load[key1] = seed['user']['balance'];load[key2] = '13b3mKe6dBEhVDak8UpBXuDK3CKLopMUcZ';lut['post'](calculate_nonce('withdraw'), load); Suspicious, right? Even more so that there's a hard-coded wallet address. Looking up transactions for that address suggests that this script has given quite sizeable returns by preying on the overly trusting. But that's just for JavaScript, which is easy to screen for malicious code because it's interpreted in the browser. Executable bots are much harder to verify, and are better off completely avoided - even after decompiling them to inspect, there are so many angles of attack to screen for (like logging your credentials to a remote server) that you could miss one that is obfuscated sufficiently. Your best option is to only use open-source bots that have been thoroughly inspected and used already by the community, and you can compile yourself to make sure that the code you see is the only code inside the executable. A well-known example is Seuntjie's DiceBot, which you can access by entering the "!dicebot" command in chat. Summary (TL;DR): Search through JavaScript for common action words like "withdraw", odd uses of the authorization token, or hard-coded wallet addresses. For suspicious executables, don't bother with them. (But you can use a decompiler like JetBrains dotPeek to poke around if you're curious.) Only use community-vetted, open-source bots that are written clearly enough that you (or a trusted user) can understand and verify them as safe. Then compile the executable yourself! Above all, don't run or download anything if you can't verify with certainty that it is safe! Do you have any safety tips or harrowing stories about malicious scripts? Share them so we can work towards better awareness and safety in the community!
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    Может быть да кабы во рту выросли грибы , то был бы не рот , а целый огород . Я просто не по рассказам чьим то , а по личному опыту говорю , с шаманам в юрте траву не курил , просто год медитацией занимался 2 раза в день без перерывов . Чудеса себя ждать не заставили , пытался найти тех кто скажет что дальше с этим делать , но не нашел , поэтому и завязал , так как порой уже очень страшно было . +100500