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    Block incoming Pm from non friends.

    Seeing quite a few ppl get bugged with beggar private messages, look into it if it's possible to make it so only people on your friend list can pm you. Or,have the option to have your pm open to all or toggle it to friends only. This way people can get rid of beggars edit: ofcourse support, staff can pm users nonetheless @MICRO @Edward
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    I am opening this topic so that ppl can post their comments here about MissPD 2017 contest, because if u post comments in the contest topic they are deleted (or not, depends on who are you). The rules of the MissPd 2017 contest apparently permit that ppl can make posts if they are offering giveaways for the contestants. "Just those who wants to contribute to the award leave message here what amount and for what you send it to me." I made yesterday a post that was deleted 30 secs later, as all my other posts, so I´m posting it again here: I dont think its fair that only the 3 top MissPD contestans get a prize. All the other ladies should get at least a small consolation prize because they spent their time and work on preparation, shooting the pics and uploading. So I want to donate at least 3k sats (as my funds allow in the moment) for each contestant not in the top 3, it is very few money I know but I expect somebody else will contribute too....
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    Whos a Proud Poppa or Momma

    I've very proud and love showing my kids off. I don't know it anyone else here has any pictures they wanna show off. I'll start ANY PERVERTED COMMENTS I"LL FIND YOU AND HURT YOU . I have other kids i Just don't haven't found any cute pices of them thats 2 of my 4
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    When did you first get into Bitcoin?

    I regret not getting into Bitcoin when all my friends where. I remember playing a well known video game back in 2003 with @Edward, and hearing all our friends talk about this elusive currency. I used to think it was stupid and a waste of time. That the power behind cryptocurrecies was just another scam. What a fool i was... anyway. Simple question, simple topic. When was your first coin transaction? Let’s hopefully hear some awesome stories opposed to the horror ones where people buy pizza’s for 10k coins haha.
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    zale023's 1st Roll Hunt Giveaway

    Hi guys! I've always wanted to do an event here! This is the right time for it! You need to accomplish only 1 of the roll hunt below if you want to win. - Hunt for 0.02 bet should be 102 sats (toohoola) (CntryBoy) - Hunt for 2.00 bet should be 120 sats - Hunt for 19.96 bet should be 119 sats - Hunt for 6.66 bet should be 166 sats - Hunt for 1.43 bet should be 143 sats and must heart my topic Things to take note: You can only participate 1 roll hunt so that others can have a chance of winning. There are 2 winners each roll hunt. Bet amount should be strictly followed. Accomplished roll hunt = 10,000 sats Only bets after b:17,906,483,376 wil be considered. This roll hunt will be due on 7/18/2017 GMT 8 (Extended) I will post the 10 unique winners here: 1. toohoola 2. CntryBoy 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Good luck guys and have fun!
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    Nominate someone for faucet whitelist

    Primedice has implemented white list which enables people to receive the old faucet amount pre-update. It is only for select individuals & on a nomination basis. Requirements - Active & appropriate contribution to site chat - Active & appropriate contribution to the forum - Respected member of our community Once nominated enough times all mods will vote on whether to white list you or not. Nominate away!
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    first giveaway 200ksats

    i just want to share my wins this day. its not so big but it comes from the giveaway i recieve hre in forum thats yy i wanna share it too. 8 person 25k sats each, that will hit my fav number 77.77 .post screenshot here only 8person that will post here first will be the winners. post your username and your screenshot not the bet id i dont want to check it one by one:)) goodluck guys. more green to come to all of us. Bet ammount start with 10sats only bet id starts 17.900000000
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan! Every Sunday at midday UTC the people who received the most positive reputation will receive up to 0.02 BTC each. If you feel you're being abused (Negged for no reason etc.) PM Zoltan. If you neg someone be sure to reply/quote as to why. Similar to upvoting. If we catch you abusing this competition you will also be banned from all future giveaways/contests! Prizes: 1st: 0.02 BTC 2nd: 0.015 BTC 3rd: 0.01 BTC 4th: 0.01 BTC 5th: 0.005 BTC Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway period ends in your local timezone. You can always check for current giveaways also on the official Primedice website: https://giveaways.primedice.com Good luck everyone and have fun!
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    Wolfgames whitelist

    Wolfgames is an in chat multigame platform with games such as rool hunt,high or low,trivia and quest,maths and various other games that allow users to jave a chance at reciveing prizes.WolfGames is a self and group funded game sponsered by myself and other member of the community if you feel the need to donate towards its fund you can send donation to the acct named:WolfGames. Below you will find the white listing for this game that shows who is able to play List All support and mod staff MateuszHDHR1,misvroxt,Bitcoinani,Jenn09,kimpotxx,dave1984,boykamatis,Morros,Jaym,hasirama,Bes19,npredtorch,Carollzina,Shinjo,cryptscoinsmaliafka,BabyLund,Dihru,oodlecoins,Han2x,Bubbura,skanderkrid,felipev1994,Blindme,77kdub,FreddyKruger,niceone6,jamelyn,lolgato,ibVVVVVC,mimoza1984,anan3169,momo,maverick528,firavan1,1RegisterNow,420BlazeItFg,zale023,gwapoman,Gennady12,HJIe6,axchris,btcAlice,IepDieWep,darthU,vinka76,mmhaimhai,dmtripp27,BitCoinMNR0,aembh,keian,ravenyrolle,prinzshera,togiy,derbysre,abamatinde,MrNice23,Kargai,Dboyeric,ronaldo718,Bitcoinmnr,kargai,morniazy,Ssociety,ayeshill,Solicitor,kurian,maej
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    You just straight up SCREWED me over... Thought your word was good...yeah RIGHT! Dude, keep it. Its a small price to see the real character of people..Kinda expected it to be honest... Home Depot has a half-price sale on rope of all types. Use it to buy some, and hang yourself
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    Lololol, Caroll Not wearing it all the time, obviously... it would be awkward!
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    Girls, does not matter who will be in top 3 but all of you can count on me as well.. So as we have 17 entrances so far I can't promise much but at least 10k for each one of you that won't be in top 3 I am going to help you @maverick528.. So girls, you already have a minimum of 13k for now.. If everyone could help with a small amount that will not hurt your balance I am pretty sure we could do it even better and support our sweety girls @Jenn09 @neya @boykamatis @Gidi @Zy15 @lili angkasa @jamelyn @mmhaimhai @connesa @ravenyvolle @Tib1213 @Danica22 @kwetiaw_goreng @jm16ramos @Bes19 @btcAlice @Milica I can't talk about others but I hope my streamers can help with some satoshis as well for the girls.. what about @OlegBarca @shinjo @Bubbura???
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    600k won here waiting until 1M

    good luck bro
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    All or nothing from faucet

    All or nothing from faucet can work if your lucky and its little risk if its only faucet u can yolo at 1x -1.2x and switch sides every 2-3 bets whiles maxing and if your lucky you could get 30+ green and be on your way to having a bank to play with tho its not a strategy for the weak u must have balls to use this
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    0.004 lost in one go

    This higher the risk the more reds you will endure for sure and let me give you an early warning on any given day those 13 can easily be 20 trust me I blew my first 0.03 building over weeks in a few seconds on 100x change to 2x lost 0.02 from the redsea lol.........but then like you said this is not a play thing this is the real real deal lol .....so that is life lol
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    If you ask for fast way, I will suggest gambling, but certainly not the best way to get Bitcoin, because the rate of busting could be volatile. But gambling the little you have with good strategy can take you close or even you promise land. Peace
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    Scam Accusation - imonit

    For me this smells much worse now, he was on PD chatbox AND we could see that he moved money to his bank account, so there was money on his main account. As far as I know, he promised to pay but did not do it. If you are on PD, and have some funds, why not pay at least some of your loans???. Hope that I am very wrong, but entering in PD just to move funds to your bank account for me it screams that its a scammer moving out the funds of his main account before being banned. And probably withdrawed already from his bank account. Looks very very suspicious. If Im wrong I will apologise, but............
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    PD poem I'm gonna write this off the top of the head, Prime Dice what can be said? The place you go before bed. Sometimes you win, more often you lose, They have giveaways just don't snooze. Love the people, but hate my luck, Lucky for me i don't give a f**k. With that being said, Its time for bed.
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    Primedice: Where you rage in chat when your balance goes flat. Not the rosiest depiction, but it gives a snapshot of what often happens here. =P
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    Scam Accusation - imonit

    Well, he asked for 0.02 loan and said it would be for 48h max. (he made 3 topics on forum asking for loans in the same night) then when the 48h were gone he came to chat saying that the man that sells him bitcoin didn't appear and he would pay in the next day... then asked for 0.02 more and as he is VIP I did loan again.. Right after I have seen @ravenyvolle sending him tip as well.. and for what I got to know on PD chat yesterday he got also loans from @niceonelook @Pitbully and @gwapoman.. not sure if there are more users that lent him money or no as he uses to ask people to send loans in private. So well, as he is already 3 days delayed and haven't logged in PD to say anything in the past over 24h, I am requesting his ban for scamming at least 5 of PD users.
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    well i have been giving alot of ppl giveaways as tips in the chat of primedice but now i will make it every here and then to give from the forums so i get more popular lol. first 100 people put ur nickname here i will be giving 0.002 to each one in total of 0.2 btc soo lets see