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    I am opening this topic so that ppl can post their comments here about MissPD 2017 contest, because if u post comments in the contest topic they are deleted (or not, depends on who are you). The rules of the MissPd 2017 contest apparently permit that ppl can make posts if they are offering giveaways for the contestants. "Just those who wants to contribute to the award leave message here what amount and for what you send it to me." I made yesterday a post that was deleted 30 secs later, as all my other posts, so I´m posting it again here: I dont think its fair that only the 3 top MissPD contestans get a prize. All the other ladies should get at least a small consolation prize because they spent their time and work on preparation, shooting the pics and uploading. So I want to donate at least 3k sats (as my funds allow in the moment) for each contestant not in the top 3, it is very few money I know but I expect somebody else will contribute too....
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    Wolfgames whitelist

    Wolfgames is an in chat multigame platform with games such as rool hunt,high or low,trivia and quest,maths and various other games that allow users to jave a chance at reciveing prizes.WolfGames is a self and group funded game sponsered by myself and other member of the community if you feel the need to donate towards its fund you can send donation to the acct named:WolfGames. Below you will find the white listing for this game that shows who is able to play List All support and mod staff MateuszHDHR1,misvroxt,Bitcoinani,Jenn09,kimpotxx,dave1984,boykamatis,Morros,Jaym,hasirama,Bes19,npredtorch,Carollzina,Shinjo,cryptscoinsmaliafka,BabyLund,Dihru,oodlecoins,Han2x,Bubbura,skanderkrid,felipev1994,Blindme,77kdub,FreddyKruger,niceone6,jamelyn,lolgato,ibVVVVVC,mimoza1984,anan3169,momo,maverick528,firavan1,1RegisterNow,420BlazeItFg,zale023,gwapoman,Gennady12,HJIe6,axchris,btcAlice,IepDieWep,darthU,vinka76,mmhaimhai,dmtripp27,BitCoinMNR0,aembh,keian,ravenyrolle,prinzshera,togiy,derbysre,abamatinde,MrNice23,Kargai,Dboyeric,ronaldo718,Bitcoinmnr,kargai,morniazy,Ssociety,ayeshill,Solicitor,kurian,maej
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    PD Member makeup

    Was curious where the majority of members are from and left is vague on the poll to not pinpoint to hard. Reason I ask this question is I see one Country highly active in the forums and want to see if it rings true or its just a perception. Thanks for voting.
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    ( week 2 )Nitrogensports Tournaments, Bitace 300mbtc Freeroll,Jul 10 2017 4:00 AM.. Registration Starts: Jul 6 2017 4:00 AM Prize pool: 250 mbtc and an additional 50mbtc free sports bet for the player that knocks out 'Bitedge (189) . Payouts Position Amount 1 75.01 mbtc 2 50.01 mbtc 3 30.01 mbtc 4 23.12 mbtc 5 18.75 mbtc 6 15.62 mbtc 7 13.12 mbtc 8 10.62 mbtc 9 8.12 mbtc 10 5.62 mbtc how to join: 1. go to https://bitace.com/bitcoin-poker-tools-and-resources/exclusive-300-mbtc-nitrogen-poker-freeroll/ 2. join with signup via our referral link .( Previous players who have joined in Bitace 300mbtc Freeroll "week 1" ,can directly register ) 3. login with anonymous account 4.go to tournaments lobby 5. enter Bitace 300mbtc Freeroll and click register 6. done..succeess!!! Goodluck!!
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    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan! As we are approaching an amazing milestone of hitting 18 billion bets, we were thinking to do a giveaway for it! The giveaway consists of 2 parts. Part I is to guess when exactly we will reach the 18th billion bets. For that you need to post a simple date (UTC) in this 24hour format (day.month.year hour:minute:second) with your PD username: username: Zoltan date: 15.07.2017 14:56:23 Whoever will be the closest, will get 0.01 BTC! Entries will be accepted until we reach bet ID 17,990,000,000. Part II will be to hit exactly the 18th billion bet or close to it with minimum 100 satoshi. To be eligible you need to post your PD username and bet ID in the following format: username: Zoltan bet ID: 18,000,000,000 The prizes will be the following: 1st closest to 18,000,000,000 gets 0.05 BTC 2nd 0.01 BTC 3rd 0.005 BTC 4th-10th 0.002 BTC 11-20th 0.001 BTC If there is a draw like someone posts bet ID 18,000,000,001 and someone posts bet ID 17,999,999,999 then the higher bet amount takes priority! If there is still a draw, then prizes will be split! Only one prize per user! If we catch you abusing this competition you will also be banned from all future giveaways/contests! Use a Timezone Converter to help you put your prediction in your local timezone. You can always check for current giveaways on the official Primedice website: https://giveaways.primedice.com/ Thanks to Carollzinha for the idea! Good luck everyone and have fun!
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    The Bet

    It had started a couple days earlier, my friend had stopped by and i had showed him what i was doing on PD. He <3 it btw. Anyways.. about 3 days ago, I had nada... nothing... zilch; 0 and dev/null. So what to do... Well, I heard that forum was paying out pretty good, so went and started to write articles. quality articles. no spamming. but enough to get me 100k in 1-2 days, which i then transferred to my pd account. Which of course I started to gamble with.... I mean, besides my time to write an article, the 100k was basically FREE BTC. yeah i know right. Anyways... I took the 100k to the fame room, and started my bets. Further @WolfBain runs wolfgames, woohoo \o/ but yeah did well there also... After another day or two, of forum, gambling, games and tips, I had amassed a wealth of around 450k HEY, not bad... but enough of the prelude, back to the bet. I had 450k in the acount... what to do.. the other day my friend suggested i just bet 150 of the 450. ftw. and im like nono, no, nono... But it resonated with me deep into my soul... why not... again it was Free btc..... why not..... So, I woke up this morning, got my coffee ready, check all my clients, did my social... and opened PD. LETS DOIT!!!! screamed in my head.... my Friend stopped in for morn coffee... I sd Chuck, fuckit lets DOEET... Ist ROLL OF THE DAY.... SOOOOO.............. I put 82K on the Line and rolled @50% and geuss what? See attached Image.
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    My 1st Giveway! Roll Hunt!

    Hi Guys!I am Abdullah! My 1st Giveway will be little but you can get big money with this! from 17,898,415,000 First 2 winner 5k Hunt 69.31 write with username and bet ID for Egzample username : anan3169 bet 17,898,415,000 Gl All Guys!
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    Apply for Wolfgames whitelist

    pd username: ronaldo718 except from betting all time lets have some fun in trivias and other games!
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    My 1st Giveway! Roll Hunt!

    Very nice of you to make a giveaway!! TY very much!! Good luck to all hunters !!! @anan3169 is there a minimum satoshi bet? Bet must be green or red or doesn´t matter?
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    Apply for Wolfgames whitelist

    Username : misvroxt Hi wolfbain I'm very interested for wolfgames. Please include me in your whitelist. Thnx... Go wolf
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    Another DMT strat

    So on this one you will need/do the following: Starting balance:0.001 Base Bet 0.0000005 Sats Payout 11.1111 increase on lose 13.5% Don't let it run forever as you will bust but without being to unlucky you should be able t run it for 15-20 mins take a break change seeds whatever it is you do when you take breaks
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    Thank you, @Carollzinha We will keep on doing our best and add some additional 10% to the 100% we're giving now!
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    Sorry to be blunt here, but I don't consider your 'streaming giveaway' threads as quality posts at all. Users will end up giving you reputation points for your threads either ways because its a 'giveaway' so yeah it works for you streamers to end up on top of the boards while people struggling to make quality posts will remain below.
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    Apply for Wolfgames whitelist

    username:keian i love to play games