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    2 Million Users Giveaway!

    We see a tremendous amount of abuse in this (and other) giveaways that makes me really sad. Be aware that we will block any users we find abusing giveaways and contest not only for the current one but also all future giveaways and contests. We are also considering further steps, too. People abusing Primedice's generousity this way make a huge part of the reasons of why we can't have some nice things - so please understand that we have a 0-tolerance policy there.
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    2 Million Users Giveaway!

    Moderators and support working together on this one, 0-tolerance confirmed
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    2 Million Users Giveaway!

    Giveaway is now officially over. We will review the data and payouts will be done after it has been finalized.
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan! Every Sunday at midday UTC the people who received the most positive reputation will receive up to 0.02 BTC each. If you feel you're being abused (Negged for no reason etc.) PM Zoltan. If you neg someone be sure to reply/quote as to why. Similar to upvoting. If we catch you abusing this competition you will also be banned from all future giveaways/contests! Prizes: 1st: 0.02 BTC 2nd: 0.015 BTC 3rd: 0.01 BTC 4th: 0.01 BTC 5th: 0.005 BTC Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway period ends in your local timezone. You can always check for current giveaways also on the official Primedice website: https://giveaways.primedice.com Good luck everyone and have fun!
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    Hey that's my first giveaway in here ! I just earned 100k from the forum and made some earnings with it and I want to give 30k as thanks to the PD community So I ll just random select 3 persons from the 50 first comments <3 SO comment with ur pd name just 1 comment is allowed if u d like to change the selectment method just tell me I ll do a lot more giveaways to get more popular lol. ty primedice <3
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    Bitcoin Whitepaper

    Have you ever read Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper on Bitcoin? https://bitcoin.com/bitcoin.pdf I suggest you give it a read if you would like to know how Bitcoin exactly works without any flaws in the system.
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    Имя пользователя: biggad Дата: 19.07.2017 17:26:39 Долгое время уже предлагалось на форуме сделать бонус за юбилейный ролик)
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    100x payout method

    What do you guys of this method ( i haven't tried it yet and i want to ask you if you have already tried it ) basebet of 100 payout 100x on loss increase by 1% on win reset to base should have about 100k in the bank it should strike the under 1 or over 99 in the 230 attempts to make profit otherwise you loose all your money ( a little bit risky yeah )
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    i am glad that i am one of your alts @Carollzinha but you must also be thankful that you have the best alts like me, @maverick528 and @maliafka
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    It was a dark and stormy night... I had just settled in for a round of dice. coffee was warm and the cigarette lite; I had 100k in the this account so was gtg, or was I. Everything started as normal, rolling, wining, looses, stay even.. as was good. little here, little there... It was slow, but steady growth. Then it hit me. I had played lady luck too long and it was time to pay. I had been hard, kicked in the btc... playing @50% had finally taking its toll... 10 reds over 50% in a row; I had busted... but how, how could this be? everything was running so smoothly. What could I do... aha, I could go on; it had to even out again, I had to get 10 green in a row; dint i? So, I transferred 100k outta Dicebot; fk him lol. I started rolling, large scale, betting 10k a round, doubling on loss; hit, hit, hit, yes it was working... I made back 50k in less than 10 rolls... I was hot, I continued, lowered the bet to 1k tripling on loss, bam hit again and again.. before i know i was down 25k HY! Go Boi... ended up rolling 1k reset on base till i was tied in my rolls again. and when it was all over, i was only down 12k
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    btcAlice giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

    And now, the first question. What's inside Jes... ? _ _ n e _ _ _
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    btcAlice giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

    The minimum of transfer to pd is 100k. But you can transfer to the user atleast 10k
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    If you think being a streamer is a good and easy way to earn reputations you can be a streamer as well.. And about the alts yeah I got 15 alts myself and some of them you know and think are different person but well, they are just my alts.. their names? @ronaldo718 @maliafka @maverick528 and so on.. all my alts
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    Sorry to be blunt here, but I don't consider your 'streaming giveaway' threads as quality posts at all. Users will end up giving you reputation points for your threads either ways because its a 'giveaway' so yeah it works for you streamers to end up on top of the boards while people struggling to make quality posts will remain below.
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    Mga munting paalala ;)

    yehey salamat sa paalala at sana wag talaga mang abuso ang iba para lang sa satoshi. mygod!! may pride paba cla.lol goodluck everyone maging masaya lang po tayo dito lets take it forever and claim our pride as PH <3
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    Still in Beta right now, will be automated soon enough.
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    I don't really see how streamers can leave you guys behind @zale023.. each member can only give 1 reputation a day, a total of 7 per week.. for sure they are not spending with streamers if they don't really think the streamer deserves these reputations.. this is why this giveaway is Heros of the Week, to incentive people to create interesting content on forum, not only spam all over it
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    [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!

    I am not sure if you guys realised that you can give reputation only once a day so well, if the users think the streamers deserve it there is not much @hui or @Zoltan can do because after all streamers are also an active part of the forum
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    Nominate someone for faucet whitelist

    Hoping to find the answer to your question. Please watch this video. Player DreamStage gets it from captcha 3 122 Satos. Everyone around me say that the video is filmed a long time ago. the rate of live Bet:17679787268. 28.06.2016 She's old? I'm tired of hearing the answer that this is not true. It was action and stuff. What is the active player. Show me an active player?! Which is not even a VIP! It's just a slap in the face to those who actually makes the Deposit.
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    Giveaway! *Roll Hunt*

    I got last one 67.89 b:17,869,930,729
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    From faucet to thousands

    I just made. 01 from faucet
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    PD, no doubt.. @Irena @Bojana @Mirela @Vladimir and @Milan are the bests <3
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    Нельзя доверять обычно такие сервисы со временем кидают людей и закрываются
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    страны СНГ,Германия,Польша
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    Мемы для Прайма! :)

    Не гневайся
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    What movie you've seen is the last days

    Last night i watch King Arthur & the other day i watch Power Ranger ? both nice movies