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    Edit: This is now closed, feel free to post free reviews on your favourite websites however! - How to claim your BTC: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/43-write-a-review-for-a-website-and-get-0001-btc-each/ Go to https://forum.cryptogambling.org Write a short, 4 - 8 sentence review on a website under the verified & non verified websites forum sections and we will pay you 0.001 BTC. Once you write a review post here with how many reviews you've done & your BTC address. Reviews which are not up to standards (Good grammar, good content, relevant content etc.) will be deleted and you will not be paid. You post the reviews under the topic for the relevant website as a post reply. Link to verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/54-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Link to non verified operators: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/forum/55-non-verified-operators-feedback-complaints-discussion/ Post any questions here.
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    100k Forum and Primedice Balance Jackpot Ticket Price: 1k Forum or Primedice Balance Total Ticket: 100 only Jackpot: 1st place - 55k (or 55% of the bank) 2nd place - 25k (or 25% of the bank) 3rd place - 15k (or 15% of the bank) Remaining: 39 tickets (05 Dec 2017 19:30 UTC) RULES: To participate in Givawey you must send me 1k Satoshi to my account on the forum or in the game. FAQ 1. How to buy lottery ticket? A: You can send me 1k Satoshi to my account on the forum or in the game 2: Can i buy more than 1 ticket ? A: No, One member =One Ticket only, 3. When jackpot end? A: When all the 100 lottery tickets are sold or last Date 05 December 2017 4: How to choose Winner ? A: I choose winner , Random.org I will try to make a giveaway live, so that everything is honest! Good luck to all! 😄 P.S. I leave myself only 5% for organizing, advertising and conducting! Ticket numbers: 01. CaptainLorca 02. Kurian 03. Cayenne78 04. muxamor2000 05. Yaronovich 06. UltraChief 07. SK678 08. garlicbread 09. roycephus 10. dubultkraans 11. athena2007 12. rembo2 13. Noahbreezy 14. Darko 15. Jaybuds 16. ravenyvolle 17. Mistletoe 18. moka5555 19. Zephiera 20. bojana 21. Ssociety 22. Dan 23. daemon777 24. carlooch 25. TheFrog 26. Zoltan 27. Serlite 28. Megabetz 29. PARANORMAL 30. Lexus19 31. viktor777777 32. badguy69 33. ktfor57 34. Jinchuriki 35. kristoffff 36. ibrahimsaed 37. dolphinpuke 38. maverick528 39. Irena 40. Mirela 41. Katarina 42. Jelena 43. Robear 44. eldrindcm 45. Gannicus 46. nytewind 47. jbenjaminy 48. singpays 49. trisha22 50. lay666 51. tromani 52. TheShadyBank 53. GeertBank 54. hawk1987 55. qpbITbqpbITb 56. Sraboni 57. Partyboy04 58. pigDuk 59. CrazyHatter 60. Kurbla81 61. mixail350 62.
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    I have decided to make a return to PD not sure if it is to gamble or just catch up with some old friend and meet some new ones. However i would like to make this a interactive diary of sorts as a way to track my win and losses by the day if i do. plus people can get to know me and ask me any questions they might have. Give it a more personal touch.
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    Welcome back mate, good to see you. Don't feel obligated to gamble all the time, in fact, don't even feel like you have to gamble at all. PD is all about building a community around the gaming platform. I know that people often think that you are required to because you are here, but it doesn't really work like that for us. The only time you should gamble is when YOU want to. And even then, only do it if you;re having fun. Gambling is a form of entertainment. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and take advantage of the other aspects of PD life.
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    "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamato" A bitcoin enthusiast known as @con_artist on twitter has been revealing cryptic clues regarding the private key for a a bitcoin address holding 4.87 BTC! People from all over have been frantically trying to solve this epic puzzle to unlock the key to $72,000 USD. Address: https://blockchain.info/address/1FLAMEN6rq2BqMnkUmsJBqCGWdwgVKcegd What do you guys think? If anyone can solve this I would not be angry for 1% of the winnings for showing it to you
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    Thank you, @Kurian, for the quick help and reply. Let us know if everything worked well, @Han2x, so that we could lock this one
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    So I have decided to start by Bank service for the PrimeDice users. I have seen many people in the forum asking for loans, exchanges and forum credits and so I am willing to help them out. 1. LOANS Rules: 1. I will lend bitcoins only against valid collaterals. 2. No collateral = No loan (but there are exceptions). 3. Repeat what was written in the first 2 rules. Only after reading the first two rules properly, read the fourth rule. 4. I can give non-collateral loans for a proper signed message for your bitcoin address - how to do that? read here : https://www.cryptocompare.com/wallets/guides/how-to-sign-a-message-with-electrum/ You cannot do that with an exchange address. 5. However maximum non-collateral loan that I can give is 100k Satoshi. More than that I will need a valid collateral as well. 6. Make a request with the proper format given below and I will look into your request when I come online. 7. I can accept or deny a loan at my own discretion. Interest rates: Based on the time period for which the loan is taken. <7 days - 10% 7 - 14 days - 12% 14 - 28 days - 15% >1 month - 20% but negotiable What collaterals are accepted? 1. I am currently accepting non-collateral loans for people whom I trust personally and with those whom I have done deals before. Not every newbie here who has a good profit on PrimeDice or Stake gets to get a loan here. 2. I will accept altcoins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum. I accept Forum Credits as well. 3. I do not accept any forum accounts or any other digital goods. 4. I also accept Ether tokens subject to probation from my side. I may deny the request of loan if I feel that the token is not worth the loan. 5. You can also make a request here with your own offering of collateral. I will look into it. How much collateral is needed? Collateral must be 110% of the loan amount. This means if you are taking a loan of "n" BTC against collateral of LTC then value of collateral = n*1.1*(LTC/BTC exchange rate) Dont worry I will post the calculation here for your ease. Similar goes for other coins as well. Rates will be taken from coinmarketcap, if the rates fluctuate too much then I might not give the loan immediately. Collateral must be secured by me before I send the loan. Give me some time for that. Extensions In case you are unable to pay the loan in time I will give you one and only one extension = a period of 7 days to maximum of 14 days. After that you are not entitled to any more extensions and I will start a scam accusation against you and confiscate the collateral (if any). However this is subject to my decision and I may offer a longer extension if I find your reason worth believing. Not that every sob story will earn an extension. If you default your loan then I will sell the collateral. However I will contact you once and only once before I proceed with the same. This is not a complete set of guidelines. I may edit modify or add new rules as I deem fit. How to request a loan? Post the form with details as given below in this thread. DO NOT PM me here or on Primedice! I will confirm or deny your request and post in the thread. Loan amount : Reason : Collateral offered : Time period for loan : Date of repayment (dd/mm/yyyy) : Amount to be paid back : Repayment Address : 2.Exchange Service Currency exchange from one crypto to another. I dont deal in fiat and any Paypal or so. Only crypto exchanges. Also I only deal with the top few altcoins. Dont expect to find every other altcoin in the universe to be exchangeable with me. I will accept or deny the request at my own discretion. My earning will be 20% of the exchange. Keep that in mind before placing any order. But you are free to negotiate. Accepted currencies : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin. Request currency exchange in the following format. Type of exchange - currency 1 > currency 2 (meaning you have currency 1 and want currency 2) Amount: Reason: 3. Forum credits ↔ PrimeDice satoshi transfer I can receive forum credits and transfer credits to your Primedice account. However only amounts greater than 70k forum credits will be transferred. I will accept or deny the request at my own discretion. My earning will be 20% of the exchange. Keep that in mind before placing any order. But you are free to negotiate. Request forum credit transfer in the following format. Forum credit offered : Record of open loans : MrKnight8686 - 0.06 ETH - by 30th december 2017 carlooch - 350k satoshi - by 21st december 2017 JenFromCA - 220k satoshi - by 18th december 2017 Eugene265 - 200k satoshi - by 24th december 2017 Faris93 - 250k satoshi - by 18th december 2017 togiy - 50k satoshi - by 21st december 2017 september20 - 150k - by 20th december 2017 Records of all settled loans/exchanges till date : [Successful = 15, Defaulted/Scammed = 1] 1.Name of Borrower : @MrKnight8686 Borrowed 0.001 BTC | Returned 0.0018 BTC (No Collateral) 2.Name of Borrower : @MrKnight8686 Borrowed 0.02 ETH | Returned 0.025 ETH (Collateral - Bitcoin collateral to my Primedice account) 3.Forum > PD Funds Exchange : @mgod Amount 0.0005 BTC 4.Name of Borrower : @MrKnight8686 Borrowed 0.0015 BTC | Returned 0.0022 BTC (No Collateral) 5.Name of Borrower : @chaitanya Borrowed 0.001 BTC| Returned 0.0013 BTC (No Collateral) 6.Name of Borrower : @carlooch Borrowed 0.002 BTC| Returned 0.00224 BTC (No Collateral) 7.Currency Exchange : @ravenyvolle 0.01ETH| Received 0.0004 BTC 8.Name of Borrower : @carlooch Borrowed 0.004 BTC| Returned 0.00415 BTC (No Collateral) [Made profit and returned within 10 minutes!] 9.Name of Borrower : @Dboyeric Borrowed 0.002 BTC| Returned 0.0022 BTC (No Collateral) 10.Forum > PD Funds Exchange : @connesa Amount 0.0005 BTC 11.Name of Borrower : @Eugene265 Borrowed 0.0025 BTC| Returned 0.00275 BTC (No Collateral) [Fastest repayment in my whole ledger. Repaid within 30 seconds!] 12.Name of Borrower : @FBGYVKSN13 Borrowed 0.001 BTC | DEFAULTED. OPEN SCAM ACCUSATION. 13.Name of Borrower : @Faris Borrowed 0.001 BTC| Returned 0.0011 BTC (No Collateral) 14.Name of Borrower : @Noahbreezy Borrowed 0.001 BTC| Returned 0.0015 BTC (No Collateral) 15.Name of Borrower : @september20 Borrowed 0.0008 BTC| Returned 0.00096 BTC (No Collateral) 16.Name of Borrower : @athena2007 Borrowed 0.00003 BTC| Returned 0.00004 BTC (No Collateral)
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    Hi Guys, Found this on bitcointalk the other day. I noticed a few of you were there when it happened. How crazy good is this!?!? I'm so jealous.
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    Which one are u like this guy's.Blow the comment (↓ This is Lazy ) (↓ This one is Crazy ) (↓ This one is smart ) (↓ This one is Mother with kid )
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    we in philippines we really love sweet style spaghetti.
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    Eminem - Walk on water
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    It is "The Spectre" And it is "Alan Walker" Please guys dont edit your posts as it make hard to know if you did edit before of after the first right reply after you (in that case the first right reply after you gonna win)
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    If BTC drops that low...I'm sure some people will buy it in bulk expecting it to rise again, but a lot of the everyday/casual users will have lost confidence in it as a store of value (which they're pushing as its primary use now). By the time it reaches such a low point, one of the other leading cryptocurrencies will have probably absorbed that disillusioned population of users and will end up dominating the cryptocurrency space. Although, if it collapses due to factors that affect all cryptocurrencies, it could still be the leader, just in a much smaller space...
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    It's in my post @Noahbreezy. Thanks @Bojana and @Kurian for the help. Already successful on changing link account.
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    You can edit your Primedice username on Edit profile section.. Go to your profile> > Edit profile (on the right side of your cover picture)>> edit PD username.
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    In our place, very few people knows about bitcoin , I guess they are not really exposed to internet and the web , I am lucky to get to know bitcoin this year In our place, very few people knows about bitcoin , I guess they are not really exposed to internet and the web , I am lucky to get to know bitcoin this year
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    There are situations when we don't have the answer or there is someone else that has the better answer, so we wait for that one to solve the issue (or at least try to). The same thing goes when it comes to 'suggestions' board, some things are just not in our jurisdiction to say 'yes' or 'no' to. I think most of the technical questions are solved without any delay. But thank you for pointing this out, we will try to be more effective in that field in the future.
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    @DMTripp27, as I already told you, we missed you a lot and you made us really worried! I'm so glad you're back, you know that.
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    Oh, you would love to see that? I want that!!! Like now!!! https://giphy.com/gifs/ySvtnaWkU5MAM/html5 Darko entertainment in short
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    Just a Couple of Reminders Mga Kababayan I know lahat tayo dito masaya dahil maliban sa bumalik na si Pay Per Post ay tumaas pa price ni Bitcoin ngayon. However, lets still be mindful sa activity natin, minsan nang nawala si PPP at pwedeng mangyari ulit yon kung maabuso nanaman ang incentive na to (alam yan lalo na ng mga taong matagal na dito sa forum). So please, bago pa tayo humantong duon, at mawalan ng "extra pinag kakakitaan", maging mindful tayo sa mga pinopost natin para wala tayong pag sisihan sa huli: Here's a refresher sa forum rules: 1. Spamming - anything na walang saysay at walang kinalaman sa thread topic. We are all happy to participate in type of discussion but lets make sure it is still relevant. 2. Duplicate topics - kahit sino naman di gusto makakita at sumagot ng paulit ulit na topic, please kung may naiisip tayo, check muna natin yung mga existing thread. 3. Pakikipag-away - let keep this section positive and nice. We are all here to have fun. For now, eto palang ang gusto kong ihighlight: but feel free to check the other rules here: Lets all take time to think about this. Sabi nga ng lahat, nasa huli ang pag sisisi. Wag natin hayaan mawala kung ano man meron tayo ngayon. Happy gambling and earning mga kababayan!
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    A message entitled " I am a traveler from the future. Please stop it" in 2013 amused many. User under the name Luka_Magnotta says writes 2025, when bitcoin became a threat to human civilization. The post claims that until 2015, the price of bitcoin will rise 10 times per year, then the growth will slow down twice. Thus, according to Luka_Magnotta, a bitcoin was worth $0.1 in 2010, $1 in 2011, $10 in 2012 and $100 in 2013. The next milestone, the user has named 2015 ($1000) 2017 — this year, "an alien from the future" predicted the overcoming the level of $ 10000. In 2019, he said, the BTC will cost $ 100,000, and 2021-Om $1 million after this coin will supposedly stop counting in dollars, because by this time the American currency will cease to exist
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    I am reporting user @FBGYVKSN13 for defaulting the loan I gave him: https://forum.primedice.com/topic/29174-ultrabank-loans-exchanges-forum-credits-your-one-stop-shop-for-all-financial-needs/?do=findComment&comment=179610 He has defaulted the loan and has not been responding me in primedice PM or forum PM. Hence I have to report this as scam. @Milan @Dan Please take the necessary steps.
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    On 12/6/2017 Primedice has reduced all users faucets to 100 satoshi. It doesn't matter if you are GOLD VIP or any VIP. If you earned a bigger faucet by wagering a lot of BTC on their site, it no longer matters. Supposedly there has been increased faucet abuse. All users have now been punished, because of the actions of a few bad eggs. This is a LAZY fix, that negatively impacts all of primedice users and VIP users. Even non-VIP users who have earned a bigger faucet, you are now back down to 100 satoshi. In my mind there is no incentive to be a VIP user, or try to become a VIP on primedice anymore.
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    I'm trying to interpret the symbols and I'm using my knowledge to do the best I can. I mostly know a lot about literature so i'm taking my shot with that.
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    Loans and any kind of borrowing threads are not up for discussion on chat. Moderators are very strict about it to avoid possible scams. I checked your profile and found that you have 0 profit and only 928 satoshis wagered. There is no wonder mod suspect you as a scammer (no offence). You are free to create a loan topic in https://forum.primedice.com/forum/lending/?id=84 this section. But, getting a loan depends upon your reputation and trust. Check chat rules by clicking the gear button under the chat box.
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    Creepy pasta is my favourite, if that's what we're talking about
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    Hello dear PD players. This is an easy thing to do but some have encountered issues with it. Go to Account>Settings, scroll down until you reach "Set recover email" field and in that field you need to enter an email that is not already linked to any Primedice account. Once you do that you will receive an email from us with a link inside it. Click on that link and your email is verified. If you don't receive mail from us soon please check your Spam and Trash folders as sometimes it can arrive there. Also, check if you still have "Set recover email" field under Account>Settings. If it is still there it means that you haven't inserted proper email and you have to try with different one. Hope this helps.
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    Locking this topic, sorry, your first post here cannot be asking for a loan, you need to earn credibility and/or have someone to vouch for you
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    Thank you. Now I want fusili with a damn good cheesesauce... haha
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    How about give back the faucets that we earned instead of this 100 Satoshi bullshit.
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    received a 100k loan from athena2007!
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    I think everyone who joins trading should know this and not buy into all sorts of fake information and FUD spread across the social media. Just because a project is popular does not mean it will return well in future. New traders should buy those coins that have been popular for some time already and then think about buying smaller penny altcoins. It always important to do a lot of research before investing in any new coin.
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    Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up
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    It's a song from Wham! the title is "wake me up, before you gogo" Discovered this group after watching Deadpool
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    Hello! In order for someone to give you a loan, you have to earn some good reputation first, and considering this is the first post here, and that people don't know you, I will lock this topic now.
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    Поддержу тему тоже своими фото)
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    20k sats? seriuosly????????
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    Here are the suggestions that I thought about recently: When someone reacts or quotes it will be better if all the notifications under a single thread is bunched up in a single notification. Otherwise it gets difficult and one may miss the important ones easily. Make a sponsored post in the forum frontpage. It should be something that gathers more users to the forum. Like some social media giveaway or stuff like that - which everyone sees when they come. Make a list of the trusted escrows agents here on the forum for the need of trades. Everyone is free to discuss these points with me if needed.
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    I would not suggest anyone to download something on their smartphones which claims to give free coins. It may do so but dont forget that the smartphone also has a lot of other sensitive accounts info and maybe a bitcoin or other crypto wallet installed in it. No wonder why people come with complaints of wallet getting hacked and cannot figure out where the malware was. Its on play store does not always mean its safe. So use it at your own risk.
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    There's a new Moon faucet available! For Dash this time! This is my referral link: http://moondash.co.in/?ref=E85AA2CB07DD For people who don't know what the Moon faucets are: The moon faucets are almost exactly the same as all other faucets. The only difference between a normal faucet and a moon faucet is that you can claim whenever you want. To make this work, the faucet works as follows. After claiming an amount the faucet will start building up again. So when you claim again after 5 mins, your Litecoin faucet might be at 400 Litoshi. But when you claim after an hour your faucet might be 4000 Litoshi. There also is a bonus in these faucets. SO when you claim everyday your bonus will increase by 1% a day. And there also is a mystery bonus, which gives you a random amoutn between 100 and 1%. So if you claim everyday for 100 days you'll already double every claim. And when you add the mystery bonus you can multiply up to 3 times that faucet. It doesn't matter if you don't have a DASH, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin wallet since you can just create a coinpot account which has all of the wallets included. You can create your Coinpot wallet here: https://coinpot.co . And if you have a specific address for these currencies you don't need Coinpot. Remember: referral links do not take away your profit. We already know: MoonBitcoin Referral link: http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=4c391c30713b MoonDogecoin Referral link: http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=f2e42240888a MoonLitecoin Referral link: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=496c381d220e
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    HG has been hold for while now because of issues and reasons, some of them being personal, some of them not being personal, won't go into depth about it. There was a point were some of the funds got stolen/lost/missing, but that has been paid back out of my own pocket and no, I didn't take the bacon for myself. As everyone knows HG was thought out by ledust, he started working on the code, and unixpunk finished it and has always done the updates as well. For those that don't know, there came a point where HG got stale, there wasn't enough coin to run it continually, the players spammed ledust and unixpunk till the point of them not wanting to run it anymore. API was also changing a lot back then* etc. I spoke to ledust and unix about taking it off of their hands, so they could rest a while and they agreed. Since then I've primarily been running it and talking to unixpunk and bojana about the updates where they are needed. (just some history for context) Bojana has put in a lot of effort to get HG steady funds, so every time you see it being tipped by one of the support, that's because of her. She has helped weed out many abusers and leeches and has been very active in this regard. So if you are added in the whitelist or have played it before, always remember to say thanks to the *Fathers* of HG, and the *mother of dragons* in helping with it all.. Ledust, UnixPunk, bojana.. Most of the problems are sorted out and we will be running it again. Will handle or try to handle any new ones that come along. The update that I was hoping for, hasn't happened yet, but fingers crossed, it might still come
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    Usually they tend to screen new accounts I think for being potential alts that are trying to get the edge by having more than one account in chat for giveaways. Least thats how I used to see it go down when I watched. Other aspect is they tend to only watch chat during giveaways and just repeat what you say and move on. Some streamers do not even look at chat and just watch the numbers. Which streamers are you attempting to get in contact with?
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    ну я в общем имел в виду... хотел просто понять..из тех кто тут рассуждает о крипте и прочем.. на сколько они "в теме" просто порой очень смешно..заглядываю все еще иногда в чат и смешно когда кто то обсуждает судьбу битка и прочего ) а сейчас нужно быть " в теме" позже "вход" будет гораздо дороже! так что не рассуждайте..а действуйте... старайтесь всеми силами войти в этот рынок... но к слову... майнинг далеко не лучший вариант входа.
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    They need to accept the upcoming HolyCoin https://theholycoin.com/
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    Hello all, Thank you for participating in the Talkative giveaway and keeping the forum alive. All the eligible users have received the share of 0.1 BTC which was 0.005 BTC per user. The winners are: Russia777777 kurian MrsRabMalfoy bakha0588 Bitcoinani Ssociety ampula Carollzinha Asombroso Kargai MrKnight8686 Noahbreezy Bitlol22 DreamStage PARANORMAL 1BTCbank Mistletoe zambidis mg0d badguy69 Wish you the best and hope to see more participants in the future.
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    Well, finally we decided to post our pictures here. So, here you go, one normal, one not so much! Luv ya, girls! @Mirela @Bojana
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    The bitcoin values have increased which presumably means the site is earning more too? One BTC a day in faucet - how much more is gained in profits? The faucet is a big incentive for some to come to the site... and the idea that it could be built up from rolling more worked well. It offered a certain amount of fallback when one lost - which with the odds as they are... is going to happen else the site would not be in business - right? Take away that incentive and you essentially go back on what had already been promised - that's risky business - not in the sense that people will suddenly quit the site but that the site's integrity is brought into question. Before you redesign the faucet you should honour the old one. That said, if it is getting expensive then reduce the amount you give to the initial joiners and not just in how much they roll but how long they have been with the site. Calculate a percentage of the amount invested into the site by the user as well as the time they have been with the site as well the number of rolls they have made and even the amount they have participated in chat. Don't just hit out at those who have built up their faucet over a time and slash them down without any thought of consequence. To decree something and then break that decree for whatever reasons - is still a broken promise and has energetic repercussions. The universe has ways of balancing itself and you have just significantly increased the odds of hufflepuff 2.0 turning up. You could probably set it up so that instead of, or as well as users simply answering a captcha - they could do something meaningful for those brief seconds - something that actually adds value to the world. It's hard to say without access to the figures but I imagine the number of captchas submitted each day on the faucets is quite considerable. This "work" could be directed into something more profitable for the community or even the world at large... there might even be a way to offset the cost by doing some kind of crowdsourcing exercise - an honourable one, not just for profit - it might require a bit of programming but what doesn't these days? With the numbers on this site - sure they are brought here by greed for the most part... but there must be a way of encouraging some positive emotion - rather than persuading them to make lots of noise in a chat on giveaways - you might encourage them to unite in some way and achieve something more lasting than a crazy 30 minutes of subservient behaviour in a giveaway to satisfy their greed. https://www.wethinq.com/en/blog/2014/08/12/39-Great-Crowdsourcing-Examples.html "In equal measure, those that have more must love those that have less, and those who have less will love those that have given more of themselves to equal the playing field, with a hand of kindness that has both hands turned up and never one hidden behind the back." - Lujan Matus