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    Presenting this Week’s interview with the winner of Miss Primedice…. ledust: Hello Nimfomanka! Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. Nimfomanka: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you and to tell you a little about myself! ledust: Congratulations on the 1st place win in the Miss Forum PD contest! Were you surprised by the outcome? Nimfomanka: Honestly, yes. I did not expect to win with such beautiful girls in the community. ledust: I notice you speaking in Russian and English, can you tell us a little about yourself and the country you reside in? Nimfomanka: I live in the Ukraine, Poltava. I love my country and I hope that we will all live well. I work a little and raise my little daughter Zlata. I'm actively looking for my prince to take care of us. ledust: What is your favorite part of the PrimeDice community? Nimfomanka: I like all of PrimeDice. I enjoy all the pages from back to cover. ledust: Do you have any hobbies outside of gambling? Nimfomanka: Yes, I do. I like to discover confident, active, beautiful, strong, wise guys.: X ledust: What is your favorite genre of music? Would you be willing to share your current favorite song with us? Nimfomanka: I listen to calm music, which I find positive. I enjoy listening to Madonna and Justin Timberlake. My favorite song is "My Love" by Timberlake. ledust: If you won the 100bitcoin jackpot, what would be some of the first things that you would do with your winnings? Nimfomanka: It would rain for all friends and forum members. I would also like to travel to America, Canada and to the far corners of the world! ledust: What is your favorite food? Nimfomanka: My eyes will never be drawn from pizza and sushi. When I see them, everything fades into the background. ledust: Who is the most influential person in your life? Nimfomanka: My father. He does not live with us, but he is always watching my daughter. ledust: What do you believe constitutes true beauty? Nimfomanka: This is the soul. All of this makes us human. True beauty lies in one’s actions and way of life. ledust: Who do you think is the sexiest man alive? Nimfomanka: The most sexy man for me would have to be the Hollywood actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ledust: If you were isolated on a island and could bring three items, what would they be? Nimfomanka: Good question. It would be my cosmetic bag, my cellphone and some erotic literature ;p ledust: A lot of members love to share their pets, do you own any with some pictures of them you would care to share or just some information about them? Nimfomanka: We have a cat. I can not imagine my life without its purring affection. ledust: If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be? Nimfomanka: As my username suggests, Nymphomaniac, it would be my great love for all people! Thank you for reading this week’s interview. Everyone has their own unique way of communicating and contributing to Primedice, if you have a story to share please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a good week and enjoy!
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    So last night i was so eager to play but i can't make any depo coz fee was .001 lol So a friend of mine sent me a 10k tip. I tried a new strategy from my friend which is 77.77% win chance on manual bet. I started with 2k bet and when i hit 3 consecutive greens, i always lessen my bet up to 300 sats. Whenever i get 3-4 consecutive reds, i go all in. From 10k i reach .0037 in 15 minutes of doing it. Even my friends @ravenyvolle @neya and @kate3003 made a profit out of this strategy (coz we all tried this last night). When i reach .005 i changed my strat into 9x and busted it all xD. You can also try this even with small balance you just need to follow your guts if you will change side or not. Good luck guys and gals! P.S this strategy is tiring but it's worth it
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    Everyone knows @Carollzinha goes cocopuffs over me I'll choooooooose @hui because he would treat me nice and buy me fancy things.
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    just want to share my lucky hit last night. and atlast i hit 9900x. i feel so happy because its really my first time to hunt. and gotcha:)
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    Thank you for joining me on this interview @Bojana! It is a pleasure! Thank you for having me @ledust, I love reading these, and now being a part of one feels out of this world! I would say most users on Primedice know you as one of the Support staff, but how long have you been with us now? I have had my account on Primedice since 2016. When I first met Micro, I made it out of curiosity. I really didn't think I would be working for PD one day! So for anyone that isn't aware, where are you from? Also, are you single? Hahaha, birds on branches know that the Support staff is located in Serbia. Hhhhhmmm, what do you think?! *wink-wink* Joking! I've been engaged for 8 months now What do you enjoy most about your job? I grew very fond of the PD community, and made quite a few friends online from all over the world. I love talking to them and I hope to meet them one day at a grand PD party! (pls, @Edward! ) I also enjoy helping people in general; the majority of users exit our tickets happy and with their problems solved, which is fulfilling for me. I love the office and I always saw myself in a job that involves English on a regular basis, helping and educating others. I adore my colleagues, @MICRO is the best boss ever, and the boys and girls make me love coming to work everyday! ❤️ Music is something you have shared with me, allowing me to find great new artists, so I am curious, what is your current favorite music track to listen to? Music is a big part of my life... I can not pass a day without some new tunes, but my current obsession would be Chet Faker, his voice is so soothing. On a scale of 1-10, how weird are you? *blows-up the scale by throwing a Molotov cocktail on it, soaks it into sulphuric acid and burns it with a flame-thrower* I am a sweetheart! If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? *meows* Is this even a question?! *purrs* I know we had once spoken about some books you had read, what is your favorite novel? Oh, I love reading, I have a lot of favorite ones, but if I had to choose, it would probably be a "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. Also, I would like to add "1984" by George Orwell, I really love dystopian literature. Hermann Hesse is an old love, especially "Demian". My (relatively) newer love is Chuck Palahniuk, the writer of "Fight Club". I enjoy his raw and unapologetic style. Books are my love, I wish today's society knew how to appreciate them more! If you were a mutant, what would your special ability be? Hahaha... I love X-men! #mutantandproud Hhhmmm... a tough pick! Let's keep it simple -telekinesis or pyromancy from the active ones...a passive one would be invisibility *lurking mode on* You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Either crimson red, dark green (like evergreen colour), or purple, I love purple lately a lot! If you received enough money to never have to work again, what would you spend your time doing? Oh, that would be boring, wouldn't it? I'm a workaholic! . I would travel as much as I can, literally up and down the globe. I would visit all the continents, monuments, the Wonders of the World….walk over the bricks visible from the Moon in autumn, smell sakura in spring, roam the Krasnaya Ploshad in winter (*Red Square* in Moscow), and see Sphinx' broken nose in summer How lucky do you consider yourself? Well, PD stats say 96.96%, I beg to differ! If today was the last day of your life, what would you do? I would probably say goodbye to the people I love, all of them, tell them how much I love them, rob a bank, get a space shuttle, wear the astronaut's suit and jump out into outer space, floating into oblivion while watching the lights of the Earth slowly fade into the distance. If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask? I would ask Clarke Gable "Why aren't all men today classy and hot like you were?" ❤️ What is the difference between living and existing? All people exist, not many live to the fullest. Oscar Wilde said it better: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Can you tell us about your pet animals!? My babies, ofc, love them hardcore! ❤️ Leo stayed at my parents' house, and has a Batman sign on his chest. He is extremely mild and loves being petted, I miss him so much! Whyce is an albino kitten, a crazy one- very hyperactive and wild, and makes a mess all over my apartment: He is in my heart as well! <3 Leo, Whyce, Thank you for letting myself and the community know a little more about yourself! You are awesome! I'll see you on Primedice & Stake! Thank you for accepting me into the community and making me smile every day when I come into the office. They say "find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life!" and I completely agree with this one. Love and support for all Primedice and Stake community from your Support girl! Peace!
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    Lulong ka rin ba sa sugal sa totoong buhay o online gambling ka lang nalululong? Ano pa ang mga adiksyon mo maliban sa sugal? Ako nagsusugal din ako pero with my friends lang. Adik kami sa Pusoy at Tong its halos everyday kaming naglalaro pero puro kaibigan ko lang kalaro ko Sa casino naman nung nagwowork pa ko sa call center dun ko lang naranasan mag casino every rest day. Buti hindi pa ko umaabot sa pagsusunog ng casino table lolol Bukod sa pagsusugal, ang adiksyon ko pa ay paglalaro ng mga RPG. Pag wala kong pang roll sa PD nasa RPG ako lol Nagyoyosi rin ako pero never ako uminom ng alak kc allergic ako. Next month magstart na naman ako mag work baka mawala ako ng time sa crypto especially sa PD huhu Share your story mga kababayan ^^
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    Dear all primedice players i had a crisis at family and my mon used to get treatment for chemeotherapy for the past year and 9 days ago i came back from egypt and when i woke up my brother called me and told me that my mom is in hospital and she is in coma thats why i didnt have time to do the giveaways anyway, i really hated most of sent me msges telling me im scammer and they say bad things about me and my family well ill pay it very soon and it will be my last thank you all for the kind words bye.
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    Yesterday i won some on Forum heroes. I tipped some to my friends and some people on Pd chat and pay on my giveaway. So i'm still trying to chase my negative profit coz it's so annoying to see it everyday lol I tried playing on 9x and made a profit of .007. I got greedy again because of this damn negative I tried my friend's strategy which is 12x 50 bb 15% on loss. In a matter of 15 minutes i lose it all. I admit i lost my patience and depo .005 and tried 12x again. I lose it all :'( I never learn my lesson. I always tell people to avoid chasing negative profit but i, myself always do it dayum! I should've stick with 77.77% even if it's tiring.
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    If you want to have altcoins without investing then faucets would be a good start. I know some faucet for Clam and LSK that could help you. Here it is : For Clam : freebitcoins.com/?ref=xDsVRD68AHsg5n1jZbC6qsnwBKQDNCcdUN you can choose if you want to collect every minute or every hr using your POLONIEX CLAM ADDRESs. For LSK: http://liskfaucet.eu/?ref=3104452496550652539L3104452496550652539L You can collect LSK every 20 minutes and also you should use your poloniex Lsk address.
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    Hi All, Due to the increase in pay per post abuse. We will be disabling the feature until we can arrange a better way to handle cash outs. Currently there was strict rules set in place that were established to ensure things like this didn't happen, but with the increase in users knowledge of how we would filter the cash out process, we have had an increase of users finding ways around the restrictions to abuse it. We will be looking at changing how it works and how to better manage the quality members of the community. We may also be increasing the payout price for those members of the community who deserve more once we create a new system. Don't worry, you are still currently earning credits, you simply can't cash out until we revise the system.
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    Looking for suggestions on to make Primedice more fun for users. Lately activity has dived and I'd love to hear some new features from the current community you'd love to see. @dan will review these & come up with some great ways to make the forum more entertaining. In the mean time keep an eye out for some awesome announcements coming in the next 48 hours.
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    Feeling hungry? Feeling lucky? Look no further! Common Questions: Q: What is HungerGames/HG? A: High/low bot made by the community for the community. -- Q: What's the origin story here? A: Game concept by ledust, code written by UnixPunk. -- Q: What is the HG whitelist? A: A list of usernames, of all the users that are allowed to play. -- Q: How do I get added to the whitelist? A: More than 10 btc wagered OR more than 10 000 messages sent in chat OR more than 1000 posts sent in forum OR have an account from 2014 or earlier. -- Q: What is the HG blacklist? A: A List of users that have been banned from playing the HG. -- Q: I sent HG a PM but it said in chat that "a suitable volunteer wasn't found". A: You have reached your maximum alloted turns to play (usually 5 per day), you are not on the whitelist or you have not been active enough in chat. -- Q: How does HG pick tributes? A: Randomly. -- Q: What is the deathlist? A: If you choose high or low and lose, then you can't play for x-amount of time. -- Q: When will I be removed from the deathlist? A: Depends on the settings HG is being run on at the time.(usually 15 minutes) -- Q: Can I tip/donate to HG? A: Sure, just send a tip to HungerGames. You will be notified of the total amount you've tipped so far. -- Q: I pass the eligibility requirements, who can I ask to add me? A: Post your primedice username in this thread and you should be added within 24 hours (probably sooner) if you are eligible. -- Q: How do I ignore HG? A: /ignore HungerGames. Posting that in chat will ignore all messages from HG. -- Q: is it possible to check how much I have donated to HG? A: Type (~donations) in the chat OR send a pm to HG (/pm HungerGames ~donations) and you will receive a pm with the total amount of donations that you have sent. whitelist_2017-08-06.txt blacklist_2017-08-06.txt
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    Hi guys. Exept, that I like to play on PD, I like to cook very much and I have cooking channel - Tasty Cooking. Please, welcome https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd62OLAq2llqeEgPyLDZXPw
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    I am a full-time at home mom. Since I quit my job to take care of my baby (I am a company accountant before), I spent almost all my free time browsing the web searching for opportunity to still earn extra money. As of now I am earning at least 0.2BTC monthly, I know it's not that huge but its not that far from what I'm earning from my previous employer. Some of you could say that amount can get in one one gambling session if lucky enough but I still want to share what I'm doing for those who are interested. Below I would enumerate all the opportunities where I'm making few bucks. Faucet, PTC, GPT, and Microtask jobs This sites are those you would easily find if you search on Google. I patiently work on this sites when I am just starting but this wont be enough if you are considering to make a living. This sites generate very small earning one even a value a $ in one day of working per site. But if you are good in referring you can make decent amount from them. Freelancing Freelancing is a good way to practice your skills which you gained from years of study or some training and earn as well. But what I don't much like about this is the big competition between freelancers. But know what? I have friend who start from odesk which is now known upwork, she meet an employer there and until now they are working together and shes earning much more than other regular office employee. Pay to post forum I know everyone here is aware of it an example is this Primedice Forum but other than this there are still other some are paying other altcoins which you can trade on exchanges. As of now I have 4 or 5 pay to post forum I am active that give me decent earnings. Steemit is also a good site but unlike other forum its not paying per post the earning would depend on other members up votes and comment but you can also earn from them through what they called curation. I could say that it would help you earn if you follow those people who usually earn big from their blogs since you could have a big part on whatever the blog yields if you are the first one to noticed and see potential of that article. Bitcointalk Opportunity Bitcointalk is not generally a pay to post forum but aside from significant info posted there which you could learn and understand well how crypto processes works it also offer an earning opportunity in good price. If you are active on social media you join social media bounties posted by managers there for certain clients. Most of the time there are some managers asking for a retweet or share for at least 30k sats that would sent directly on your wallet. There are also some paying based on the number of followers you have. There are also some contest for codings and graphics that are posted offering a huge prizes (well its not my forte but good for you if you have those skills). What I really love on BTT are joining signature campaign this is where I get largest amount of payout. The last bounty I joined give me a total of 0.16BTC for a campaign that runs for 2 weeks. Results may be vary depending on campaign results though. (hint: I have 3 accounts planning to add 2 more active in BTT haha...I had read that it's not against forum rule to have multi-account as long as you're abiding their policy and not abusive but campaigns often prohibit use of multi account so make sure you only join one account per campaign. Once you had made violation your account might been or worse case scenario they would ban your IP and need to pay small amount to join using same IP again that's why VPN is not advisable most IP on VPN listed as abused) If you find something interesting here and want to know more you may ask me. (PS. I am also gambling but i didnt include that in my list since Im gambling for fun and kill some boredom winning is just a bonus..lol)
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    @brais I choose you because you look damn sexy in your profile pic, old grey haired man with lots of bitcoins can't go wrong with that choice.
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    I was so frustrated about my losses yesterday and i tried to chase my negative profit again (as usual) lol So from .007 i was down to 80k using 9x strategy with 500 bb. I was so unlucky from Morning till night. So i told myself i will hunt 9900x from my last 80k balance. On 200+ rolls i darn hit it and i was like OOOOMMMGGGG!! Usually my bet whenever i'm hunting is atleast 500 satoshi but last night it was only 100 satoshi coz i already lose a lot before i hunt. I'm still thankful coz i get back my .007 loss and got a .002 profit. I had a very good sleep P.S i might have my 3rd giveaway soon so stay tune
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    I post ang mga username dito para malaman kung sino ang mga Pinoy sa forum! Inaanyaya kong mag post ang lahat ng Pinoy! Puso Filipino!
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    This is what happens to your body when you stop having sex. 1. You get sick more often If you don’t have sex for a long time, your immune system becomes significantly weaker. Germs then have an easier job of spreading in your body and you can catch a cold or get the flu more easily. So, just by having more sex, you can help keep your herbal remedy teas in the closet! 2. Your stress levels increase Sex is a great way to reduce your stress levels. Regular sex reduces the amount of stress hormones and makes you feel more relaxed in everyday life. Without this important balance, you could become a ticking time bomb! 3. It’s harder for you to get aroused It’s hard to believe, but true: If you don’t regularly “practice,” it’s difficult for a lot of people to become aroused. Men can experience problems having erections and it can be harder for women to have an orgasm. So, you have to stay on top of things to make sure the “switch” always remains on. 4. Your dreams change Some people suddenly notice that they have strange dreams when their sex life is suffering. It can mean that you unexpectedly start dreaming about sex or have orgasms in your sleep. 5. Over time you lose your desire to have sex If your body notices that you’re having a prolonged dry spell in the sexual sense, the production of sex hormones reduces. You feel less like having sex if you have been abstinent for a while. In addition, your libido will eventually feel different. And this is all due to the fact that your sex hormones are slowly vanishing. 6. You’ll feel more distance between your partner and yourself When a couple in a relationship only rarely sleep together, their interpersonal distance becomes greater. You may start to have feelings of uncertainty related to your partner and other people will seem more attractive to you. 7. It lowers your feeling of self-worth It is not surprising that a person’s self-worth is harmed, if that individual does not regularly feel desired. But a lack of sex has been proven to affect a person’s well-being, leading to sadness or depression when sex is absent from their lives. Studies have shown that having sex regularly helps fight depression. It can sometimes even work as well as antidepressants. 8. Your risk of cancer increases For men, the risk of prostate cancer increases when they don’t have sex for a longer period of time. So it’s not a bad idea for men to “flush out” the pipes. Because then the risk is significantly reduced. Well, if all this isn’t motivation enough, then I don’t know what is! For all these reasons, it would be almost irresponsible not to make love more regularly, don’t you think?! This is nice sharing cuz i know everyone experiencing this stage sometimes & i know it will help a lot to others. Share your thought about this, mine i agree with this article cuz i experience this sometimes. except the last one & don't want to happen to me in the future. LOL
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    ledust: Thank you for joining me on this interview @Robear! Robear: Yewwwwwwwww! ledust: Congratulations on recently being voted the most popular moderator on Primedice! How long have you been with us now? Robear: Thank you! Being a model dicer/community member, kindness goes a long way. I joined primedice back in August, 15th, 2014, will be almost 3 years now ledust: So for anyone that isn't aware, where are you from exactly? Robear: I was born and raised on the East Coast of the USA. I have lived along the coast my whole life. I have traveled the states, but have always ended up back on the same coast. ledust: How did you become a part of the crypto-gambling world? Robear: I had only discovered crypto currenices 4 years ago. I learned the value of bitcoin and then found out that I could buy, sell, and trade..and then even gamble? I was instantly sold. ledust: What are some of your favorite aspects of the Primedice community? Robear: What I really love about Primedice's community is that there is so much diversity. Everyone is awesome in their own little way Support and Staff are always so welcoming and keep you wanting to come back. ledust: What was the most exciting gambling session you've experienced on Primedice? Robear: The greatest session was when I bet 10k sats at 9900x! And Won! What a great day that was. I am ready to complete another bet a like. ledust: Do you have any hobbies outside of gambling? Robear: Well yes, I mostly enjoy hiking, camping, and touring places I've never been. Most recently, I joined a gym and have been spending a lot of time there. ledust: How would you personally define success? Robear: Success for me is setting possible aspiring goals. Seeing these goals within reach and accomplishing these goals ledust: If you were given the chance to change one thing from the past, what would it be? Robear: Instead of buying all the unnecessary items I have bought in the past, I would have rather spent all the money investing in bitcoin! ledust: Imagine winning the 100btc jackpot, what would be some of the first things that you would do with your winnings? Robear: The first thing would have to be settling and squaring off some debts, and then putting my wife into a new car ledust: Who do you think is the sexiest woman alive? Robear: My wife of course <3 ledust: If you were a superhero what would you be called and what powers would you have? Robear: Haha, if I were to be a superhero I would be "Weed Man" in which the super power would be, to have an infinite never ending pouch of weed that I can share amongst my friends ledust: If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go? Robear: More beaches! I am a big time beach lover. I love the open water, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. So, I would choose Champagne Beach in Vanuatu. ledust: I know you have some pets, care to share their names and pictures? Robear: I am down to just a pet child. His name is Boy and he is a blue brindle american pitbull. We had a rabbit over the last few years, but he didn't make it through the holiday season. Reason of death- Heart Attack Heres boy Heres Max ledust: Would you like to give a shout-out to any members? Robear: I'd like to make a shout out to @Stunna and @Edwardthemselves, new CEO @MICRO, the entire support and mod staff. I would also like to make a special shout out to @ledust for making this interview possible. A shout out to @GlenArven, hadn't seen you around in awhile buddy! Will see the rest of you on site, or find me on the forum. #TEAMPD also if you hadn't already. Check out stake.com! PEACE! Thank you for reading this week’s interview! Everyone has their own unique way of communicating and contributing to Primedice, if you have a story to share please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a good week and enjoy! -@ledust
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    *Walks into the room, sees drama, turns around and walks out* Nope.
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    Pay per Post has now been re-enabled. All players who have more than 250 post count are eligible for automatic cash out's. Any player with less will have their transaction processed manually.
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    Hello guys! I just wanna ask if anyone of you tried Mining-Fleex and Rapidminers? If so, is it legit and paying? Coz as what i've heard some people said it is legit but some say it's not paying so i'am really confuse. I want to invest on both mining site but i can't get a credible feedback. I don't want my money to go on waste. So if anyone of you ever tried this please leave a comment. Thank you!
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    I've been slowly profiting on this strategy that I discovered. You need to: - have minimum bank roll of 50k satoshis - 3.3x payout - base bet 4 satoshis - 60% on loss, return to base on win - roll under - change seed every 400-500 rolls You can have up to 20x red on this strategy. You can profit up to half or 1/3 of your bank roll. PS: I never busted on this strategy.
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    Actually this is so funny, i love doing max bets and in this site i got confused and accidentally put 1.05 in win chance instead of the payout. And damn I was lucky!:) And tipped to pd users 😂 So yeah i will rest for a while from gambling and just save this and add for my tour next year 😘
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    Guys, some of you might remember that I won 0.3 BTC on the last week of May but busted it. Few days from that is my wallet was hacked. Now to think of it more, I was happy that I busted it on Primedice since the coins was turned back to Primedice. I was about to withdraw that time and was planning to store my balance to my wallet. If I ever did that then the hacker would have stole a lot of money from me.
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    Yea as i've seen awhile ago it is already here in forum you can give emojis to someone you like, thanks, laugh off & also can give upvotes This is nice updates, Kudos! More power to this group
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    Hi guys! I know that some of you or most of us here in Primedice has an account on bitcointalk.org Are you guys participating on signature campaigns and other campaigns? If yes then I would like to ask for tips on how to become successful in those campaigns This would also cover for those who are interested in joining campaigns on bitcointalk.org
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    The Primedice Nightmode feature was released on May 25. A month have already passed and I'm curious if everybody is still using it. I'm still using the nightmode everytime I play. It's more eye friendly compared to normal interface. Are you guys still using the Nightmode?
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    Raise your reputation first and become an active member here before you resort to ask for loans. New members have 0% percent chance of getting a loan. Good that you are presenting proof that you can pay but it would not be enough especially that you are very new. Even with members with a high reputation and known are having a hard time finding loans here cause there are lots of issues here about lending.
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    Hi Sir @Dan I would like to suggest that we get a notification too when one of our topics would be moved or deleted. In that way we wouldn't be confused as to why was our topic lost in the topic lists. In addition to that, the mod/admin who deleted should also be included in that notification. I hope this will be given attention. Thank you!
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    GRAB A FREE FORUM SIGNATURE HERE !! How to Grab? Just copy the Embed BB code below and put it at your profile signature settings. [img=https://gifyu.com/images/freeFFsig107.gif] [img=https://gifyu.com/images/freeFFsig101.gif] [img=https://gifyu.com/images/freeFFsig103.gif] [img=https://gifyu.com/images/freeFFsig110.gif] [img=https://gifyu.com/images/freeFFsig102.gif] I will add up some more! Please ignore it if you don't like and Hit "thanks button" if you like it. Mind if you can help me on some words that I can put on a Signature, Thanks! ;D
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    Magandang araw mga madlang Pinoy! Gusto ko sana malaman kung paano nakatulong sa inyo ang pagkaroon ng bitcoin? Sisimulan ko sa aking sarili. Since di pa ako lincensed na engineering, pangunahing pinagkikitaan ko ay dahil sa bitcoin. Malaking tulong na ang naibigay sakin nito at patuloy parin akong aasa dito. Natulongan ko ang aking sarili sa mga pangtustos noong graduating ako at sa ibang importanteng bigay. Ano ang storya ng buhat bitcoin mo?
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    A practical approach to working with the Primedice API Disclaimer: I am no coding whiz, so my naming conventions or practices may not be the most optimal, but at least they work for now In the following code examples I am going to demonstrate how to successfully communicate with the Primedice API to carry out various tasks that are available to you. In particular, in these working examples we will be conducting GET and POST requests to the API. using the cURL pHP functions for communication. If you have any comments or would like to discuss anything involved in these demonstrations, do not hesitate to ask. I hope that this information is useful for someone out there. These fundamentals are the same that are used for popular third party statistic websites for some of the popular video games out there. /** * Tips a single user * * @param string $user Username to tip * @param float $amount Amount in satoshi * * @return bool Tip success */ public function tip($user, $amount) { $ch = curl_init(); // Initiate the cURL function $url = "https://api.primedice.com/api/tip/"; // Primedice API url + tip $api_key = ""; // This is where you put your API Key, setup on PD. Server authentication. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url . "?api_key=" . $apiKey); // Build and process URL curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); // Set as POST request from API curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, // Set the params for the POST request | User and Amount "amount=$amount&username=$user"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); // Retrieve the return transfer information as a string $response = curl_exec($ch); // Store the response received from API curl_close($ch); // Terminate the cURL instance return strpos($response, 'balance'); // Validate success } /** * Post message to the primedice chat * * @param string $room The chat room you wish to post to {english, russian, chinese, indonesian} * @param string $message The message you wish to post to chat * * @return bool Post to chat success */ public function postToChat($room, $message) { $siteURL = 'https://chatserver.primedice.com/api/chat/send/'; $api_key = ""; // This is where you put your API Key, setup on PD. Server authentication. $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $siteURL . "?api_key=" .$api_key); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, "room=$room&message=$message"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); $response = curl_exec ($ch); curl_close ($ch); return strpos($response, 'timestamp'); // Validate success } More to come soon....
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    Well.. I will explain step by step : After you click signature , fill "♔ PrimeDice.com | The Best Way To Roll ! | Free BTC Faucet | Instant Play & Chat " on text box Then click "link" function And after click "insert into post" your text will turn into a link For next word like [Thread] fill the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0 and @PrimeDice https://twitter.com/primedice And voila you will have same signature just like him You can add your own primedice ref link if you wish Hope it's help
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    I deposited and tried my luck on 3.3x but i was unlucky at first. I was down to .004 when i decided to hunt on 4950x after 471 rolls i hit 0.0 with 100 base bet and i was so happy coz not all the time i can hit this. Then i changed my strategy into 9x but this time i play it manually. I lose .002 so i decided to hunt again but this time i was aiming for 9900x. I changed my seed and just put 0.0 on it and after 3 rolls BOOOOM i hit 0.0 I withdrew some and will play my remaining balance tomorrow. What a lucky night indeed!
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    Hello! In this thread I want to tell all the inhabitants of the forum, a little about myself. My name is Ivanka, I'm 24 years old, and I live in Ukraine. With excitement I participated in competitions and was slightly afraid of his victory. Why me? No, I'm not popular, and I'm not on the list of popular authors. No, I have few friends, and almost all of them are from the Russian group. Why me? Well, first of all, I'm young =) Secondly, I'm beautiful and very fond of this forum =) It turns out that this is enough to become a female face of the forum! I sincerely congratulate all participants of the contest. We all won and gave heat to our guys! I embrace all those who supported this contest, and I hope for our friendship! I'm always open for conversation, you just need to call me. Once again, thank you all and see you soon, warm encounters!
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    I imagine this contest is still running. As stated in the original post, there needs to be 4 worthy entries for the competition. I don't believe any of them currently are groundbreaking or would improve the general aesthetics of Primedice, which might be why he hasn't chosen any winning entries yet.
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    Hi everybody! I can not spend the stream in the next couple of days maybe 3 days. Family problems. sorry. I'll see you in a few days. Good luck everyone
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    That sounds funny the way you talk.. I have played DaDice and I was scammed when they decided to close the site (around 3 weeks before "DaDice V2", aka Bitsler, releases). The funniest thing is that when Bitsler released we still could log in our old DaDice accounts, which still had the same power level, and after they realised their fail they did shut down the site for a couple hours to fix this. Also the brazilian admin Bitsler has is the same admin DaDice had.. Coincidence? PS: Just to make clear, I was an investor on DaDice (not much but still an investor)
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    Thank you sissy I set mine in 500rolls.
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    I agree there should be something for VIP's since they contribute a lot on Primedice aswell as the community. I see some sites offers a good benefits for VIP's so Primedice should do the same Cashback should depend on the VIP color like for example 5% for Gold Vip, 3% for Silver and 1% for Bronze. Hopefully they would think about it.
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    Madami nagpapanic sa parating na segwit at bitcoin chainsplit ngaung parating na August 1. Madami rin haka-haka na naglalabasan; may mga nagsasabi na baba ang value ni btc pagkatapos nito at meron din nman mga naglalabasang spekulasyon na ilang araw matapos ang spliting ay tataas ang presyo ni btc ng mula $3000 hanggang $5000. Nung una sabi ko bago ang August 1 iccashout ko lahat ng btc ko pero naisip ko parang mas mganda at praktikal kung sa halip na icash out ay ibili nalang ng ibang altcoin (trading kumbaga) kasi sa trafing mganda ang kitaan at bitcoin lang nman ang maapektuhan ng chainsplit labas ang ibang altcoins. Naisip ko lang na kung bibili ako ngaun na pataas si btc madaming altcoin ako mabibili syempre utak trader papaganahin bibili ko ng altcoin na maganda ang takbo sa market kasi kung nkabili na ko kahit bumaba si btc after August 1 at tumaas namn ang value ng binili ko kikita pa rin ako ibebenta ko yung altcoin ko sa panahon na un at hihintayin ko nlng na tumaas uli c btc. Kung mali ung naiisip ko at pagintindi ko sa galawan ng cryptocurrency sa market pakitama nalang po. Salamat
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    Amazing 0-4 for Ac Milan, no comment. No winners.
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    Please wait until the top winners be paid because they picked 5 winners so we don't know if all the 5 will get reward or only 3
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