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Here you will find the various information regarding the Points Economy that is built from forum contribution. The dashboard provides the functionality to do the following:

  • View Balance
  • Transfer to Primedice
  • Send to another Member
  • View Transaction log

Be aware that Primedice doesn't accept any transactions below 100,000 satoshi's.

Below you will find an overview of the distribution of bits amongst the community, and the amount currently in circulation. As we progress with development of this particular product, we will continue to introduce new ways to spend your bits.

In Circulation:
114,352,123 satoshi's


This is the official currency of the Primedice Forum. It is used to purchase various redeemable items, which include both forum features and satoshi's to be used directly with the Primedice game.

Member Group Net Worth
Administrator 96278
Banned 3486427
Forum Admin 974985
Member 89155798
Moderator 14637631
Noob 1204113
Respected 4225858
Support 478720