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  2. Bet: 35,214,456,487 placed by nitendo on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,214,457,010 placed by nitendo on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,214,457,579 placed by nitendo on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
  3. Bet: 35,214,023,451 placed by Rabotyaga777 on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,214,023,829 placed by Rabotyaga777 on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000 Bet: 35,214,024,238 placed by Rabotyaga777 on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00001000
  4. Saya pakai increase 15% gan dan memutar side under overnya tapi saya gak terpaut sama payout 11x ya pakai kombinasi,semalam saya sudah profit 30k satoshi dan paginya amblas 30k satoshi juga karena longred😆
  5. Sepertinya masih tetap gan angka 99.99,kalau di rubah menjadi 100.00 bisa malah menambah longrednya gan sama seperti stake nantinya,jadi kurang puas kalau dadu ikut di renovasi.
  6. Wah jadi saya sebelumnya beruntung bisa sering hit di payout 99x gan,padahal hanya bermodal dari forum dan selalu menyambung apabila stuck,kalau misalkan saya yang modal sendiri sudah di pastikan bunted akhirnya.
  7. Malah saya caleng dua minggu kemarin gak ikut gara gara ngejar payout 100x,makanya sekarang waktunya untuk recover kekalahan yang sebelumnya dan sambil mencari profit kecil kecilan.
  8. blackjack.fun The Bitcoin (((casino))) Blackjack.Fun is a (((casino))) site which is launched in 2018. Where you can play the game with BTC, DASH, LTC. The results are probably fair. you can edit client seed to be more fair and more fun in your bets . ━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━ ━━━━━━━ 〈 blackjack.fun 〉 ━━━━━━━ Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack.fun 1. How much is the minimum deposit? There is no minimum or maximum deposit 2. How much is the Withdrawal fee? There is no withdrawal fee. Only cryptocurrency transaction fee what depends on different cryptocurrencies 3. Dominans of chips? You can change the domination of chips from Menu - Settings 4. How fast the withdrawal? Blackjack.fun has Instant Withdraws 5. What are the buttons in the bottom left? These 3 are Lifelines. No one else has them 1. Show dealer card. After 10 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see dealers other card before showdown. 2.Show next card. After 20 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see next card what is coming to the table. 3.Swap one card. This is the best and hardest to get lifeline. It activates after 30 bets. With this lifeline you can change any card what is on the table to a new random card. You can choose when do you want to use these lifelines. 6. How much the Affiliate commission? Affiliate Program Details: Revenue Share 50% Cookie duration unlimited Lifetime commissions on referred players No admin fee Instant affiliate payments No minimum payments No maximum payments Focused also on the mobile market Access to live stats and reports 7. How many decks are in play per hand? There are 4 decks 8. What is the minimum bet limit? The minimum bet is Bitcoin 0.000001 Litecoin 0.000001 Dash 0.000001 9. What is the maximum bet limit? The maximum bet is Bitcoin 0.1 Litecoin 0.1 Dash 0.1 10. How to manually verify results? Provably fair algorithm: 1) Server generates random seed 2) Server seed is hashed and sent to the player. Can be seen in Menu - Provably fair 3) Player will send its own seed. Seed can be entered manually in Menu - Provably fair 4) Two seeds are hashed together with sha256 5) Output is used as seed in Mersenne Twister RNG 6) Deck is generated with 4 packs of cards 7) Deck is shuffled using Fisher–Yates algorithm, with RNG provided in step 5 For example let's pick server and client seeds server seed: 85728A263F0639D368DF48852D54A8F767512500D62E111EDAF972906A414FF80643A5FF7B3A8E3F9129DB1DA261FAC41C7431F74F099654301F57F497E8F1FE client seed: f192685b5b26c72a92a833830947e5cac3383d5aa5b5210d2782f4fb51ba00bc7e5ce1b190c24013 Using these values server seed hash would be 6A66A88382FAA06BB2EBCF2AA69EDF76596197D92C899D86A144990890B96EC8 client and server seed hashed together: ccfdcb55b4369d121854f77fbe8104e03a5a5611decd25afbdb88b02328a5a32 RNG seed: [3439184725, 3023478034, 408221567, 3196126432, 978998801, 3737986479, 3182988034, 847927858] (3439184725dec = 0xCCFDCB55hex and so on...) First N random values produced by RNG: [1139799984, 4122921141, 3138460245, 3260841105, 2634829831, 1147546524, 4115959087, ...] Using same logic on the game deck you can verify that server cannot alter the game output ━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━ ━━━━━━━ 〈 blackjack.fun 〉 ━━━━━━━
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  10. Selama kita tidak kecanduan judi secara dalam sih tidak masalah, paling main sesekali saja , kalau sudah kecanduan kan bahaya bisa seharian nongkrongin laptop hanya untuk berjudi. Kalau saya sendiri masih tahap wajar.kalau kalah pastinya akan behenti juga saat baalnce kosong. Mau deposit tidak ada dana pasti stop juga.
  11. Nah lho , ayo om gondrong buat thread juga . Mungkin bisa seputar pekerjaan yang agan gondrong jalani sekarang ini. Kalau saya kok jarang punya ide ya buat thread kebanyakan ide muncul cuma buat komentar saja.
  12. Wah ada gak enaknya juga ya kalau di awasi terus sama si bos seperti lagi ikut ujian saja. Kalau Agan Gondrong sudah berapa kali menjadi HR di primedice ini. Kalau saya sendiri masih jauh nih dari harapan. Main busted mulu akhir akhir ini
  13. Bet: 35,209,551,694 placed by DarkoD on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00033000 Bet: 35,209,552,045 placed by DarkoD on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00033000 Bet: 35,209,552,343 placed by DarkoD on 22/08/2019 Wagered 0.00003300 Multiplier 11.00x Profit 0.00033000 http://prntscr.com/ovuu7f
  14. I have been on quite a bad run lately, as it seems you have as well. Once I figure some things out and turn things around a bit I will surely do that.
  15. The same thing happened to me when I was fairly new to all of this. I learned very quickly that it can often happen if we play carelessly and have completely changed my mental approach since then.
  16. Memang benar besar kecilnya reward challenge tergantung jumlah banyak sedikitnya yang selesaikan tuh challenge. Saya sendiri challenge minggu kemaren skip dan minggu ini skip juga karena sudah ludes juga belum ketemu 3x Po 11x nih.
  17. That does get very frustrating when it happens so often when close to our goal. I have been on a similar streak lately, so I need to take a step back and analyze why it keeps happening.
  18. Yeah, I'm not sure what it is but I just do not find the mobile version nearly as user-friendly as the laptop version. Though I haven't tried it since yesterday's update... I'm not sure if anything changed on the mobile version as well.
  19. That is very true in my opinion. I have a friend though that always wears his "lucky socks" when we go to the live casino close by, and for some reason he seems to come out ahead about 80% of the time... although we only go maybe every other month or so.
  20. Honestly I don't go into chat much anymore, maybe I'll have to start making some more frequent appearances.
  21. Memang benar , casino sudah dapat untung dari HE tapi itu menurut kita Gan Shenaaz , beda lagi kalau menurut Bos Eddie katanya stake belum dapat untung sama sekali. Jadi ada perbedaan antara pandangan untung kita dengan si bos . Kalau si bos target untung ada sendiri. Sama dengan untung cuma dari HE pastinya masih kurang kalau tidak ada player yang rugi besar.
  22. Вот тут не соглашусь. Знаешь люди берут кредит под бизнес, и тоже рискуют теми же, а порой даже и большими деньгами, имея риски не меньше чем вложения в криптовалюту. Многие горят на неправильной оценке своих возможностей, и покупательной способности того или иного места, горят на непосильной аренде, или непосильных поборах в бизнесе в реале, и так же платят пол жизни по долгам, особенно если брали не у банков а у друзей и знакомых... Риски есть ВЕЗДЕ! А если боятся волков, то зачем тогда в ле ходить?
  23. I have learned this from accepting defeat and knowing that time can be my ally if I have patience, discipline, and a good strategy and luck to win and maybe recover. The important thing is to stay calm so things don't get worse and worse. I think if I had learned this before I would have won more than lost more in casinos. Today I am better, because I am avoiding trying to recover losses and created my scheme to minimize losses. Thank you for your feedback.
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  25. Yes, I don't like the attitude of someone who gives me some coin gift and then keeps charging me for it. One person started doing this to me, I returned all the money I had supposedly earned from him, after I "paid" what he sent me, I deleted him as a friend and never answered the person again, just ignored him, and realized who was not my friend but a casino mercenary. Unfortunately that exists.
  26. This is a fundamental and essential point. After a month of testing and analysis, I noticed that if I follow the limit I win, and if I break the rule I will inevitably lose. So today I incorporate this into my game, even if I win a little, it's better to have numerous successive wins and some medium or large than to have few wins and many losses. Therefore, limits give us more ability to win and achieve goals and objectives. Thanks for your feedback!
  27. I think the break is essential and fundamental, with it we can have more control of our emotions and better analyze the game, because without the break as a consequence comes the lack of self control and this brings defeat together.
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