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  2. Не будут, можешь выставлять) единственный минус этого, это если у кого-то будет столько же зелёных, но выставлены они на форум раньше , то у того человека преимущество при условии одинаковых ставок по величине.
  3. Bet: 33,211,715,569 placed by toohoola on 21/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 3.25x Profit 0.00000000 69.5
  4. no, it doesnt. dice requires only balance/money lol
  5. It's all about time.. soon as you hit that roll button that's your number
  6. Gamblers who feel themselves highly skilled in one or several types of gambling games will tend to assume that the success / victory in gambling is due to the skills they have. They assess the skills they have will make them able to control various situations to achieve victory. They often cannot distinguish which wins are obtained because of skills and which are mere coincidences. For them the defeat in gambling has never been counted as a defeat but is considered as "almost win", so they continue to hunt for victory which they think will definitely be obtained. Does the dice game also require skills to win the dice game?
  7. ok i get it.. i am dumb, i did lose at 1.01x all in but it was my first bet, i was going to race thought it would give me a head start, how can i lose a bet randomly placed, after who knows how many bets with only 2% chance of losing, and it did hit hard.
  8. If i ever have to choose which coin i think can surpass btc, it would be eth though i don't think it will surpass.
  9. yeah ... what you say is true ... having two or more accounts is indeed prohibited in the world of cryptocurrency online ... even on any gambling site around the world .. many are not aware of some of the features that Primedice has provided on every account. only a few people don't care so much about it, because they only care about the judgments. because primedice is a gambling site, not a coin storage site. in Primedice there is what is called VAULT. this is a special application in primedice for storing coins that we have ... if we are afraid we cannot resist when betting, and lose all the coins we have, then this is your personal iron safe ... a special coin storage wallet that can only be pulled back to primedice web using email. For this reason, Primedice has provided everything you need ... betting, personal iron safes, chat rooms, etc ... then make the best use of it. and avoid using more than one account in Primedice, because that will endanger your main account ...
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