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  2. Bisa jadi begitu ya. Tapi masih agak bingung saya katanya kemarin error karena di uji coba rainbotng gitu.Saya pikir bakalan di pakai juga . Jadi bingung untuk apa di uji coba kalau memang enggak mau di pakai.
  3. saya justru sudah wageran bahkan autobets gan, tapi gapernah ada yang nyantol itu rainbotng nya. justru yang dapet rainbotng adalah orang yang jarang keliatan di chatroom, apakah agan sadar?
  4. Saya sering kok gan mampir ke room indo, tapi jarang chat karena terkadang yang chat hanya 2 - 3 orang saja. saya termasuk pemain lama PD dari jaman chatroom ga ada orang sampai ramai dan kemudian hingga sekarang yang sepi kembali
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  7. not going to lie, busted some coins on @Stake DICE too! But sincerly, I only play PD dice now.
  8. i am the real edward topkek
  9. Rolled 77.77 twice but with lower bet then eligible 😂 was pissed off 😂 Primedice: 41931851036 Primedice: 41931849746
  10. Very important question we have in front of us. Who is the real @Edward ? People say he might be a ghost, maybe he is indian, maybe bangladeshi..or maybe an indian that is bangladeshi undercover. Maybe he's russian, KGB agent, nephew of Putin. Maybe he's autralian...but that's not credible. What is your point of view? Who is the real eddie? What is behind his amazing personality, the media mogul, the streamer !? All the information i could've gather is that he is the hero of the Emu War... I'm waiting with a lot of interest for your ideas!
  11. CoinShares: китайские майнеры BTC выдают до 66% глобального хэшрейта https://bits.media/coinshares-kitayskie-maynery-btc-vydayut-do-66-globalnogo-kheshreyta/ Нелегальный онлайн-рынок Hydra заявил о проведении ICO: комедия или трагедия? https://bits.media/nelegalnyy-onlayn-rynok-hydra-zayavil-o-provedenii-ico-komediya-ili-tragediya/ Департамент финансовых услуг Нью-Йорка пересмотрит условия BitLicense для листинга токенов https://bits.media/departament-finansovykh-uslug-nyu-yorka-peresmotrit-usloviya-bitlicense-dlya-listinga-tokenov/
  12. 99.99 Bet: 44,511,330,218 placed by Vikki77 on 12/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00000900 96.69 Bet: 44,516,919,221 placed by Vikki77 on 12/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00000900 94.49 Bet: 44,519,512,505 placed by Vikki77 on 12/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00000900 00.00 Bet: 44,529,356,121 placed by Vikki77 on 12/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00000900 05.50 Bet: 44,542,793,981 placed by Vikki77 on 12/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 10.00x Profit 0.00000900
  13. For now I only comments of every post that people post here yea there's a lot of people post the same topic
  14. Primedice is the oldest and trusted gambling site that's why too many people here also there's a lot of people who rich here like I heard and read that's why many people stay here.
  15. If there's no chat and no Rain on a gambling site's only few and rich people who play because some users come on gambling site's to play for fun and to catch some rain.
  16. Base of my observation you want to join VIP forum challenge but your are a new player Friend as easy to understand Tier is a level of a VIP base on my understanding
  17. I love dice here on primedice but sometime's my bet's glitch I don't know what happen but I love dice here on primedice also the speed of every bet
  18. That never happen that forum primedice running out of ideas because to many people who post just for reward even they post non sense.
  19. I focus now to become just a bronze VIP so I can join VIP forum challenge but I always focus on profit if you play for profit you have also wager but not to much.
  20. Congrats to you men I'm happy to you to see you are winning keep it up
  21. No need to have a huge bankroll to win huge amount the best way if you have a small amount don't be greedy play slowly and safely when you fell you are lucky on that time go bet large greed is good
  22. TRX win and added on stake and Primedice but there's no coupon for adding new coin I don't know when stake and primedice give a coupon for new release coin
  23. Что такое по вашему "урегулирование" ? и почему при этом государство не может заниматься всем остальным из того что вы перечислили?
  24. Прочитал пост и ностальгия замучала.Доги поднимался до 7 баксов,какие то сказочные цифры и не верится что такое было когда то.Сейчас цена монеты 0.002
  25. Был опыт мастерноды с paccoin,сейчас эта монета называется наверное доллар пак,не следил за ней с прошлого года.Все вывел давно и продал.
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