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  2. Мачо и Ботан збс комедия поржать можно)) Несносный Дед ваще угар)))
  3. А Сири жива ещё чтоли?) Да биток никакой искусственный интеллект бы не создал))) Не хватило бы ему просто тямолки))) Биток создала группа программистов не более....
  4. Ну самый лучший способ выйгрыша это вообще не депать, раньше не было ни конкурсов ни рейнов....все жили за счёт депов , капчи и раздач от модеров....Самое лглавное конечно не жлобиться и играть медленно и выводить минималку)
  5. В целом лично я за день набираю около 50к сат то если писать и все будет норм за пару дней и выходит около 100к сат...но можно же ещё на форуме 2 сайта от этих же создателей поработать , 2 форума неплохой доход в день...
  6. 1+1 норм фильм но вышла же другая часть) 1+1 в прокат лично у нас в России 10 января вышел...
  7. Nice Nice strategy, but real nice balls to be able to hit those numbers. Some people won't go for it because there are no balls, and thank goodness you confirmed that the 11x payouts are really dangerous, and I am sure it doesn't work everytime, because when I am hitting 120 reds on a big payout, I am already going out. Luck was really on your side, and on another seed we might be saying another story. Overall, you are a very good player and I always envy you. I always wish I had the same balls like you, and I wish you real luck in your rolls, though PD is a dice game that is so dangerous and you might just fuck up with all the tension all around. And I love your pressure management. Going for a walk with your dog while leaving your rolls is one smart move. I will definitely try it one day.
  8. Ну да, поржал и разбогател как я понял) Ну почему не стоит, нам надо ждать очередного скачка биткоина и следом за ним потянется как обычно другая крипта....нам надо только ждать не более
  9. Да уж давно бы заказал. Да вот беда, payeer не выдает карт.
  10. Да помню такую фишку типо стандарт Комса 10к сат а ты за транзу платишь вообще копейки....правда транзу нужно было очень долго ожидать
  11. i think because in earlier they are expecting a win from gambling, so when the results are not the same as their expecting, it makes them sad and keep complaining because of their losses
  12. Блин лучше не парься и закажи хотя бы карту Пайер или ещё какого нить кошелька.... Лучше так чем тратить позже уйму бабок за обслуживание....
  13. i use vault actually for my bank, same like you. when i reach $1 or 2$ profits i will put it on Vault, i did that until i reach the minimum withdrawal
  14. Very very bad strategy. 1stly it's margintale, it will bust at the long run, because primedice was built on an anti-margintale pattern. The strategy can bust from the 1st set of rolls, that's how margintale is so stupid. It will always catch you no matter how safe you keep on rolling. So so stupid strategy. 2ndly, increase on 1.58 at 33% is a very calculation. Use dicesites.com to check for possible and real calculations to play margintale if you really want to play margintale. You can calculate the exact number of red streaks your balance can take and the odds of hitting those mad ass reds. Just be careful, because margintale will make you feel good and comfortable, then you start seeing PD chunking out those reds, you will want to stop rolling, but you won't want to stop because you will feel you will hit it and you want to recover. And the probability of hitting reds from the start is so high, that's how risky margintale can be.
  15. Сейчас еще раз зашел. У них, оказывается, есть две карты - Black и Black Edition. Это разные карты. Я приводил цифры по Black Edition. А в Black вот что интересно, - там разные тарифы по рублю, доллару и евро. Непонятно, все три валюты в одной карте или по каждой валюте отдельная карта. Максимальный вывод $5000 за расчетный период. Через банкоматы Тинькофф без комиссии и вроде бы обслуживание бесплатное. Буду звонить... Потом ведь звонками замучают, знаю я их навязчивость.
  16. I never use it because I often ask for confirmation every time I want to withdraw the coins that we keep, so I prefer to save at a gambling site that opens a bankroll investment. so usually I play with 20% of the available funds then if I lose a deposit from the site, but when I get a lot of wins I will immediately save funds on the site because I can get multiple profits.
  17. Если кто то не зарегистрирован на Стэйке , то есть хороший повод сделать это . Каждый день на Стэйк проходит конкурс с 10 призовыми местами на 0.10 монеты эфира каждый приз . Ставка для выполнения конкурса может быть НОЛЬ . Так что это хороший шанс поднять на разгон .
  18. I think the highest I have gotten with 990x is 9k rolls, which I wa smart enough to do the 7k pre rolls. The feeling was heavenly when I hit it. 990x can be sweet when you hit it 5 times in the space of 100 rolls, you recover all loses and you are in heaven mode. You wish you had wagered more, but do you care? You have made the profits and you are smiling at your laptop profusely. Go to seuntjie dicebot and check out one of the settings on the 4th page. It is about the 990x strategy. Not 100% safe, but i's okay and you can go by it.
  19. Я Сама пользуюсь этой картой плачу за обслуживание не больше 100 рублей в месяц, это при том что сумма покупок у Меня иногда даже до 5000 тыс. руб не набирается. От 3000 тыс. руб снятие без комисси в любом банкомате. Откуда У Вас такая сумма за обслуживание получилась не понятно.
  20. I have many difficulties to manage my bank, my problem is that most of time i play with all my balance without using vault feature. I think maybe that having a bigger balance will protect me from red line, but no i always end busted even if the amount is big. Only I use the repository, doupstis half the balance, I lose on the main ... now, when it is necessary to beat the loss, I take the storage immediately and, because of the past loss, make a mistake or hurry) 😂
  21. Today
  22. Without the Vault, I believe PD can keep our coins safe. The main reason for the vault is to help us with control. People still use the vault. I use the vault well. Everyday, I try to deposit there no matter how small. Most times, just to save myself from myself. I know if I don't do that, I might become stupid and act stupidly believing I might hit it. Rather than become so engrossed and bust all. Why not keep some after some winnings? Earlier this year, I always keep 30% of my winnings per day, which actually worked then, Until one day when I decided to hit the moon, then I met the sun on the way and I got burnt. Vault is a good feature, and because people don't talk about it again doesn't mean we don't use it.
  23. Seems like using a hardware wallet is safe and i know that but isnt it a bit pricey to buy so do you know any wallets that give almost a tough security but for like free ?
  24. Oh quite an interesting strategy if you have good amount of luck but what will happen if you keep on busting will you keep on withdrawing until you win ?
  25. Я им тоже пользовался , но когда на Блокчейне уже можно было поставить комиссию 700-800 сатох , то у них все еще было 10к из за этого перестал , но какая то мелочь у меня там лежит .
  26. A very good strategy that is 98% safe but still has the tendency of busting in 2%. It's slow but it's worth it. You can leave your laptop and let it run for close to 12 hours and it might not bust. It's risk and you can decide to try it, though the risk is at it's barest form. I will set a day and try it for the whole day. The main problem is, I don't think anyone will have this kind of patience. Most people on PD are rash gamblers. They do things instinctively, so you might not get plenty positive feedback on this. And once again, no strategy is 100% safe.
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