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  2. yeah ... what you say is true ... having two or more accounts is indeed prohibited in the world of cryptocurrency online ... even on any gambling site around the world .. many are not aware of some of the features that Primedice has provided on every account. only a few people don't care so much about it, because they only care about the judgments. because primedice is a gambling site, not a coin storage site. in Primedice there is what is called VAULT. this is a special application in primedice for storing coins that we have ... if we are afraid we cannot resist when betting, and lose all the coins we have, then this is your personal iron safe ... a special coin storage wallet that can only be pulled back to primedice web using email. For this reason, Primedice has provided everything you need ... betting, personal iron safes, chat rooms, etc ... then make the best use of it. and avoid using more than one account in Primedice, because that will endanger your main account ...
  3. Only one guess allowed @Blairsy and no edit ?
  4. I'm going to give some of my rakeback in this giveaway wont be loads but will be some.. all you have to do is guess my date of birth close wins 30 mins it closed
  5. I play like calculated risk, but when red streaks come I lose my Tempo and make non calculated bets, which i often lose, i don't know how to play like a simple gambler, i want to play like a simple gambler because i saw simple gambler make big profits even if they bust in the end.
  6. This is not cheating, using multiple accounts is allowed by rules , unless you use more than 1 account for chat and catch more rains , tips, etc ... If you use 1 account for chat , and the other ones for playing then all's good.
  7. Happens with me all the time, when i play low payout i.e. 1.25x it still reds, and if i switch to a higher payout i.e. 4 x its all red, and the fun part it after busting next bet is often green.
  8. I'm looking for it ... and I will say the source if I have found it ... last February many cryptocurrency observers discussed this. said that ethereun and dogecoin can skyrocket over the king of cryptocoin. I am personally more pleased if Bitcoin continues to master the world of cryptocurrency because of my feelings saying something bad will happen in the world of cryptocurrency if bitcoin is rivaled by another coin
  9. How's that cheating? I don't understand how can you cheat at "gambling" with multiple accounts.
  10. I often make mistakes, and make me lose. but I will not leave, I will try to recover slowly, even if it takes a long time. I never go from even though a day, I am always here every day
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