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  2. Owh begitu toh om raviki. Itu reward apakah di batasi untuk beberapa orang tercepat saja ataukah di buat limit untuk berapa orang gitu. Soalnya kan enggak mungkin di bagi ke semua orang bisa bangkrut bos edie. Berarti memantau HR atau melihat kemenangan besar disana ada bagusnya juga ya selain menambah semangat bermain juga menghasilkan omset.
  3. Ini lah bahaya paling besar dari situs gambling ya gan. Sehebat apapun kita mengontrol diri kita atau menahan diri untuk tidak melakukan roll pasti bakalan ada juga nanti kita kepingin main dan ujung-ujungnya busted. Seperti kecanduan gitu kan.
  4. Sekarang malah sudah ada hiburan juga ini agan zul di PD . trivia juga sudah ada. Jadi menambah kesibukan satu lagi sambel nunggu hujan mantau chat room mana tahu ada kasi trivia juga. hehehe. secara minimal tip juga lumayan besar ini di PD
  5. Rasa-rasanya koq edie ini mengeluarkan situs gambling khusus untuk orang indonesia ya 🤣🤣 . Tapi memang fasilitas yang di berikan oleh edie enggak tanggung-tanggung dan memang nyata real sangat berguna bagi kita semua. Oh iya kalau di DIcenya sendiri gimana buat agan zulfandina apakah ada perbedaan lebih gampang di mainkan dari situs-situs lainnya?
  6. Sebenarnya saya bukan tipe yang senang membuat simulasi dengan akurat om sempaks. Karena saya sadar sebagus apapun simulasi yang saya buat pasti bakalan melawan sistem yang bukan saya buat. Oh iya om sempaks pernah bermain dengan metode 99x yang di sharekan oleh agan fedrian ini?
  7. Ага , этот вопрос надо было на форуме извращенцев задать ))) Клуб любителей БДСМ , а как вы относитесь к изменам ? 😂
  8. I was not lucky with my relatives, they cheated me more than once with money. I don’t have anything to do with them anymore, I don’t even say hello to someone of them. But with my friends I was really lucky . I've been thinking a lot about who is a real friend and what it means to be a real friend . And only when I was 25 years old I found the answer . A true friend is someone who does good for you completely unselfishly .
  9. Its rare to find such good friends. I have happy that you have such a friend who is helping you like this.
  10. After I lost 0.53 btc in 10 days I have find this way . I asked my trusted friend who is verified not only by years of friendship but also by money , so he opened a wallet for me and 80% of my winnings I send to this wallet . We have an agreement that I will not take money from this wallet on games , I can take only for something real .
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  12. You can earn 1BTC per day with big capital or bankroll. Of course there is still probability that you will ended lose. Besides this is gambling right
  13. ахаха лучшие игрозависимые ))) тут просто видать другая тема, другое увлечение гыы
  14. Congratulations on your big win. If I get $10, definetly I will use that money to gamble untill I can withdraw or bust it
  15. Today we do have lottery draw at utc 15 . Winner will receive a amount of 50k sat and the single bet on wining number will receive 100k sat . Don't miss it join now bitdouble 🙂
  16. Ставка: 30 479 635 894 размещенных квестик на 21/04/2019 поставленную 0.00006400 мультипликатор 2.00x прибыль 0.00006400 Ставка: 30 479 802 807 размещенных questik на 21/04/2019 поставленную 0.00006400 мультипликатор 2.00x прибыль 0.00006400 Bet: 30,479,952,405 placed by questik on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00006400 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00006400
  17. I guess what he meant by telling " No access to the wallet " is that he doesn't have access currently but he has to solve some kind of puzzle or ask someone for the access.
  18. The best way to gamble and win a lot with faucet satoshi's is from Stake mines for sure because it pays out 5 million and it is pretty much easy not too easy but easy enough to hit it in a week.
  19. I'll treat my girlfriend on a simple pizza date outside or maybe buy her the shoes that she really want. Her birthday is coming soon so having extra budget for it would be good haha. (cannot pm you due to error)
  20. Nice winnings and congrats , and sorry for the bust ? I don't get it you bust and you are happy about it ?
  21. i also experience this @Dan right now. Is there any restirctions where newbies can't send pm here in forum?
  22. I will subscribe to a premium membership of chess.com for 2 months with the paltry 10$ .... Or maybe buy lots of condoms .... Money can't buy pleasure but it certainly can buy protection....
  23. oh grats now you recovered your losses well if you give me 10$ i will play it here in pd until its reached to withrawable amount it will help to add our electricity bill
  24. Bet: 30,477,885,502 placed by usmanrey69 on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100 71.77 Bet: 30,478,194,046 placed by usmanrey69 on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100 70.77 Bet: 30,478,471,005 placed by usmanrey69 on 21/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100 77.71
  25. nice brother @Crazy gaming thanks if get the free acount you can only get the chalenge like hit the rool 15.32 only
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