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  2. it has indeed become a top priority for the primedice staff. but sometimes that is misinterpreted by some gamblers in primedice. a lot of things have been done to make gamblers feel comfortable and at ease when betting on primedice. but the troublemaker always pops up. I think to make gamblers comfortable is to get rid of the troublemakers, be it beggars or beggars, gamblers who talk without any courtesy, and many other things.
  3. 91.72 Bet: 39,332,396,352 placed by watchmen on 16/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00000100
  4. I wrote this topic because some users chat in chatrooms that they focus on being VIP, so every day they play only focus on wager. therefore I created this topic and want to know what other users think about it. everyone has their own goals. good luck friend
  5. ga salah, setelah ngetip, dia PM saya dan mengatakan agar saya bermain. soalnya saya sempat mengatakan di chat, kalo saya datang hanya untuk chat, ga ingin main, karena saya butuh teman dan sedang kesepian
  6. Фига повезло вам, а что за конкурс такой, интересненько
  7. Ну не знаю, я на стейке люблю покрутить дайс, иногда сидишь 2 часа, вроде что-то поднял, а потом за 5 ставок отдаёшь почти всё что заработал, после такого просто иду аллынами и сливаю (((
  8. update bet amount for rollhunt using xrp to 0.03 xrp and the prize will be 3 xrp
  9. cuma ingin ngasi tahu, challenge minggu ini diperbolehkan untuk mengganti seed, jadi kalo om arya mau ganti seed ga apa-apa
  10. 1.72 Bet: 39,337,750,133 placed by BankOlega on 16/10/2019 Wagered 0.00015000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00015000
  11. Я видел как копипастили посты из интернета)) то есть кому то не лень было поискать кто и как отвечает на подобные темы и украсть его пост) вместо того чтобы родить из себя что то удобоваримое) Но такие писатели тут долго не живут, за такое чаще всего сразу бан аккаунта. Нечего самому сказать - извините вам тут не место)
  12. Ну тут вопрос же не о том на какую валюты играешь ты или какой то другой игрок. Кто то играет на одно а кто то будет играть на другое. Вопрос предпочтений , а у всех они разные. На каждую валюту может найтись любитель на нее поиграть.
  13. Good thing that you signed up on the forum. I moved your topic to "Introductions" because this is your first thread and you should edit the first post to provide some introductory points about yourself and your hobbies etc. Make sure to read the topic that Bojana posted to make sure you dont end up getting warnings. You should be able to earn once you start posting constructively and maintain a good posting habit. If you have any other question feel free to ask.
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  15. Я из Екатеринбурга и у нас есть несколько криптоматов. Правда у Меня не было ещё случая ими воспользоваться. Вот например описание криптомата из магазина Яблоко: Комиссия: Продажа - 6% Валюты с которыми работает криптомат: Bitcoin (BTC) Лимиты и верификация: Лимит до 15000 рублей одна транзакция. Количество транзакций неограничено
  16. Waduh dalam bener artinya gan,bisa jadi setan yang memberi rasa ketagihan pada umat manusia terutama anak kecil yang tidak tahu apa apa karena anak kecil lebih mudah untuk di pengaruhi.
  17. From the start of playing I was dreaming that I hit something big, something that I didn't expect to happen, always and always, even I'm awake still dreaming lol haha, before going to bed thinking about how it will happen or someone tip or fall from the clouds like rain ? Haha I know it was just 99.99% never gonna happen like hitting of 0.00/99.99%, but we don't know someday rish player become drunk and accidentally hit the magic button hahaha, btw just keep on dreaming, never lose hope, Good luck everyone
  18. Memang caleng sekarang menurut saya lebih sulit karena terlalu menghabiskan balance terlalu banyak dan bonusnya pun gak seberapa jadi saya mencoba pada saat caleng yang mudah😊
  19. Apa gak salah tip itu gan?😊 saya sendiri belum pernah mendapatkan tip sampai 0.1 ltc,mungkin maksimal hanya 0.02 ltc itu pun dalam sekali klik langsung busted.
  20. Mampu saja gan kalau nekat dan hoki,modal besar pun belum tentu akan menang besar juga karena sistem akan menghancurkan kita apabila bermain terlalu lama.
  21. Kalau untuk tabiat saya rasa bukan gan karena bermain judi seperti meluapkan emosi keinginan (harapan) tetapi apabila tidak bermain judi maka tidak akan ada masalah yang timbul dan bisa mengontrol keinginan.
  22. Data visualization is a wonderful technique to turn numbers into useful information. The data will be visualized in different way whether it is scatter points, area chart, bar chart etc. in animated form. The data visualized in r become easily understandable and includes all the details which are related to the content.
  23. Sekarang kegiatan malam saya adalah lembur kerja karena sekarang saya mulai pagi sampai malam itu kerja ikut orang sedangkan ojol hanya pada saat libur baru bisa.
  24. rightfully so. make a withdrawal to the extent of a minimum withdrawal. but most people prefer to achieve a greater victory so that they actually fail to make withdrawals because of destruction. greed is indeed a killer of money owned by gamblers, but even so, greed is also what makes gamblers rich.
  25. At First I want to play just to have a profit but after the long time of playing being win and bust with a small amount of deposit, I can't just risk of that because I'm not rish like other people here at Primedice, so I decided to wager to become a VIP, VIP has a lot of benefits and it's good for the people like me I think hehe, sorry for my English, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, just keep on dreaming guys, Good luck to us
  26. From experience: I stop when I hit big. That means if I make a lot. I once made 10k sats to 0.3 btc. I got a tip of 0.1 after it (still thanks) and busted that additional 0.1. As long as the reward is small, I keep going.
  27. The rollhunt is managed by Seuntjie. You can only win with that coin, that is the reward. When a win is set for x amount, you get it. As long as it’s not changed, the amount stays. The amount isnt changed by itself.
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